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  1. 2Dk

    Hello, im back

    you're not fooling anyone now as i updated my stuff thanks owo
  2. 2Dk

    Hello, im back

    yes it is, thanks owo
  3. actually, trying to get back as Luebelle, your cutest bai main uwu
  4. 2Dk


    im back again with the +14 kshana's
  5. 2Dk


    im a nice guy(?)
  6. 2Dk


    hello and welcome to CC
  7. 2Dk

    Wolfgang Skills

    i just want to say that KR BoD for WG is spicy as f to the point that i actually want to grab it
  8. this is not the first time i speed run her(the last one was 1:51) and since alot of people asking how am i playing with numpads, the answer is wsad
  9. the only thing you need to pay attention on skills are max level trans, grand cross level 6 for passives alter ego lvl 6, max level exceed strike :ok:
  10. probably my fastest run as well
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