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  1. I really liked the idea of this new gremory dungeon, but considering some of the characters lacking i frames/burst/healing abilities etc i would like you devs to consider adding extra options to wave 7 (it would be better if it was like it's original where you run/perfect dodge the bear and trying to hit other grem bears to advanced one/or like the base gremoy boss where you run for the random appearing puppet thingies for gremory to hit them and get stunned) *also there is no bank/shop npc on the end of the dungeon, i know it's a minor thing but i just wanted to point that out*
  2. That's a long story with a twist so i suggest you to read story Thanks for the guide Ducky
  3. get VVIP do replica 6-bearland-tiamat other than that... nothing more else to say you already said the other ways.
  4. I tried Exploit Protection settings Closed firewalls and game is still doesn't open, is there any other solution for it?
  5. So i took my mother's laptop to play Closers but in this laptop my mother plugged Gamepad before for playing her own games. Because of gamepad i can't play Closers with keyboard, even if i unplug the gamepad or even if i delete the driver of gamepad i just can't use keyboard in-game. What could be the reason of this?
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