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  1. Densgirl

    Hey oh!

    Welcome to the forums~ I hope you have a nice day also and enjoy your time in game as well as on the forums!
  2. Have you tried looking at this thread?
  3. NOOT

    N O O T

    N  O  O  T

    N   O   O   T

    N    O    O    T

    N     O     O     T

    N      O      O      T

    N       O       O       T

    N        O       O        T

    N         O         O         T

    N          O          O          T

    N           O           O           T

    N            O            O            T

    N             O             O             T

    N              O              O              T

    N               O               O               T

  4. This bug has already been mentioned many times and we have been told that it will be fixed next maintenance. Next time you find a bug check this thread first before posting it:
  5. When I see the new annocement:


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    2. Densgirl


      I dont like to bully people uwu, spread peace,love and happiness! Now I sound like a hippy--

    3. Jochira


      ew, love... unless it's selfcest or yuri, give me hatred instead of love :grr: 

    4. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      me  [little goodiebag intensifies]

  6. Densgirl


    Hello and welcome Agent Yuki! Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about the forum or the game, our community will help you as much they can! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Densgirl

    Weapon for yuri!

    If you go to Irelia's profile and scroll down you should see it. It looks like this:
  8. 1) It will end. Its highly likely it will be removed during the next matinance, which judging by the new annocement of "Tina" coming soon, it wont be too far off now. 2) Im not sure about the materials but im pretty sure all the exchanges will be removed at least, so if you dont exchange them before the event ends your stuck with useless materials.
  9. have you tried typing in /escape or /unstuck in to the chat? I believe its normally supposed to free you at least in dungeons, not sure if this is the case for town as well but its worth a try!
  10. Happy birthday! [I know this is a christmas picture but I really like it--]
  11. Densgirl

    Seulbi tips

    Well usually when an outfit is limited they will state how long they will stay in the update they were released. Normally though probably 2 weeks or so. The only time we actually had limited outfits was with the houskeeper outfits though, so I assume most outfits will stay there forever anyways. So im pretty sure you have nothing to worry about in terms of costumes going after the update.
  12. Densgirl

    Seulbi tips

    They wont be removed unless stated that they are "limited". None of the current outfits in the shop are limited as of current so all the ones avalible should stay for a long while at least.
  13. When you have 20 posts in total on the forum you will be able to add a signature which will appear under all of your posts. Once you have reached 20 posts you can click the little white arrow in the upper right hand corner where your pfp is located and select account settings. Then just simply click the "Signature" option and create your own signature in the box given.
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