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  1. The Bolt set. No, we don't have the black version.
  2. Just wanted to follow up my previous post and add that the bug also happens when connecting EX Thunderbolt with EX Sharp Shooting.
  3. EX Thunderbolt (EX TB) goes into cooldown when followed by EX Close Combat even if EX TB's 2nd function hasn't been used up yet. EX TB also stays unusable for a little while longer even after going off cooldown. I think it's as long as the sum of the uncast 2nd function's uptime + the cooldown of the skill itself. Edit: It's also true for EX TB into EX Sharp Shooting
  4. I'm pretty sure most people would prefer a more regular monthly/bi-monthly small updates over half a year worth of No ETAs and living in the dark. Large updates that take a long time would be more effective if there were more events and a more open communication between the staff and community or status updates in-between. What @Cultits also meant on his post was that what helped him through the previous content drought was the persistent Irina event. We could use something like that too tbh. There's really quite the dead air these days and it would help to have more prolonged events, like 1 month (and a half?) each maybe, than say 2 weeks, assuming we're sticking with the current update pattern.
  5. Tbh, would rather prefer one update at least every 1-2 months, maybe 3, than like one really huge cluster of updates every half year or so.
  6. Nothing else comes to mind really.
  7. I understand that updates take time, but they really ought to prioritize and roll out important bug fixes as soon as possible. It might be too late to release the fix as a standalone update at this point, but they should've fixed the 4 piece set effect for the PG75 Extreme set for magic characters months ago.
  8. Rip all those pots, rev caps and hours upon hours worth of hardwork.
  9. I've seen it in town. It isn't too impressive considering how it blends too much with the 10/10 BoD aura.
  10. I'd sink more creds for the event if I could actually upgrade and dismantle costumes for Brilliant Tuning Components and Equalizers.
  11. Keishi

    R> Lock

    I'm always willing to carry people through Tiamat sides, 7-Xa/ASO, 7-Xb/CMO, 7-Xc/TPMF and maybe PG10 if I'm free enough. I usually run raids with my friends. I take it to #pve in the official Discord server though, if anything goes wrong. IGN is Keishi
  12. I really wouldn't suggest taking plat chase over plat yellow for a core slot if you want crit dmg. All things considered, my def pen rn is easily over 100%, even with def pen reduction from hollow ring.
  13. Red or yellow only for cores, it's pretty easy to overcap def pen by just putting situational plat chips on everything minus the core. (same goes for magic with blue and green) Only hybrids put situational plat (air) chips on cores. And yes, ABC stats stack additively with your physical/magical stats, e.g. your first example.
  14. Tina main, Violet sub-main. Tierwhore lyf. :^) But I'm a jack of all trades at heart. I'll gear everyone eventually somewhere down the line.
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