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  1. hello one of my friends who recently joined closers is having some issues "some of my pic and UI keeps on white screen then after few runs i get log out forced log out" thats what he says and here's one of his screenies
  2. Marisaki

    Nata tutorial bug!

    how about asking a friend of yours to create a Nata on your account and finish the tutorial while at it
  3. Its purely RNG with a very very very low chance of getting more than 10 I only managed to get a 100x so far from more than 1k+ boxes the average ratio you get from the box is 1:5
  4. Join a decent circle and ask properly if u can join runs for tiamat sides and other dg runs (don't ask people to join you in your runs, unless ofc they're fine with it) going full solo player in this game will only slow u down significantly also dont neglect your cores keep it up to date with the elite of (LBK) or (Munition Factory) keep your raw and crit dmg high
  5. Harpy but her dmg saks ;_; despite having 23k raw and 400% phy crit dmg
  6. Welcome to the game and enjoy your stay
  7. It includes 6 runs of tiamat sides and quest only (solo raids) and 500 rainbow essence
  8. Harpy will never get some love from naddic ;_;
  9. There is a summer event at an area called rooftop gtower doing the event yields token for cosmetics
  10. instead of crafting parts BoD 6/6 via item mall which is highly expensive (around 100$+) just buy one from a player for only 30$
  11. VH gives 150k credit a run and it also gives a huge amount of exp I got 3 trainee chars at lvl 60+ just because of this event (Though ofcourse you'll need proper carry) A great way of having alts for the Teamwork buffs
  12. Like the title says i'm curious as to whether there will be a reroll or not due to the 2 days(almost) downtime of the server. My(probably others too) durational items VIP and such are still ticking as we speak So yeah just wondering
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