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  1. Hello, some might you have already figured it out, some of you might not, but this post will just make it clear and probably my last entry here, i remember the last time i did this was back on puri update(i think) and then i went back, but this time, this would be my last entry, and i just want to make this official(pardon on my english tho as this isnt my first language) ive been playing quite awhile here, dedicated for almost a year of total playtime(could be less), i have those ups and downs, not to mention tried out official servers, both kr and na. i have met alot of people, some from
  2. Advanced Chulsoo Rotation guide Expert Rotation Guide now its up to you on what you will do with this guide missed / added information can be discussed
  3. noted it was instant before when it was first released on kr, but i guess they did some changes
  4. 2Dk


    nice to meet you
  5. update, fixed something about his tactical stances, blaze gun and his relentless execution,added a list on what triggers immediate judgement and added a little bit more inept guide to his gears chips and tunnings , added more information for his receiver
  6. oh no, its le poyi
  7. Added more information regarding [Mercy] Ricochet and listed the list of his iframes
  8. Disclaimer:Since people are looking for one guide, i decided to make one do note that this is over simplified, if you think there's a misinformation stated on this, pls do let me know also pardon my english as ti's not my primary language THE TL;DR Guide to ya boi Chulsoo By:2Dk Introdution he's basically a guy who utilizes guns do annihilate enemies, by using both pistol and shotgun. he's a hybrid character that almost has gear preferences like bai. His skill kit is basically more on rotation to keep up high dps. when it comes to his play style, it doesnt really matter if
  9. hello and welcome back
  10. yea wolfgang is more complicated than that lol
  11. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
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