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  1. Do dont for new , i hate that shit that you need so high gear for good stuff , i hope there change it
  2. Pandaru


    Aww Welcome to C:C feel free to Ask me somthing or when you need help im here
  3. Pandaru


    Hated is that you D=`?
  4. i wish you the best in youre RL and i hope we see you again here , have a good life and a good time
  5. Welcome Void-plep to C:C i hope you have fun and stay
  6. Pandaru

    Hi there

    Welcome void plep in C;C Hope you have fun in the game
  7. Uff Pls dont do this , We are Not Void and that not how it work here ty
  8. Welcome back i hope you Enjoy and stay
  9. Welcome back to C:C , Hope you enjoy and have fun here
  10. Welcome back in C:C , i hope you stay and have fun in the game
  11. The game is really Aktiv now since Player from Void and Burning Come here
  12. Try to Speak English here , that you can find faster People to play or Get better Help for the game But welcome to C:C hope you have fun and stay
  13. Arrivederci welcome ❤️ Its really Nice to see you here a Old void Legend , I hope you stay and have fun (Nilu form Void)
  14. Welcome back , i hope you stay and have fun ❤️ When you have qeustion i stay free to help out
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