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  1. Welcome back, and hope you enjoy your new main
  2. Hello Zefany, and welcome to C:C! Hope you enjoy your time here
  3. Real life issues can be a bitch, but we'll always be here to welcome you back. Look forward to seeing you chase any Luna's in sight again when you get back.
  4. Welcome to C:C! As Arual said, we're still a ways ahead of them at the moment. They still don't have a lot of Task Force teams yet and they still don't have BB as well.
  5. welcome back to C:C, 2d. Can't wait to see those new +15 Kshana procs, bro
  6. Welcome back to C:C! Hope you manage to find that fun you're looking for here.
  7. Hello, Chiaki! Welcome back to C:C, and I hope you have as much fun here as you did on void.
  8. First off, I'll start things off by saying that you cannot make a guide on selling PGC. Everyone has their own rates, and especially the buyer's rates, for that matter. Seeing your prices, my only guess would be that you're a former void player. I've been observing prices since the beginning of this server, and also as a former consistent PGC seller, I can say that these rates are completely inaccurate and do not fit this game whatsoever. Before you start including math into your equation, you forgot to take into account that this is an entirely different game. Formulas cannot be applied to each and every game in existence. The current way of making credits does not, and never has, supported rates this high. Even the current rates you're listing 9(i.e 3b-4b for $100) shouldn't be that outrageous, but PGC sellers became more rare over time. This timing was not good, as it lined up with void's closure. Not to mention, we just had a big credit sink event, so no one even has the credits to make up for prices this high. I've seen void's pricing on things, and I will tell you right now that bringing those prices over to this server would most definitely would be the death of the market as a whole. If you think PGC sellers were scarce before, you would be completely wiped out. Not a single person would buy off of you for that, and if anyone ever did, they would be extremely desperate. Taking advantage of that would only reward you with bad reputation. I saw no mention whatsoever about how the current way of grinding credits could support these rates. If you're going to make a post like this, you need to have information to back it up, because you're only misleading people this way. A post like this can mislead new sellers to think that it's actually okay to sell for these prices, but it will only make people grow cold towards them. I agree with Virly and Tsugu on the points they gave. You should not be trying to get more profit out of something than what it's actually worth, because it just breeds more and more greed. I understand you want to get as much as possible out of the money you're throwing into the game, but you have to take the f2p players into account as well. They do not have a means to justify such high prices, so they also try to get the most out of their credits. It may not be the same to you since they got it for free, but it takes a lot of grinding just to get 2b alone(which was the old rate for $100). It actually saddens me to see things have gotten this bad when I can't sell any myself. If I could help it, I'd be consistently selling codes at the old rate. For anyone who still cares about the f2p players wallets, here's the old rates: $5 codes -- 90m~100m $10 codes -- 150m~200m $20 codes -- 300m~400m $30 codes -- 475m~600m $50 codes -- 900m~1b $75 codes -- 1.3b~1.5b $100 codes -- 1.8b~2b sorry if these are not completely accurate, this is off the top of my head from when I used to sell codes
  9. Welcome back to C:C, hope you enjoy it here.
  10. Hello, everyone! Most of you know me as "Rin", but from now on I'll be going as [FO] Wolfgang! I've been here for quite some time, so I'm not exactly new, but for anyone who doesn't know me, let me tell you a bit about myself. about me: As you can tell from my new name, I'm obviously a Wolfgang main. I've been playing him ever since release, but for the most part, I play just about every male. Seha was my former main, but he's still my boy as well I love to help people, so don't be afraid to ask me anything! I'm always active, so I'll respond asap. I really love this game and the community and I always will. I've been more active on forums lately, so I'll be here to help whenever I can! I'm also always active on discord, and my DM's are open as well, so you can always talk to me there as well! I look forward to interacting and helping all of you!
  11. Welcome back to Closers! I agree that the server will be fine, so don't worry and just enjoy your time here.
  12. Welcome back to C:C! I hope you make lots of friends here and enjoy your time.
  13. Welcome back to Closers, hope you enjoy the game with the new translations.
  14. Welcome to C:C, Mehnra! Hope the community is to your liking and you enjoy your time here. We're all willing to help, so feel free to message whenever you may need it.
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