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  1. Why do the GMs on this forum not post in broadcast like some kind of update on current issues that are to be addressed? The current bugs and issues with the event update or even possibly what IS to be fixed? or what shouldn't be the way that it is.. It's okay to respond to a post, yeah... but I don't want to go find a post and see a response that doesn't tell me much, other than "we are addressing the issues" I don't mean to sound rude but I do like being able to go and just see a post made by a "GM" telling me these issues so I don't just guess "is that a problem? is that? when will it be fixed? is it going to be fixed? is that the way it just is now? Will they be back? Will these change later?" Some feedback to your player base is okay you know? People might get angry at you if you tell them 1 week and it takes you 3 because you are not the fastest but i I'm sure people can understand. If it makes you feel better I don't mind waiting and "Time" is not something i would get upset at you for. Being human and needing to take longer than you thought is fine. An example of what I'm trying to avoid is: if I spend $20-100 bucks on gacha and doing so purely because I want a chance at bod accessories and finding out only later that they aren't in there anymore. I'd be pretty mad... I'd like to think that person might feel ripped off thinking they would get a chance at bod and not get them because the gacha is buggy at the moment. If there was an official Post saying "Bod accessories aren't in gacha atm because of a bug." I'd like to think they would have waited until it was fixed. I know I would. PS. this is just how I feel... I know the GMs don't have to take what I say and actually do it... It's just how I feel. If your going to tell me to be patient... I'm waiting and I will continue to wait but I just want this to be known and see if anyone else feels the same way.
  2. I thought they said they screwed it up, and we had to wait until Monday for them to re add the accessories back in. I don't see them in the list of gacha rewards still =3.
  3. So... BoD is gone... i'm at 8/10 ;_; I don't wanna be stuck like this forever </3 So will BoD come back in a future gacha rotation? =/ or am I doomed? and waste all that grinding for 8/10 forever </3
  4. They said Maintenance, who knows if it's an actual update
  5. If it's not obvious, I still have the in dungeon buffs outside of the dungeon. And other ppl see my increased dps, etc too.
  6. So me and Gem were duoing Tiamat, and she disconnected mid fight and she was the party leader, sucks but, i died later on and it kicked me out instead of giving me the option to revive. But not only that, not only did i get kicked out, something else happened. lol. see if you can notice.
  7. Is the server down? Or just login server down again? I got disconnected and cant reconnect now D=.
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