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  1. Honestly there's no easy way. Just take some time to read up which skills provide damage reduction and iframes. She's actually pretty stacked in terms of iframe and damage reduction, so try to abuse that.
  2. Nice detailed guide. Just a few thoughts and points to add. I personally disagree in maxing out her Finishing Moves (other than FM3). The buffs do not scale based on level and the damage does not justify the SP investment. FM1 and FM2 can definitely be left at Lv6 for the cubes. Also, it might be neat to mention that you can cancel FM2's cast altogether and still gain the buff by using it in air and cancelling it before you actually land on the ground. Personally, I feel that you lose so much more DPS by going through with the whole FM2 animation. Luna is already stacked with multiple iframes that it makes FM2's pretty redundant. All of these SPs are better spent on passives. Of course if you have infinite SP due to events, this is irrelevant. As for EX Lion Assault vs non-EX, it is totally viable to go for non-EX. In this case, it would require Tindalos 2/2 for modules instead of Halphas. Non-EX is totally viable, especially after the recent change where the stack system was replaced by a normal cooldown based system. EX indeed has a much larger hitbox and is easier to play with, however in terms of DPS, it only out-damages non-EX with enough tune investments to get it up to Lv15 or so. It is extremely important to mention that EX Lion's initial hit does not proc Back and Chase; only the additional hits from the Master cube does. As a final note, would be nice to add some skill rotations and possibly some video showcase. Overall, nice guide!
  3. Honestly, you can stick to Extreme and jump straight to Purification core. But that said, David is extremely cheap to make after the revamps, so it boils down to you.
  4. Just choose the highest critical damage value that the tune provides (it's Back in this case iirc). Note that situational critical damage isn't diminishing, so you are not required to balance them out.
  5. Added Task Force skill information.
  6. Vessaliux

    Tina in PvP

    Tina is still a beast in PvP. She's not the braindead beast she used to be, but she's still extremely potent if played well. First of all, Tina's DPS isn't bad at all. As purification core and module skill boost applies in PvP, your Heat Shot still hurts. A lot. Along with Phantom Snipe, Tina still trades fairly effectively (obviously not on Seulbi's level, but Seulbi is just plain retarded). Secondly, Tina still has 2 grabs, Close Combat being short cooldown. Yes it doesn't have amazing reach nor coverage, but it makes up for it by being almost instant along with some Y-axis coverage/mobility. Some chars are not able to grab at all with their skill if they are slightly above/below you for example, but Close Combat can. As for Sharpshooting, it is EXTREMELY awkward if not used from air. I feel that the setup is much quicker used from air than from ground. The only exception to this is when you go for a Dive into instant Sharpshooting. Thirdly, her mobility. She's definitely not Soma tier in terms of mobility, but she's still great at it. Dive gives you the freedom to move towards Y-axis, which a lot of other mobility skills lack. Trick Shot is also another really good mobility skill. If you're attempting to play keep away and trade, Tina no longer shines in that department. Ironically, Tina currently is all about gap closing with her instant mobility skills and attempting for a grab. Seulbi has pretty much taken the old Tina role where you're literally a trade machine and play keep-away 24/7. I thought this Tina had pretty solid movements overall as an example (11:11):
  7. Cost reduction is capped at 60%, cooldown being 40%. As for penetration, there is no hard cap. However, going above 100% does nothing extra. As long as your total penetration adds up to 100%, then you're capped on penetration.
  8. I am quite certain that Bai already has the nerfed skills in C:C. If not, the nerfs aren't huge, the main one being cooldown nerf on Momentary Penetration.
  9. Maybe in the future, currently focusing on completing Soma + Bai guides first.
  10. Ah. It's pretty much the same as the Aerial/Chase ones, except it has slightly higher values compared to those.
  11. Godly Backstabber? I'm unfamiliar with the C:C "translations" so need some clarifications.
  12. I'm currently using Raw + Aerial + Back. At the moment though, I'm experimenting with Speed over Aerial. Critical Damage for Grem PNA is actually garbage. Every character should go for the combination of Raw + Aerial/Chase + Back.
  13. Normal drops a random of 1-2 bugs, which unless C:C received the bugged version, it's 2 bugs even for normal. OC drops fixed 2 bugs per run.
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