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  1. res~ Damn, seems like I'm back to graphic
  2. As @Freir mention, it's end-game gear, but... Engine/Booster are for physical classes. Regulator + Impulser are psi, and the fuse + second one which name I forgot is for hybrids. Also since hell mod v2 is kinda rare drop right now, I'd recommend using hell mod or saturn/moon mod. You can also simply do Busan booster, since it's much better that those two which I mention Same for receiver, it depends on char, but if u care about TCP, u can always go for Busan one (since 88lvl gives u already 10lvl EX skills)
  3. Well, I'm, but sadly we got international crew You can check, I think there was some sort of polish crew
  4. As I know Seth has Camilla Witch set on KR, not sure about other sets, isn't that possible for C:C to get those files before event ends?
  5. Yesterday when I open 'Notice' in game, I had cyan background instead of images. Sadly forgot to make screenshot it same happens on Housing which is a long-timed bug on game Except that - double crashes of game, they started happening for me after update (before, even w/o stability I didn't have double crashes with someone else in team, it was always one person)
  6. Minos


    Welcome on C:C~ I hope you won't be the one of players who run away after 2 days
  7. Minos

    A Harpy Guide

    Thank u, next
  8. just like Lasy said You can't do a lot about it Wait for events like halloween. They're credits mine PS. Also BB sides are cool for credits farming. But they're still not that effective like Tiamat, rep6 etc.
  9. DC are normal, if there's more DC, he got problem with internet About lags, after event there's some random lags for everyone
  10. I heard this event is instead of halloween one. It's probably just a gossip, but if it's true... then people might be dissapointed if you looking for a reason
  11. Bruh, welcome If you played Void then I remember you
  12. Well, as I counted, u getting around 40m per character for doing all entries (so 6 x 31, I'm counting with VIP/Elite status) + you can do it on few chars So event is really good if u love farming
  13. Seems fine. But I think they missed a little point of 'helpful event' type I thought we will see equalizers, plugs for tuning or smth which is useful to every player, but they gave 30 days sets (which is fine for new players)| I really think they should add more stuff which can be used on higher lvls. Not only advanced played would need them So ye, equalizers, plugs, maybe some materials for gear like Dark Matters, Fly King Fragments or +12/13 gear boosters
  14. probably 50$ for full set, not sure, cuz BoD is one of those sets which everybody wants. Cannot tell how much in credits, but probably around 1,3-1,5b, since I saw acc for 1,2b and 6/6 is around 300m
  15. Hi Gesu! Jackie/Reapfield here, feel free to ask me questions if u got any uwu
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