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  1. But also alot more one-dimensional. V + Dash Attack *mashes infinitely*
  2. She makes a good character buff, i see her as nothing else. Had my hands on her on KR and well, ill just say if you like her you rlly like her, and if you hate her you really hate her. Tho, i hope everyone enjoys her to the fullest once she comes to CC
  3. 100% agreed, though I wonder if reworked skills get converted to the new one? I could imagine tuning "Yuri Spiral/Spin Kick Rapid Shot" on modules, to get eventually replaced by Yuri Slash, to hit like a truck. And yeah, FM4 level on yuri becomes very important, since its level gets added to 5 other Skills
  4. Hey Code:Closers Peeps .w. if you played Void, you may know me as KickYaFace/Nakurai, (hey sisters) After weeks of being asked to join C:C by my friends, i gave in. now here I am making this thread. I look forward to getting to know the community and the weird BM, Used to play on KR, but it sucks being alone , thus the reason I joined C:C. I'm a wheelchair main, but dont worry yuri squad, once the buffs come we slay <3~ if you like yaoi we are alrdy one step closer to be friends. PS: counts too if you love bayonetta/nier universe uwu~
  5. tf you so mean for, i just added it for future ref.
  6. just wanted to add the fact for YURI, her leg skill is gonna be deleted and replaced with a skill with the same CD/damage but alot bigger hitbox in Yuri Slash!, 2 part slashing skill that gets you into the air and is really hard to miss. no more trouble to latch onto YOD Bosses, fuck em
  7. how to bai: use V proc V use V again congrats, you're a bai main.
  8. Cause C:C usually gets content before NA does, meaning they don't have the voices, aswell as to avoid copyright stuff probably regarding that.
  9. If you're really in a pinch you can always CRAFT the gear itself. it just takes a shitton of BB cocoon mats (whatever its called). (1100 iirc)
  10. "Rank 1 Special move: Wanted - Master cube: Instantly gain 3 Friction Stack and provides Super Armor Crash Lvl 1" I know it's just a minor detail but only the very last hit of the FM1 grants the Friction stacks. Instantly would mean its right when you use it, which isnt the case. (i tested it also casting it, canceling it with C, skill went off except last hit ofc and no friction stacks gained) Otherise, splendid guide my dude.
  11. I'll just say have fun with the shining star set yall, whales rise up. Seriously, shining star set is the biggest fuck you that naddic has given me. After you work to get ur Rare Set with good Tunes but then they give out that BS. Well, enjoy to those who plan to abuse Shining Star owo~
  12. Hey C:C Community ~~~ I just had a quick question. Does the 3x exp only apply on killing mobs or also on the Story Quests? Since Story Quests are the main source for huge chunks of exp; wondering if the 3x rate affects it.
  13. Hello dear C:C Community; alot of you may experience incompability Issues with Win10 and C:C; you start the game,it ramps up but at the Blacklams "Keep Out" loading screen; it just crashes. So you probably tried everything in: There are several solutions there that MIGHT solve your problem. Why am I here then? Cause the threads solutions did not solve it for me. But I was able to fix it. How? I was despereate and tried putting in other games Xignfolder into C:C. Stumbled upon NA Closers Xigncode Folder; put it in - and see there it works. All you have to do is get a NA Xignfolder,insert it into C:C and enjoy playing! But remember,this isn't a 100% fix that works for everyone. I gave this advice to a few people, worked for some,didin't work for others. Make sure to have TRIED the solutions from the general Discussion Thread on this Issue. Anyway, have a good day Agents!
  14. PSA: I just inserted NAs Xigncode Folder into C:C; and it started up ! You should really try it! Squishy 7618;:add me,I send you the rar
  15. Tried that. Put Closers on the new Desktop/Account Instaclosed again.
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