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  1. Updated!! (hope it easy to understad ) @Horsey Your right but if you diagnose the game later the patcher might overwrite the Xigncode folder xD, but I dunno need to try that thanks fo the advice @Horsey
  2. @Halo Yes you do not need to redownload the game, you may just diagnose and later replace the xgn file , the reason of the redownload it to make sure to make a good and clean installation to avoid corrupted files. I will edit the post and thanks @Halo
  3. To all sorry I was on my holidays . @HoshuaLuna if still there still need for assistance don`t hesitate to ask @ѕтяαωвєяяу program files is meant by (default) the folder were the game is installed (it may change if you chose to install the game on another folder ) . I dont know what you mean by CC but if you trying to say CW.EXE it inside the folder that you have install the game named as CCPatcher . About step 7 "From there, locate code closers folder and extract the file shared there : C:\Program Files (x86)\CODEClosers\CODEClosers " it meant the file that you downloaded by the link provided by this post need to replace the old folder (Xigncode folder) that inside the installed folder. In case people still dont undestand i will provide screenshot as explanation
  4. @Seiran00 Hello and I am glad it worked, I also thank you giving information about this error, I will add this at the post thank you (Your support could save other lost souls). @Chiitox I am really glad it worked for you Have all nice game
  5. Hello @NoirEuphoria, thanks for the reply, and do not worry I am glad that you posted about this problem what I was searching was more details of the situation, we don`t want it to repeat. With your support ,now I can update the post and give awareness to anyone downloading tO be careful of possible pop ups that might download a virus , I will also update the link . About giving a healthy Xingcode could be an idea but I haven`t tested out from different OS such as from Windows 7 to 10 (because the Xigncode is "Healthy" just not compatible).Thanks for the supports and if my post was a bit cold I really apologize To @Seiran00 Hi I am sorry about the error that is shown there have been some few people with the same problem and it not easy to find a fix because the roots of the problem could be many...(The most common is third party blocking the game from reaching the server...)there have been yet no fix...but try this: 1) Load the game from the directory file of the game and not by the shortcut (As administrator ) 2)Try different compatibility (Right click, proprieties, compatibility ) 3)Add the game in the exceptions firewall antivirus ecc 4) Try this Xigncode folder that has been updated (as it been report been report of viruses downloads make sure that you download only this file shown in the link😞 5) Download the full game uptaded folder (It 3gb so it big and might take you a bit) test it and see how it goes : 6) If all option do not work please try this fix from @Clandestine (not sure if it might work , but try it): AND ...Cross fingers
  6. To @NoirEuphoria and to @nahbro thank you for the reply and I apologize ,I will want to go on some things: 1) By posting your information I kindly would like to know the link, that has given you this problems 2) What files is detected as a virus ? 3) By extracting the files does it detect a virus ? 4)Is the Zip itself detected as a virus ? 5) I check the files and scanned them and no treat has been detected, and I ensure that the files from the link provided are safe (AND by various feedbacks , you may see the others posts that the file are safe): this link is from @DigiDawg2 in case my link may not work: 6) If you do see well I posted this to disable the antivirus because ,(As many pc gamers do know..) anti cheat engine do no work happily with Antivirus/Firewall; Quick summery: Antivirus block or even prevent Xingcode to download the information or files that are the anticheat engine needs,(there are other issue but let not extend it) , AND that is the reason of one of the 999999 many problems that Xingcode and Gameguard. 7) As stated in the tutorial it been assign to download only XIGNCODE Zip ( and ensuring that the antivirus may be off that it might prevent the extractions off files ) so Do not download other stuff ... 😎 As a advice : clean your History, cookie and cache while surfing on the net 9) Any problem that does not concern the files and the Zip or the game is not a problem that is concerning this post....(I sorry for your pop up if you find other fix that will work for you I will be glad) 10) For broken links or ink not found just say in post ,thanks you @Sylph Glad it worked have a good game Hope it helped
  7. @Theo Could you please tell me the errore that appears in option 2 please?
  8. @Theo Ok I understand the situation seem that you Xigncode won`t update for you and there is something blocking it... I got 3+1option (try it out). 1) Try replacing the old Xigncode folder (the one that gives you CW.EXE error and let it show the error) after this replace with the hot fix and see if it works 2) Download this Xigncode folder and replace it with the hotfix (It should be the update version ) and see if it shows the error again https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzZKA2gT46b7VUMxcUgtLTFHNG8 3) Download this (Warn you it a big file) it contain the installed game from the update game : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzZKA2gT46b7VExDcnNjRS13U2M - Do this (Option 3 ) try the file if it works replace it with the old installation folder -end if Option 3 wont work then there must be some problem that is within you pc that wont allow Xigncode to work, (AND I hope it not that , it would be a shame ...) Tell me how it goes (and Cross fingers!!!)
  9. @Theo Hi as @Lan said the problem E0010001 is a error that is generated from different problems ....But I need, a guinea pig, you to try this: 1)Uninstall and make a clean installation and while you do it make sure antivirus is off and also firewall or any third party that might block the installation or end you having corrupts file 2) Do as the hot fix says (The post that i made) Tell me how it goes
  10. @Excisions Truly glad it helped To @Scipo0419 sorry for the late reply.... I will see if I can find a fix
  11. @Tiyaramake sure the files aren't nested in another folder as @DaMuffin said UPDATED for people who make that mistake..
  12. Hi Agent @darkshiroi, i had that problem in past it seem you lack of some dll files download this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 NOTE: make sure you disable your Antivirus that it might block the installation If it persist Go to this site and follow the instruction that place your missing ddl: http://freewisdoms.com/download-dll-files-commonly-used-by-games/ Hope it helps
  13. @Cookieful Sorry for the link I Re- Updatate it @DigiDawg2 I aslo added your link in case it breaks down , I was sure you played elsword , I also play but in the EU server (I do drop once in a while in the NA server ) but I`m not having that issue , I thinks it happens because your using 1 anti-cheat engine for 2 two games ,(both games use Xigncode3) , so I suggest you wait a bit before accessing to the other game, you should try it (In case the links may not work you can send me a message.) And I ask to pin this it and make it a treat by the forum for those who are issue this problem ,please Have a good game guys (Windows 10s).
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