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  1. +1 my Kaideh . i love youre Post Bc You inform and worry about how you write it good job
  2. ❀️

  3. Dizzy

    congratulation to Field Officer 462075741786472479.png?v=1

    1. Moe


      Thank you very much.
      I'll do my best for our community.


  4. Im here Since the beginning C:C Start so why i come to Closers BC Better Gameplay than els , More fun to play the chars and Fassion and BC my Seulbi/Luna i find the game From Seach Closers P.Server in google bc KR sucks in my Eyes
  5. 1-2 Month Later maybe But atm not
  6. @Harpy the 6/6 Box from BoD / Cyber / zenith and Draconia comming to or Thre left now forever bc we get the Fiber?
  7. ah okay only there or BoD and Cyber too?
  8. The other rare Acc in the gacha too or We get it in the foundation?
  9. Luna and Soma still best Waifus Still Love the style and Gameplay by Both
  10. Luna = Winter Triangle and Rank 2 Special Move: AriadneΒ΄s Crown Soma = Blessed Elixer and Phase Wave Bullet Harpy = Bionic Rampage and Ventus Impact
  11. Aye but Harpy have the Best >////>
  12. i only want my Dragonian set for my 2 Waifus And the Task Force for all Char Seth is the first char in Closers that does not interest me and is boring as fuck e_e
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