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  1. 2Shu

    up-to-date Yuri

    I'd also like this, as not knowing how to Yuri properly is actively keeping me from playing her, even though I like her. Plus i've heard that that "lazy Yuri" guide isn't really useful at all.
  2. That sounds like some high levels of bullshit. I don't care if they gave us a warning, those that did the quest, and used up the 500 essences NEED to be refunded, otherwise that is the SINGLE BIGGEST dick move I have ever seen from this server so far....
  3. Edited the title and wording in the thread so it makes more sense
  4. One small thing that has always bothered me about this game is that the Teamwork Passives (Examples: J increases hp, Seulbi decreases MP consumption, etc.) seem to hardly do anything/barely work at all. They seem like such small buffs that it's both hardly noticeable, to the point where they might as well not even exist. Is this a bug with the current version of Closers we have, or am I just blind to them not working?
  5. Hey, i'm fairly new to Yuri, and so I was wondering what kind of stuff I should aim for when I tune my equipment/costumes, simple question.
  6. 2Shu


    Yes, what's your ign?
  7. 2Shu


    *facepalm* Yup, i'm blind... *sigh* Thank you, sorry for wasting your time, probably think i'm a bit of an idiot..
  8. 2Shu


    Ok then, but I don't see anything on any pages that have an icon that looks like this: That, or i'm fucking blind... I'm just trying to figure stuff out..
  9. 2Shu


    Ok, but how do I use it? What does it do? The page you linked to says nothing about this thing. Also, I typo'd, it's "Hyper Rapid", not "Hyper Raid"
  10. 2Shu


    Ok, so, I'm currently playing as Harpy and I just opened some purple box that I randomly got. Opened it only for something called (this is straight from the game): "Physical Critical Hit Rate: Hyper Raid" for come out of said purple box, and I have ZERO clue as to what the hell I am supposed to do with it. If ANYONE knows what to do with it, please let me know.
  11. Alright, so HEY! I haven't played Code Closers in a long while, and I kind of forgot some stuff, mainly where I got some stuff back when I played. I went onto my Seha today, and noticed I had an item with a name along the lines of: "Gin's Luck Charm Glasses" or something similar to that, and I have 0 recollection of where I got them! Does anyone know where I can get them? They look very stylish~!
  12. I am experiencing this problem as well, i've reset my password twice but no luck. Good luck on finding a solution!
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