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  1. GM Violet stated that they are aware of this glitch and are trying to fix it. You should follow the discord group to be on par of everything.
  2. I would suggest for you to enter the official discord group as there is alot of players there that can help you
  3. Hmmm never had that error before can't help much there... Do try to re install the client because I have no more ideas that can be helpfull :\
  4. RIP Welp atleast it's not too hard to gather credits in C:C
  5. It was supposed to be this week but it seems they had some problems. There's no ETA now, but my bets are on next week maintenance.
  6. Violet was up since Tina release... 7 months later we got Violet :^)
  7. It's currently glitched for everyone. For now that box is useless just to occupy space. It's your choice if you want to save it or not. And it's not about " Why do they still give it " because it's a quest reward from getting to SA/SC As for when it's fixed? We don't know for now unless GM Violet stated something.
  8. As far as I see, On solo it's always O While on Duo it's O X X Now Trio and Squad I dunno the answer for.
  9. Violet is really nice even with " Low gear "
  10. I feel you fam. Spent over 500M credits and more than 240 AoJ on trying to get PG 75 to +13. The best I got? +11 :^)
  11. PescaNova


    From what others have said: Useless. You can discard it.
  12. Yes, just try to find the problem you're having right now and see if you can find a fix for it.
  13. It just says Launch Error? I would suggest for you to check this topic out. It might help you.
  14. The upgrade is bugged, it will be adressed in next week maintenance if I'm not wrong. Dunno about the pupil though. You would need to ask someone else.
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