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  1. I do have feelings Chulsoo will be popular too, but still - Bai wins everything I'm sure Mirae will be also popular
  2. PG. Dismantling that unique gear from PG gives some of genes. Do all bosses on PG5, dismantle stuff and u should have around 200-300 of them
  3. We had year ago, while back Violet was GM, an anniversary event. It happen around April-May, but we don't know if it will ever back. For now only 3 events are known - summer, halloween, winter. For rest no ETA, no information either
  4. Where's respect for a players and at least saying once again about delay. 5 min, that's how long another post would take +1 for saltiness today
  5. Welcome here! Not suprised u quit EME, they're sucking money like vampires Hopefully we gonna get new update for a game soon~
  6. You gaining quest in Purufication Ops Center. You have to complete first normal sides for purification (x2) Then you will end quest and gain others to unlock it
  7. it is, but it is neccessary for e.g. Violet however you can always use puri/hoffman module and keep collecting Sea Breezes or get hell mod v1, they're now pretty cheap~
  8. np and Apple forgot to add that Busan has also end-game module (unless you will ever drop/buy Hell Module version 2 - or even 1)
  9. Start with purification area gear, that;'s the beginning of the end-game gearing. You can get some better gear on Irina/David BP by doing it once (it drops cube with whole gear) This is Irina trinket ring from Irina BP dungeon (for Bai it's available in Guro Station). As I mention - worth doing that one time for free gear
  10. it's removed completely You had chance to load PSC on Skrill, but it has been removed with Super Rewards
  11. We got event now, so warp fragments drop from event boxes which you drop on dungeons (1 per one dung)
  12. Going back to my thought about credits, which I didn't mention before at all. It think Winner Event show smth that was a problem for a longer time - credit farming and economy inflation/demurrage. Even I understand now why you did what you did with event crafting costs, I think it won't change a lot. Right now Blackmarket is completely silent on both - discord and game when it comes to anything. As caetho mention: Even PGC won't help fix the lack of buyers for that moment on a game. And it's global problem, around whole server. People who used to seek for PGC a lot, now are not able to buy any from others since most of their credit went either on Cozy Winter/Santa Helper sets or event stuff. People trying to keep up with credits farming but it's taking too much time (up to few hrs to get a amount of credits which would be enough for at least crafting dailies + some extra stuff). @Soma I do think you should consider option of small 'credit events' which would let people get more Treasure Chests or anything that would increase credit for the time when events are not on. Just a small help for new, or veteran players to catch up with new prices (let's be honest, price for old (even new) Gacha sets are increasing as hell and not everyone in this game are able to spend real money for it). If not so, then think how you can improve credit farming for a players who are still gearing up, because even you got one geared character on C:C, most of the people goes for alts who require materials (so you losing another way of getting credits by selling materials). Or as a last option: consider changing tickets, maybe black market limit or smth else than would stop that inflations and let people keep more credits instead of farming them and still getting almost nothing when you compare it to prices. I already did suggestion about it. Not mention that prices of everything went down as hell and people are still not buying anything.
  13. 1-2 weeks. They probably gonna fix it after event or in next week, not sure tbh, we didn't have update this week
  14. My only two issues with event are right now: - Crafting limit for candies. I'm sorry, but this is the most ridiculous idea I ever saw. We already got limits for items crafting. Why we need also one for materials?? At least change it to 'per character'... - Some items should not be untradeable. As @caetho mention, it's affecting economy, however it is also affecting gearing. And I'm especially talking right now about Transcendence Stone Preservative which cannot be used for t6/t7 since they're untradeable @Soma I can understand that you had your idea for event, but giving those extreme changes or not changing things which did not work before is kinda confusing. At least change TSP for tradeable (or add special tab with new crafting for stones incudling untradeable TSP) so we can use them for 100% stones (t6/t7 is painfull w/o them, especially for modules)
  15. I mean, come one. The only thing which should not be untradeable is TSP (transcendence stone preservatives) - you need the tradeable one for t6/t7.
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