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  1. IGN: Gravity Character portrait (Chulsoo) "Forgotten Sailor" WIP:
  2. I had similar issue with my laptop long time ago. My keyboard was randomly dying both in Closers and LoL. In my case only BIOS update helped.
  3. Didn't see official discussion thread so I'm gonna create one myself, basically talking about this: Event costumes/craftables previews if you're looking for some: If you find any bugs then go there instead: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/34-report-a-bug/ This thread is purely to share your feelings/thoughts about the update and events.
  4. It's beacuse Bai and Soma have different storylines even tho they are in the same team. So you won't be able to play together until Planar Gate (approx lvl 55) Plus there's a lot of missions that are solo only. Soma follows the same storyline as Luna and Seth. Bai follows the same storyline as Wolfgang.
  5. How long does it take to get TF in C:C?? Do we still have to wait few days?
  6. Hmmm I got one question cuz that confused me. @N I C O Siggy theme says xmas/new year, so can I make this siggy only christmas related? two themes in one siggy would be a mess anyway
  7. Is it sigsegv handler bug?
  8. It works properly now, thank you! Thread can be locked.
  9. It used to be shorter, is it really 2 days now or is it visual bug?
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