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  1. Not anymore. They changed VIP price to 990 so u need 20$
  2. Minos


    well, u have to sell your time for game, farming dungs to get gear, since 90% of it is for craft However costumes are pretty cheap, except rare sets (50$ PGC for 10/10) and old rotated sets which I mention
  3. Minos


    It's not elsword. There's no overpriced Elesis and cheap Luciel All chars got similiar prices for costumes. Except the old rotated sets (Wedding, HK etc), they're pretty expensive rn
  4. if anyone will trade it, ye.. since people needs BoD now as hell, ZW is worth less
  5. It's a bug, Violet already said that she's going to change it in future by making borders craftable.. as I heard
  6. I'm sorry, but it's private server, it's not official one. What do you expect from staff? That they'll refund your mistake? Translation always was a pretty huge problem on C:C. And thanks to EnMasse, it's even bigger now. That's why it's so important to think and ask. Also well, you can always sell your 6/6 BoD. Maybe u won't gain 80$, but it's still something. If you got any problems with it, you can always ask Violet if she gonna change it in a future on discord. Ye, I sounded rude, sorry PS. You could just buy 10/10 from other player for 50$ PGC or similar price
  7. Man, description says one thing, other is in it. You should ask other people on discord before you will do anything. Well, I don't wanna sound rude, but it's your fault. Also, u can always go on NA and spend 300$ for full BoD (unless you're good farmer of event machines)
  8. Jar from 9-1, Sword 9-4 Most of the time u gonna get kitty tails/ears etc. OC WG also got chance for them
  9. Sadly, farming credits became much easier at lvl 80 Right now you only options are PG75 raids, Tiamat & maybe PG5 dungeons. Also Doppelgangers got sometimes malek drop You can also sell some Sticky Resues, but I assume you gonna need a lot for them right now for gear
  10. I know your problem. U got windows 10 right? U need to change some settings. Had The same issue before, because C:C isn't adapted to windows 10. Let me send u link to it Should work, but if it won't, I don't know any other solution
  11. It's bug, idk when they gonna fix it
  12. I used to change my mains a lot.... A LOT So u cannot be sure if I won't change it again But right now I'm maining Harpy (again). I love her playstyle, the only annoying thing is her body model, but I might actually like it with a time (I hope) I'm also playing Violet at the same time and I'd like to make Bai or Soma as my second main
  13. Hi! Welcome to Code:Closers If you got any questions or need help, just ask me or other people for help. Also good luck!
  14. Optimalisation for C:C is really, really low, since even KR doesn't care that much. Everything depends on ur pc. Which windows u got, directX version etc. At least no more circle bugs.. hopefully
  15. Ye, I had list of weps from a friend and there's no Harpas wep. But he drops eyes/wings anyway
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