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  1. Hi, so just now I was checking through the costumes for Seth in Item Shop and I noticed that Seth has Stonewashed All-Star Top, but not the Bottom like every other character does. Is their a reason for this, or is it just missing from the shop?
  2. its called Plum Soda and it can be found in any shop in either the hubs or at the end of dungeons
  3. Ive already tried switching channels Entered special ops too, it just went back to grey after leaving i cant move anywhere, but i can talk to and take stuff from the bank (which is where im stuck) the only thing im able to do is Jump. im now getting online to try /escape, hopefully that fixes it. Ok so i tried /escape and it teleported me somewhere else, the screen went from grey to black and i still cant move anywhere. i just switch channels after using /escape and its fixed now, thx so much for the help fixing it.
  4. Made another Mirae to test if it was a bug with Mirae or with something else and everythings working fine on my other Mirae, but still grey screening on my main Mirae. seems to be a bug with just that 1 character, or something to do with Puri ops
  5. Ok so, everytime i login to my Mirae, i get a grey screen and i cant move anywhere Currently stuck in Purification Ops near the bank, everything else works like Inventory & my character profile not sure if its just purification ops or all areas, but everythings fine in Crew Room and my Characters Room. I've tried restarting my computer, the game & ive tried Diagnosing, but its still happening so idk if this is a bug with me, or with the game. if anyone has any info on this bug and if theres a way to fix it please let me know. More images in the spoiler
  6. Starlight Dreamer set Accesories & the Hair(without Hat) are bugged and can only be traded on BM
  7. The Event Bugs crafted aint able to be used for crafting, seems to only be the ones dropped from the event dungeon that work. Nvm, i saw its already been reported in discussion thread..
  8. Had the same problem, even tho it shows open, its not actually open until you unlock your trigger slots. T he trigger mission should be available to accept in Hunters Night. Can't remember the name of the mission but I remember you had to do Hoffman once for it.
  9. Just wondering if there are any plans to make SoP and the rest of Busan gear gremmable in the future, since I noticed the Busan receiver & module was made gremmable recently.
  10. Welcome to CC, hope you have a great time here!!
  11. https://i.imgur.com/eNZTvAO.png so i've ran this place on Assault like the mission says Twice, and its still at 0/1 and won't complete. Actually nvm, it completed when I switched channels...
  12. (I suck at introductions so this gonna be bad lol) Hey everyone, finally got the time to make this soooo I've been playing for a good 3 months now, like most people here, I came from voidels after the shutdown. In my time here so far, I've had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people and i hope to meet alot more people to have fun with. Back in void I was known as Boobies(my elesis) or Exceed/Banished(My raven) if any of y'all remember me feel free to add me here on closers. My current ign here is Extinct Hope to see you all in-game
  13. i wouldn't say you would actually need, im doing just fine without any, their just their for the little extra stats.
  14. not really.. or well i guess it depends i mean i started this game when void shutdown, and already i've got my Seth to nearly 5mil TCP, without ever cashing. just takes alot of farming and keeping up with all your dailies. the only thing id say u really need to pay for on this game is the costumes since some of the older ones are expensive.
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