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    Tina skill build?

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  2. Update (08/02/2020): - Added gear tunings to guide, - Added chips recommendation to guide, - Removed wrong informations, corrected old ones into actual informations, - Added Nightmare Amplifier PNA, - Fixed typos, - Added some videos,
  3. That's weird bug hm... Try to fix launcher with diagnose
  4. In what way you can't upgrade them? Can you send screenshot?
  5. For sure, since KR had it. But how long? I can't tell I can just guess it will be next big update (Eunha, Tiamat, pets, chips)
  6. This is problem with Shadows which Mirae has (connected to memory leaks which appears after casting them multiply times). If you dc every single dungeon you need to wait for 64 bits update on C:C. It will fix that problem
  7. I do think it might be connected to: area design, number of players, number of effects (count Harpas/Yod pet too) etc. Not sure, I never had problem with it
  8. If you think that's a problem, wait till 64-bit update. My friend got crappy 85% CPU usage (with a little lower set up than yours on PC) with that KR update 😬 Anyway, it's common thing during loading hub. I can't tell more about it, I think Soma once mention it during xigncode errors and how they can be made. I think there's a way to reduce CPU usage on game, but I have to ask, since I never was checking it before
  9. Np As I said, it's bugged. KR has now balance patch so they might do something to it
  10. And I did answer your question: FM2 is known case. Same happens to me on FM3, not mentioning other skills And again Damage (from 220m to 175m) comes from lack of PPR (add to it Busan gear effect if u got module and everything should be correct) Shadow did count on second video, but not on first one, which as I mention above - is a bug More: FM2 cast Back guaranteee (+aerial if in air) FM2 shadow cast ABC, critical hit + True damage. So shadow makes more than FM2 itself sometimes
  11. First of all - bosses have different defences. E.g. Nito is transcendence, WG and Untouched are Heavy Weight - if you invested in yod suit, you deal dmg to Nito than those 2 bosses. Second - Busan raids have different defence than e.g. Nito (I'm not able to explain it in more detail way since I never was into deeply studying it). You cannot compare damage from e.g. puri to Busan dungeon. It always will be huge difference in dmg Third - Shadow Call sometimes doesn't cast shadow and hella idk why. It is bug for sure, but when KR will fix it (maybe they fixed it already, I need to check) - I don't know On second video you didn't cast PPR once on Untouched - it does not make huge differences, but keeping those details in mind might give you full view of my point. Every small thing matter in damage. Keep in mind - you also need critical hits to deal higher damage. That's why using critical rate for Mirae on Busan is such a good thing (only her Shadow guarantee critical hit, not whole FM2) Ps. item lvl also affects it
  12. Because you probably forgot to cast Shadow Call before FM2 (or if not, then you could get interrupted by boss during Shadow Call cast) I will test it anyway, quick cast might have something to do with it. Mirae used to have bugs connected to shadow casting in skills as well as dc problems PS. Do you always cast FM2 with down key? Non down version doesn't cast shadow
  13. Well, I made this post like months ago: And it manage to happen to other people So I think it might be an bug overall. I have exactly same message and dc on exactly same quest
  14. @Icarus Not sure, but I think @shiba11 frames might not work in game. They are full-cover ones (only one is halfy done as "frame") It does look like image just rubbered on one side, but it's just my opinion. I don't know how much you allow people to interract with others works (as e.g. taking images and using them w/o any editing)
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