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  1. Probably Bai. She is actual sword user unlike Seha and not ridiculously high tier as Soma is.
  2. Yeohadan


    Welcome to CC Hyrora and enjoy your stay.
  3. I use J for the dungeon runs. Both Blacklambs and WolfDogs team follow same dungeons pattern for their main story quests. Those two teams have the same bosses for A8. Wildhuter is the only team that does not follow same dungeons pattern for its main story quests. The dungeons consider A8 for Wildhuter would be Over The Army Plant (center right area on area select) Act 6 and Guro station Act 6. Any of those dungeons drop the acc for Wildhuter.
  4. The accessories tend to drops in various dungeons for A8 from I have seen in CC discord. Here are ones that I got these two acc to drop. I just ran through them on VH. It takes luck trying to get them to drop. Cruel Judgement - New York Center and Lambs Keeper Bridge. Leiming's Leg off - Defense Mission Center and Lambs Keeper Bridge.
  5. Yeohadan


    Welcome to CC Agent Kohaku. Have a good time and I suggest joining our discord.
  6. Welcome to CC Agent Areku. I suggest joining our CC discord if you have not done it yet.
  7. Welcome to CC I guess. Lol
  8. Yeohadan


    Welcome to CC Agent Core
  9. Welcome to C:C Agent Kaideh.
  10. Yeohadan


    Welcome to CC and have fun. o/
  11. Welcome Agent Klaus. I hope you enjoy your stay here in C:C.
  12. Yeohadan


    Welcome to Code Closers. Enjoy your time playing CC and making new friends. Agent StarryHoshi.
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