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  1. Hello I'd like to ask which are the best places to farm the synchronization gene material(aka the green DNA strain used to craft and upgrade BB gears), and also the general items which i should salvage in order to get them, although i know it's way easier to buy it from BM, what i need to know in this thread is basically the farming way to get them. Thanks in advance.
  2. Best Hack n slash that i ever played,along with devil may cry. in all seriousness,welcome to code closers,hope you enjoy your time here.
  3. yes,the servers are currently down atm
  4. Hello way before this frame border system even existed in C:C(even before the last update we had,before the 0x70),i merged on my nata the 6/6 BoD for him,but since this system did not existed at that time,i didn't got the frame border,only the title,and if i remember correctly,the former GM violet said that this would be fixed,but we have a new staff now,so i ask:may not only me,but the persons who merged this set in the past get a frame border or have a craftable one? thanks in advance.
  5. a bit late,but anyways,welcome to code closers. side-note:you made the right choice by choosing the best girl to represent you,thanks.
  6. @Lan i made an compilation of the things she said on that day,cropped other things that weren't related to my suggestion,here it is: https://imgur.com/a/GUNpSRR
  7. i remember that before she left,violet said at discord that these boxes of code foundation were "bound to disappear",but with this new staff,this won't happen anymore?
  8. if you mean "cube",yes,it's hard for a char who is still getting the regular agent promotion,but usually,it just requires some technique with the char that you are using.
  9. since violet left and we have a new staff,this old thread of mine can be discussed again?
  10. welcome to code closers,we really hope that you make this server alive again. btw,from now on,do you have any plans to post before the updates at least some sneak peeks for us?
  11. Meshin

    Rare 4/4

    no,this doesn't exists,however,if you +1/support my suggestion thread about this,maybe the devs can do something about it.
  12. welcome to code closers,i don't really know if you know about nata,but if you want,i made a guide for him,there it is: besides that,i hope you like our server and enjoy your stay here. thank you for playing with us.
  13. DISCLAIMER 1:Before starting,special thanks to @Nata for giving me a bit of information that was lacking. DISCLAIMER 2:This guide is PVE-Only,there is nothing about PVP on it. No one asked for this,but i was with free time to spare,and even besides he is a barely played char,this guide has been made for the ones who still wants to play nata,if you are like me,who chose him for playstyle,and not despite the fact he is a low-tier char,then this guide is made for you,enough of talking,let's get started. First Main Passive:Carnage Unlocked right after you create the cha
  14. there is a new work in progress nata guide by me,so be patient.
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