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  1. Minos


    It u looking for translation, I think there was one youtuber who did Mirae's story with English translation on YouTube. I have to check it and if I find it out, I'll post it here. If you got troubles with skill translation, it's in my guide.
  2. Guide has been update with last, the most important information Dusk Hide works as [Exceed Strikes] (Violet passive) which boost basic attacks damage. So more Dusk Hide points you got, more damage your dealing from Enhanced Basic Attacks. PS. Sorry for late information, I just notice I didn't pass that into guide before.
  3. I mean, on KR non of costumes are tradeable But since C:C made all costumes tradeable, yes, it is a bug Staff is probably already aware of it
  4. Damn, I love that idea, I wish you could add it 😔
  5. It is not possible if your account got banned. Same goes for any action - getting igns back, costumes, account name - anything. However deputy masters still can obtain crew buffs etc.
  6. lv. 10 at least on skills (Finishing moves maxed out). Passives also maxed out| If u can, which is easy for Mirae - max out all skills. U can leave Twilight Slash/Nightfall Gambol on lv. 10
  7. I have intel i3 and I can tell - it works perfectly fine I'm not sure if your GHz can handle it on some maps, as well as RAM, but if you lower settings, yes, it should be enough good. PC are always better than laptops, unless u got gaming one
  8. by mana you mean stamina/fatique or Mana Points for skills?
  9. I'll definitely check guide later while playing Chulsoo Also I did "translation" for puri gear... but I'm too lazy to write skill names, so catch.
  10. You can't. Paysafecard has beed closed for PGC long time ago. If there's Skrill option, you might have chance to use PSC, but I doubt they bring it back
  11. Minos

    Tina EX Thunderbolt

    it's FM4, after casting it you can do triple laser up to 3 times as I remember (for buff duration) Fun fact: u can cancel FM4 and still get buff
  12. Minos

    Achievements Bug

    It's a known bug, I hope they going to fix it soon, so don't worry
  13. Remember that Dusk Hide requires arrow up or down, depending on your position + Yes, I know, I will update later guide with Counting, thank you Also use Weeping Sky more often, I know other skills are more quicker, but it deals 12k% true damage w/o Shadow And basic attacks are powerful as hell, use them often if u can
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