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  1. I'm sad to see you go, but I appreciate all of our time together. I still look forward to talking to within the discord, and I hope you find something else you enjoy just as much as your time here. Thanks for all the great times ♥️
  2. Puri was never hard to transcend, and the game was always thriving after it was released(for a long while). I personally think more people will feel motivated to play if they're able to get their gear easier, especially the ones who have a lot of alts to gear. I think that's a better result than people quitting the game entirely over the Beelzebub trans rates alone.
  3. The new staff hasn't been here for all that long, and it's obvious that they check forums and put in effort to reply to the new people, but- there have been countless posts and suggestions ignored by them as well. You can say that they're not going to acknowledge every single suggestion that people have to offer, because there's way too many bad ones out there. But something I cannot stand is that all the most important and smart suggestions get ignored. I haven't seen a single staff member even reply to anything relating to Beelzebub transcendence rates, VVIP not affecting enhancement rates anymore, and at this point, even the game turning into too much of a credit sink. I made a forum almost a week ago about these four gachas piled on top of us right at the end of a major credit sink event, and it still doesn't have a reply from a single staff member. Something that should also be mentioned is the fact that all of these things are being ignored, but the staff pretty much only replies to new forum users(will provide images in a spoiler tag down below). I try my best to be kind and polite, but to me, the staff just ignores anything that would make them receive less money from the players. If anyone does reply to this, I want to ask all the questions I've had that have never been answered. Enhancement Rates: Why have these not been fixed ever since the update that reverted them to not being affected by VVIP? I really don't understand the point in not fixing this, unless you're trying to make more money off us by making us fail more. Beelzebub Trans Rates: I feel like this should be addressed as soon possible, because the constant failures isn't something that's newbie friendly whatsoever. Even to the veterans, it just serves as something to eat away at materials and there's really no sense in people failing 200+ times just to get the gear that they want(from experience). Credit Sink: Ever since the arrival of this event, almost everything has turned into a credit sink. Because this event has eaten so much of our credits, how are we supposed to afford anything from a new gacha, let alone four new ones, without having to sell off things we'd rather keep. I know from talking to friends and from my own experience with it that this event has eaten a lot of people's savings, and then these four new gachas aren't helping them one bit. Those are my main concerns at the moment with the current state of the game, and I think they should be addressed, even if you simply just reply to us and inform us. We need information, and we were promised more transparency with the new staff. The discord staff always tells us to come to forums if we're looking for answers, but we never get them. You can provide us all the new content you want. If you don't listen to the playerbase's feedback, you're pretty much just driving the server back into the same ground it was already in with the old staff. p.s: we need a stability maintenance.
  4. That is my feedback, and that's how many alts I do run on. If I were to run skirmish on all of those alts I have, I'd be spending hours and hours doing this event. And I did come to forums to make a suggestion, then I saw what you said lol. I've seen many people saying the difficulty of the event runs is stupid. I assume your response will be that I don't have to spend my time doing that, but that's pretty much my only means of getting what I need, and I shouldn't have to spend 4-5 hours running an event on all of my characters to do just that. Also I was not saying that the amount of runs was my problem, I wasn't doing a single run a day. I'm saying that for me to run one character would not give me the rewards I need to save up for what I want. I never said anything about an individual run. My complaint is that I have to spend hours running this event to even get a shred of something "decent" to make up for what I lost in daily crafts.
  5. I do not agree with this statement of "wanting to pass the dungeon at least 1 time". I've recently turned f2p, and I can say with all that I have to craft on a daily basis that the rewards(even after the buff) are not enough for me to get my main goal, which is the +14. I have to craft so many things on a daily basis that the rewards that I get on my geared character(so I'm obviously running skirmish) get eaten up by those daily necessities. It generally leaves me with around a total of 10 or so left. The difficulty of the dungeon on alts should not be that difficult for Patrol and Skirmish. I think there were a ridiculous amount of problems with this event, but I didn't really complain since we finally got one. But I cannot agree with something along the lines of "they work harder to get more drops, so they deserve for it to be harder on them". That line of thought is very close-minded. You can't put say "a lot of people have 0 alts" as an excuse to make the event harder on the people who do solely because they put in the effort to get the things they want in a more quickly manner. Not only that, I know people who level other chars just to run them through events when they come. Sure, they don't go as far as gearing them to end-game, but they still put in that effort. It's not "unfair" if people actually put their own effort in to earn what they want. I can say for a fact that right now, with how little drops I get a day due to daily crafts that I likely will never get the +14 and it would easily be fixable with a decrease in difficulty to where I don't have to waste time spending hours running on alts. The amount of drops now would be fine if I could run all my alts on skirmish. (p.s. the credit sink is still really bad and everything still needs to be lowered)
  6. Alright, thank you so much, and you have a great day, too
  7. may have overlooked it, but seeing as we have every type of fiber now, am I right in assuming Seth can also craft SoD and ZW as of right now?
  8. With the recent influx of all these new art costume sets on the KR server, I've been wondering how exactly the new staff plans to take on all of them. I obviously don't know how big of an update this next one will be, but I assume it's going to cover quite a bit of ground from the last update to wherever we end up after. In regards to that, if my assumption is correct in it being a relatively big update, a question comes to my mind. How are you going to handle all of these new costumes at once? The most obvious thought would be that you'll just gradually release them, but with how much new costumes we're behind on, it could take quite a while for us to get caught up with all of them. With that being said, I'm not asking for any direct info one what we'll be getting or when we'll be getting it, but rather, how we'll be getting it. Something Violet was discussing before leaving was talk of how to make things more accessible within the server, including the IM(bit store). One of the things being discussed within that was the idea of making some of these planned to be gacha sets available through the IM instead. So what I'm asking is: Will we be seeing these sets as just normal gacha sets until we eventually catch up, or through the IM?
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  11. Hey there~ It's your friendly neighborhood Rin! Glad to see more people coming to C:C. I hope you enjoy your stay here! (also, nice Kujou pfp)
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