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  1. I will not come back i dont feel like this comunity is for me anyway was in the discord for 2 hours it was full of KR players and that POI or whatever it is. I supported this server financially so i might as well tell how i am feeling about it. I was just looking for a possibility to delete this so i can be over it. If there is no possibility please lock this
  2. I have like 5 k bits on there i am not looking to give it away for free or anything like that since refunds arent a thing here. I am really not coming back, i just got dissapointed on this server by how this comunity works in general you give a suggestion and everyone just tells you to fuck off made me to never ever touch a private server again. if so You can ban me i aprove i dont care anymore
  3. Is there a way how to delete my account completl? like it will be gone with all my characters? i dont want sell this stuff because i doubt anyone will buy this. Reason i am quiting moving to a official server as i was suggested from my last post of game talks. I will not be back because ehmm 3 months without anyting. I saw on the discord that everything there is from KR closers so i bought a account there to actually enjoy Closers to its fullest. If there is a way let me know
  4. Open skills with K on the top right corner there is a box you need to check after that you can take out skills points out of your skills
  5. well I dont care much about Tina lol. I will rejoin the game once i see the patch
  6. Thanks for the answers guys. Well as i see the lst patch was in April? hmmm so i guess nothing changed
  7. Hey akuma here, I took a shorter break from code closers and decided that maybe i would like to come back but i have a few questions. ( Please be normal lol i dont want to be locked up without answers). 1. Is there like a new Lv cap or a new area i took a break like in April or there is still the EX room as the last added 2. How bout costumes are the gachas good looking i think last i saw was the steam punk one i liked that one 3. Anything new i need to know about ?
  8. I totally agree with you, i mean i am still waiting for the whole Code:fusion warp fragments fiasco to be addressed its over a month now and there isnt a single word of it. I mean as a system thats custom its awesome but as a new player i am being stuck for about a month now just in plane gate because i cant get enough amplified essences to begin with. Also this game from the start was awesome everyone could do everything but now Events for 50 + players and we are getting less and less materials for craft no wonder people are moving to officials. Dont take this as a complain but as a feedback because soon it could become a ghost town if people will be forced to Wait for everything. Which players tend to not like
  9. I feel ya i kinda regret 40 $ i spend here >.<
  10. Maybe in the future if things change in here. If we get more intel whats coming and when its coming coz the current state of the server isnt good they are asking for patience but before violet went on asked players how they were and stuff but now nothing just some crappy screenshots and signature events i am sorry if i offend them but thats not how u run a game if everyone can participate.
  11. Actually i joined 2 and all the people in the comunity were like this so i lost hope created my own one with 10 friends and all of them ended up quiting so i lost hope NORMAL people exist in this game ( No offense to anyone- Just my experience)
  12. Well i was playing on a official till code was released but i had much more fun on official since events and choices to do but now on CODE you cant do PG because you need amplified and they are not droping at all coz of those NEW warp fragments and its frustrating to progress no wonder if a new player quits right away. Its bothering me coz this is the first international server which i dont need to use my knowledge of foreign language. But i dont have a another choice since i am limited to do only tiamat sides every god damn day and solo coz all of my friends quit because of that amplified issue. We dont have any info about whats coming and we are getting the same answer every time no ETA so i have no other choice. I kinda regret the money i threw in CODE now. I will rather play with my Korean friends now i guess. >.< I am really sorry to leave but i have no choice even i could join a differnt circle like i did but i dont like to read all teh messages like how i suck so. I wont support this sever again sorry
  13. Since yesterday when my last folk that i played with decided to quit due no content. I have no choice to go too moving to the official server. Sayonara
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