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  1. I got the 'SigsegvHandler' everytime i try to validate an achievement that's already been cleared or just by clicking on for seeing the rewards. Though it doesn't apply to every reward you can get and it will be troublesome if it applies to futur achievement. Here are all the categories affected for my account : Account-Based > Social Character > All Sector > High Level Sector ( seems to be affecting the one were you have already claimed the rewards) Daily Mission > Housing PvP & RvR > Wolfgang pvp multiple wins
  2. problem is that i have everything updated and installed on my Computer , i did everything that was mentioned in the CODE: Tech support and i also looked in other forums for this issue yet Nothing is working 🤷‍♂️
  3. Since i changed of PC i cannot play CODE:Closers anymore , i tried to play Enmeme version and it works fine but CODE is literally impossible. It all comes down to the '0xc000007b' error which i tried to fix by many many ways and still nothing is working , so i'd like to ask anybody who reads this thread to give me any advice or any shit possible to make this work. Thanks you :')
  4. Kurimy

    Cat Guide for Harpy

    thanks you my fellow Rebel
  5. I think you guys saw that kind of post everyday but i'd like to get my own answer. Do you plan on releasing the Revamp of the Awakening skills ( the one that balance the switch from Puri to Beelzebub core ) and maybe Seth TF? i don't really mind for the TF because i don't main Seth but i guess that people are really looking forward Harpy and Seulbi TF as well.
  6. Where is the good thing to make +14 / +15 exclusive when your Puri core is +15 and that only +14 BB core is not dropping your raw? The rates are just awful , not for everybody though a lot of dude are literally making them raining without struggles while some like me are at over 1100 tries and still no +14 core ( we will not count the 2 first +14 i did when i had the BB core alright? ) And about the cost … oh well it is a credit sinker on it's own , crafting the fuel are less expensive. Just make the enhance cost up to 1 credit only , just like KR now.
  7. it's all about rewards or challenging content ~ i don't mind if you plan on doing a similar event as this one to be honest. This is the kind of event that we miss a bit in C:C , for the rewards i trust you guys for giving us a ton of goodies.
  8. As the title mentions it , the talisman that you obtain after 6 days of login reward has one issue and it is a very important one. The talisman is currently missing the Phase Power Release ( that i and we all call PPR i believe ) right at the start of a dungeon. So i believe a fix is needed i don't know why nobody report it yet but this one is actually mattering a lot to me. Thanks in advance.
  9. 1 : only through 3 stars dismantling. 2 : i heard it comes from the 'Eyes' most of the time but i had no luck with it so i don't know , must have a whale to answer Kappa. 3 : 🐳 answer us pls. 4 : KR dual plats are only obtainable through gacha from what i recall.
  10. Nothing new about EX Approaching Skill slides , it is a bug i assume that occurs when you have the Freeze! buff
  11. i might be the only one , but i really feels like the rate for S tunes on costumes are nerfed i did over 100 tunes and i did not have any S tunes , not even a useless one. The same goes for the shields , oh god i wasted 7 retunes on one shield just for an Total Physic Power , i mainly obtained A or S Total Psy Power , before this Patch i had no issues for tuning every kind of gear. Now it really became a pain i wonder if the VVIP is now useless. So i'm just wondering if you guys did something about the OP rate of VVIP or if it's just my RNG that switched of side.
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