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  1. Sadly it happens to me too and I assume it's 32-bits version thing Either wait for 64-bits version of a game and check if it happens or as I do - play in window
  2. Try to diagnose game or delete whole xigncode folder and disgnose then if it doesn't work, if you got fragmented disc for C/D etc., place game folder in other disc than C, might work. Check if Windows Defense/Antivirus if that doesn't work then only option is reinstallation
  3. Just check out Youtube for videos from Hoffman. You can easily see what people do on him during patterns. Pretty sure there's more video with 3-4 min runs where u can see all of them. I got some too
  4. Alright, I asked @Ykhar to note that bug
  5. First bug is known - you have to get 10/10 SS to fix that and see guitar Second - did you checked character customisation and used Wonderland skill effects? Make sure it's on
  6. Amplify PNA is from Bearland quest. You should have it at certain lvl (85 if I'm not wrong) and after doing all green quests for Gremory in PG
  7. Did you try install game in other folder than main? (If you got it in C:/Programs or smth and you got option to move it to 😧disk, try) 😧 Ps. It should say D disk, idk why forum can't stop changing it for emotes
  8. Another bug: Happened 3 times in a row (during dismantling crown)
  9. I'm 100% it's bug: Soma cannot trade it, but Harpy can Soma Harpy
  10. I see, well, you can always put /or/ as option if someone prefers puri T5 receiver (before getting Busan)
  11. Horn, sorry, I had in my memory picture of Horn and Fang name, my bad + Dropping Epsilon just for that -2 sec cd is kinda not worthy. Especially that it will change for Busan one later. Additional dmg from Horn Smash would be better in my opinion.
  12. Tail Whip on Levia is enough on lvl 10 in my opinion. Even it does true dmg, it's still pretty low one, mostly used skill to catch up enemy before flash of pain or other skill. Instead I'd put those 10 points into FM2 + levia uses green puri receiver for EX Fang (best option for her rn)
  13. if by "coins" you mean Warp Fragments, it should work
  14. all characters except Rattus team starts at lvl 1 Rattus starts at lvl 67 Events are always starting from lvl 40 or 70, but for craft you need like lvl 83 PS. Planar Gate you can play with your friend. Just main missions has issues due to fact it's different for different teams
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