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  1. It's better to reinstall DirectX even you think it works
  2. check your version of DirectX It should be 10 or above to work properly. 9 might not be enough
  3. It depends what you prefer. I'd first exp chars to lvl 88 and play them a while on easier dungeons Mirae sadly needs attack speed to feel smooth, even her skills are awesome. She's harder to control. On other hand Seth is just easier to control and still strong. However some people says she's also boring And if you consider gearing also - most of the time psi characters have it easier (if there's any psi gear which only drops like HHv2 or legendary Asmodeus gear - physical are most expensive chars) If you want to play Mirae - keep in mind her fashion is also expensive. But that's sid
  4. it's x1, probably visual bug. It would not make sense to give 5 if they give for 26 days 1, right?
  5. it's already reported as I know, they probably work to find why it happens
  6. Same thing happened to me before, but now.. Almost everytime I open launcher either it diagnoses by itself or I got at least 3 different informations/errors, here's example PS. I have to re-open game (launcher) 4-5 times till it works properly. It started happening after Gitae's fix to launcher
  7. I assume making timed tickets "non expireable" didn't work... PS. Ticket disappeared from my inventory after a minute
  8. Update: - Tunes/Chips updated to current version, - Trigger information changes, - Speed Attack information changed, Missing: - New translated names for some skills,
  9. I'm not Eunha main, but on start you should get your skills at lvl 10 (for cubes - which allows you to use her basic attack) and Special Moves maxed (FM1 might be exception) After that you can invest more, depending which skills Eunha uses the most, so @Ykhar will answer that question
  10. Then Eunha, Tina, Chulsoo are good choices. All have good damage and are pretty easy to play (except you need to understand better their buffs/systems) Mirae might frustrated you due to fact she needs tons of attack speed (more than any other char) and Violet might be harder, but she's worth playing if you really love her (especially with new buffs!) I recommend you also checking Harpy, maybe Levia and Nata
  11. All characters in game are good. You should not refer to any tier list, just your personal experience. If you look for strong characters then Eunha is right now top tier, after her Chulsoo/Mirae and rest. Keep in mind Violet is harder character to play, but fun as hell - so pick whatever think is good for you
  12. IGN: Minos Frame Card I slayed that photoshop, ok? Golden Christmas with Harpy Frozen Winter with Bai Icy Winter with Bai Plum Holidays with Serra W.I.P Title Merry Gitmas ver. red W.I.P Yes, I'm sorry, I'm in meme mood for Gitae... - Minos
  13. Minos


    Make sure you have email for account. People are not willing to buy account without it, unless they know you personally.
  14. it's an option which you can turn off. It makes window of trade/options transparently-black in background.
  15. Transfer for enhancement is meant to be only for Gluttony and Asmodeus gear
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