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  1. Redwan Skaik

    New Person here

    join the game discord and if u need feel free to ask me IGN:Yosa
  2. Redwan Skaik

    I Cant Move u.u i am bugged Heeeeelp!!!! q-q

    Type /escape in the chat ^^
  3. Redwan Skaik

    lost my weapon

    i was trying to share my weapon on the chat and then it dropped is there any possibility to get it back
  4. Redwan Skaik

    Skill failed to activate

    man also the FM3 first two hits realy seha sucks now
  5. Redwan Skaik

    Launch Error

    Win10 cant launch the game
  6. Redwan Skaik

    Quitting the Forums

    calm down bro
  7. Redwan Skaik

    [RANT] Special Material Item Craft

    get the spooky one i think its better
  8. Redwan Skaik

    R> Lock

    @Naivety @Riri As Here is my discord if u want to cantact with me YosaA#1170
  9. Redwan Skaik

    R> Lock

    @Naivety Ye sure
  10. Redwan Skaik

    R> Lock

    U can add me 1-ign Yosa 2-ign XLEONX I can help you everyday
  11. Redwan Skaik

    Server status ?

    welcome btw(هلا بالربع)
  12. Redwan Skaik

    Code Closers here to stay?

    our code closers will stay for ever
  13. Redwan Skaik

    Is Seha a bad character???

    trust me seha op
  14. Redwan Skaik

    PG bosses (random)

    for me its the troupe leader
  15. Redwan Skaik

    misteltein PNA build

    hello guys i just wanna ask what is the best PNA build for misteltein and what is the minimum requirements for tiamat is 30k mdps enough?