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  1. Hello, some might you have already figured it out, some of you might not, but this post will just make it clear and probably my last entry here, i remember the last time i did this was back on puri update(i think) and then i went back, but this time, this would be my last entry, and i just want to make this official(pardon on my english tho as this isnt my first language) ive been playing quite awhile here, dedicated for almost a year of total playtime(could be less), i have those ups and downs, not to mention tried out official servers, both kr and na. i have met alot of people, some from those happiest starting days, some came along midway, but alot more as years goes by. i have met different kinds of people, some i admire by how dedicated they are(no homo pls), some made me felt that i should learn for, some made me feel like i should be more cautious, and there are some who made me feel special(yea like that twice song). there were alot of happy memories that happened here, ive met people i never thought i would get close to, learned things that i should have done on the game, there were so much from the community itself, but then again the inevitable always comes ive given this alot of time to think through, days to think through, i love the game and everything in it, it gave me a different kind of perspective and i learned alot from different people, some on different community, but everything else are mostly here, as i think CC was my most when it comes to playtime compare to the official once. but like i said the inevitable always comes, and this time its for sure, ive decided to focus more mostly in real life, but there are other games i want to dedicate myself to as well(pso2 , apex , path of exiles), and with the plans thats surprisingly going faster than it should be(it was slowed down because of the virus), i might actually end gaming in general(adulting sucks but you know thats a might). to end this long message, i just wanted to say thank you everyone for those unforgettable moments here, no matter what kind it is and i learned alot. thanks for the memes as well it gave me one hell of a experience. and as the ride goes along the way, it has to stop at some point. But it was a hell of a ride and for those who's curious about what happened to my account, well i gave it to one of my close friend who probably gonna drop the game eitherway, he doesnt wanna join CC discord(even tho i insisted) but please do help the guy out Low Parry#6947. as my status i can still be active on discord but mostly from time to time with that being said, this would be my last entry. from Kiritard(seha), to Luebelle(bai) to chulsoo(Duo). bye everyone, it was a pleasure
  2. Advanced Chulsoo Rotation guide Expert Rotation Guide now its up to you on what you will do with this guide missed / added information can be discussed
  3. noted it was instant before when it was first released on kr, but i guess they did some changes
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  5. update, fixed something about his tactical stances, blaze gun and his relentless execution,added a list on what triggers immediate judgement and added a little bit more inept guide to his gears chips and tunnings , added more information for his receiver
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  7. Added more information regarding [Mercy] Ricochet and listed the list of his iframes
  8. Disclaimer:Since people are looking for one guide, i decided to make one do note that this is over simplified, if you think there's a misinformation stated on this, pls do let me know also pardon my english as ti's not my primary language THE TL;DR Guide to ya boi Chulsoo By:2Dk Introdution he's basically a guy who utilizes guns do annihilate enemies, by using both pistol and shotgun. he's a hybrid character that almost has gear preferences like bai. His skill kit is basically more on rotation to keep up high dps. when it comes to his play style, it doesnt really matter if you want him to play on mid air, or just being on ground since his skills can mostly procs abc SKILLS when it comes to his skill, it usually corresponds with his skill Tactical Stance, what stance are you in, and what will you do next which will be discussed later on Passive Skill Mercy and Judgement this is pretty much your stances which enhances your basic attack, Pistol Stance, whenever your basic attack hits while on this stance, will give the enemy Judgement mark debuff Shotgun Stance, whenever your basic attack hits while on this stance, it will trigger Immediate Judgement upon enemies and will take Damage taken by 15% with Judgement Mark Debuff Judgement Mark Debuff last for 20 seconds Messenger Skills Tactical Stance This is pretty much the skill that lets you switch in between 2 Stances Pistol Stance and Shotgun Stance Few more information to add , you get a Mercy or Judgement Buff Damages to its enhanced basic attacks also scales on your Basic Attack training passive level and your Finishing Move level Double Tap One of your bread and butter on early game, but end game its pretty much for reposition or filler skill it deals more Damge on enemies with Judgement Mark Debuff Advance Cube: Another skill input Expert Cube: More damage againts enemies with 50% hp or below Master Cube: Strengthens Mercy and Judgement buffs On Tactical Stance [Mercy] - Finishing Blow Your Main Dps skill, it has a low cooldown at 40% cdr and deals alot of damage, when used after using Tactical Stance makes this skill Forced A, B, C Advance Cube: Gives you a Friction Stack per use Expert Cube: Auto Tracks to the nearest enemy Master Cube: Forced A, B, C on the second input [Sense] - Raging Soul This pretty much transforms all of your Friction Stack to Dead eye Stack. its one of your iframes that has more than 1 second to take(both first and second input) Advance Cube: Gives you another input Expert Cube: Second input becomes iframe Master Cube: Transform your Friction Stack to Dead eye Stack Rank 1 Special move: Wanted THIS IS NOT A IFRAME, tho it does provide 80% red damage(and apparently you can cancel the whole animation and still does damage) Leveling this up Enhances your Tactical Stance damage Advance cube: Damage increase on starting damage Expert Cube: First hit is automatically Critical and is Forced A, B, C Master cube: gain 3 Friction Stack upon last animation and provides Super Armor Crash Lvl 1 Contractor Skills [Judgement] - Blaze Gun it resets your [Mercy] - Finisher after used, it has a very slow animation speed, but can be compensated with attack speed Advance Cube: Resets [Mercy] - Finisher after used Expert Cube: Forced C Master Cube : Forced B [Judge] - Claymore One of your filler skill, it also forces you to go mid air on first input Advance Cube: Forced A, B, C Expert Cube: Gives you another input and Auto tracks to the nearest enemy when used Master Cube: Second input damage increased [Sense] - Explosion Soul Another one of your main Dps skill, one of your iframes as well that takes more than one second, but only if you used Tactical Stance this is also your skip animation to certain bosses but you need to be as close as possible Advance cube: Skill Becomes iframe Expert Cube: 20% hp / mp / PF, recovery per use Master Cube: Forced A, B, C, deals more damage if the enemy is facing at you Rank 2 Special Move: Killer Queen Your bread and butter in special move skills, you usually want to cast this as much as you can or whenever you can since it completely instant, not really preferable to use until you get master cube Advance cube: Adds an additional input Expert cube: adds more damage on nearby enemies Master Cube: transforms your special move from charging your shotgun to instantly dash in and throw grenades this also makes your special move iframe until the animation is done Central Axis Relock lets just call this desperado like how it should have been, this skill forced you to go on ground, also one of your iframes that can last more than 1 second Advance Cube: Gain Frictional Stack per use Expert Cube: Skill Becomes Iframe Master Cube: Skill becomes Forced A, B, C, also provides another Frictional Stack per use Resolver Skills Relentless Executioner Whenever you use Pistol Stance Enhanced attack or Shotgun Stance Enhanced attack, you gain Transcended Sense - Mercy and Transcended Sense-Judgement Buff Also reduces your Tactical Stance cooldown by .5 seconds when using a Special move Air Raid One of his strongest skills, not only has a iframe but also lets your reposition if used midair it also gives debuffs on enemies when used Advance cube: Gives another input Expert Cube: Forced A, B, C Master Cube: Gives debuffs on enemies with increased critical damage taken and damage taken by 15% / 10% Trigger happy One of your Burst skill , you usually want to use this after using Air Raid animation can be improved by attack speed but only up to a certain point Advance Cube: First hit increases A, B, C crit damage Expert Cube: Forced C Master Cube: Forced B [Mercy] - Ricochet Also one of your strongest skills, it shreds your fps depends on how many enemies are you hitting has one of the longest iframes that takes more than 2 seconds Advance Cube: Skill Becomes Iframe Expert Cube: Forced A, B, C Master Cube: Adds another input, if Pistol Stance is used without using second input, it becomes first input Rank 3 Special Move: Execution Also one of your BnB in special move, i usually cast this before or after casting fm2 its not a Iframe but it provides 80% red damage upon casting Advance Cube: Damage increase on first cast Expert Cube: if the enemy is facing you, second input does more damage Master Cube: Forced A, B, C Play Style and more Information Basically, his play style will revolve on which stance you are, for example when you are on pistol stance and used your enhanced basic attack, you give the enemies a judgement debuff, then switch to shotgun stance and use any skill that benefits Immediate judgement for basics, your opener should be Tactical stance to Pistol > Enhanced Basic Attack > [Mercy] - Finisher > Central Axis Relock > Air raid > Tactical Stance to Shotgun > [Judgement] Trigger Happy > [Judgement] - Blaze gun > Enhanced Basic Attack always pair air raid with your Trigger happy as Trigger happy benefits alot from Air Raid debuff there are some skills that are not Forced A so utilize those skills to be mid air before casting he also has skills that increases damage when enemies are facing you, so identify the backs and fronts of the enemies who are simply idle(or standing in place) to clarify more things to [Mercy] - Ricochet's Master cube, after you use your first input you got 2 choices on him its either you just use the second input or use pistol stance before you use your second input and your suppose to be second input will become another first input instead His Skill iframes are the following [Sense] - Raging soul(both first and second input) Central Axis(Desperado) [Sense] - Explosion Soul Rank 2 Special Move: Killer Queen(only at master cube) Air raid [Mercy] - Ricochet Skills that triggers Immediate Judgement Shotgun Stance Enhanced attack [Sense] - Explosion Soul [Judgement] - Trigger Happy Gears, Chips and tunnings Like stated above, Chulsoo has pretty much the same idea as bai when it comes to gearing and tunning the only thing you need to know is chulsoo doesnt need a 1.30 attack speed but its always a nice thing to have For Core chips, you always want a Drastic measure, as it gives you raw and crit damage for both phys and psi when you proc it for its dual chips, you can do either dual chip phys crit damage + aspd, psi crit damage + aspd, or phys crit damage + psi crit damage this goes on what do you need specially when you are min maxing Core tunnings could be Back attack crit damage, attack speed, either phys or psi power / crit damage, PP damage i havent tried out tunning FM's(i need to check), but if possible, its always good to have fm1 to boost up your tactical stances damages when it comes to puri gears, suit yourself on whats more beneficial to your gameplay when it comes to recievers the most ideal one is blue(2) which enhances your [Sense] - Explosion Soul Thats it for this guide, enjoy gunz blazingggggg xDxDxDxDUwUwOwO
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