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  1. Thank you for your report, this issue has been resolved! We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy your stay at CODE: Closers!
  2. The server should be back up online now! The game might still be a little buggy for the next 10 minutes until all services boot up properly.
  3. Hello agents, The server is back up! Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this server downtime may have caused.
  4. We apologize for the delay, there have been some background issues we needed to fix. The server is now online!
  5. Hello Agents! This dungeon was designed for 60+ players not 50+ we just lowered the level requirement as we found 60-65 being easy still and we wanted as many people as possible to try the event out. Maybe this was a bad call and for that we do apologize. We have many many ideas for this sort of stuff. It's mainly there to test the water and provide a new feel to the game. We don't want to be constantly providing just Vanilla content that is just boring! Difficulties were discussed during the design part and on average our active players are all 60+ so we thought it'd be better to give something for those who have stuck with us and give those lower levels a bigger reason to stay and focus on more goals. I will provide all the feedback to our developers one of them specifically has really enjoyed doing this so I am sure he will be thrilled to know people enjoy his work. I can discuss with them on possibly adding an easier difficulty and maybe even a harder one as well as I've heard some people are breezing it. I do not believe the crafting cap was intended so this can be resolved on Monday just keep saving up your materials! Have a nice weekend everyone!
  6. Make sure that you completely restart your client and re-log your account to assure the fix has been applied.
  7. Bitna

    BM Bugged

    The connection lost error is gone completely. The only issue we have now is some items min price and max price is very low so we will be addressing that with a patch in the coming days.
  8. One of our devs has applied a temp fix. They are looking for a permanent solution. Apologies for this poor experience.
  9. Bitna

    BM Bugged

    This issue is currently being investigated by our developer. Could you please attempt to place an item in the black market again and respond with the channel and character information if it crashes.
  10. A fix has been applied and will be updated on Monday, the broken materials will be fixed at that time as well!
  11. A fix has just been applied, could you please re-try again
  12. #Pushed to General Discussion Hello agent Toumasitokun, Agent Tina is still undergoing some heavy training before she can be part of the CODE: Closers agents~! We cannot disclose anything regarding her agent profile, but rest assured that we will share more when the time is ready.
  13. We are glad you are enjoying the server, any form of publicity is very much welcome! Unlike most anime MMORPGs that tend to purely focus on the "plot", Closers does indeed have a fun combat system and gameplay overall. Have fun!
  14. We would love to that, but unfortunately as of right now the CODE: Closers community is not big enough to be split apart. Such a split requires substantial growth of players, otherwise you will have 2 servers that generally feel empty.
  15. It is actually weird that you are experiencing lags given the servers are in your country, but in PvP it tends to be normal depending on who you fight. If you fight someone who's from across the world, it is normal to experience distance lags based on their connection and the relay in-between the 2 of you.
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