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  1. You can, but only one can be picked if it's chosen as a winner.
  2. @shiba11 Please read CODE: Recolour's rules before posting. Please change your entry or it may be disqualified.
  3. Please post the screenshots to Imgur so we can view them.
  4. I've moved your thread to the correct section for you. In the future, please use this thread to discuss the new update:
  5. Since your problem was solved, would you like your thread to be locked?
  6. Icarus


    Please do not necro threads. A thread that hasn't been replied to in 2 weeks is considered dead. I'll be locking this up.
  7. Icarus


    Please do not necro threads. A thread that hasn't been replied to in 2 weeks is considered dead. I'll be locking this up.
  8. Icarus

    I can't talk

    Please do not double/triple/etc. post, as it is considered post farming and may lead to a warning point. Your comments were merged because of that reason. The only one that would know specifically why you were blocked is Harpy. Whenever they're available I'll ask. I'm pretty sure it's because you were breaking the rules, though, as that's the only reason why you would be blocked from the chat box.
  9. Are you launching the game through CCPatcher? Make sure any processes of the game in your background tasks are closed as well before opening it.
  10. Please upload the screenshot to Imgur so we can view it.
  11. Make sure your antivirus software or firewall isn't blocking the game. If it's closing that quickly, it most likely means something's blocking it.
  12. As long as you're happy with it, it's fine. Was more of a general guide from one graphic artist to another.
  13. The additions theme is colourful/vibrant/eye-catching, not random (since random can entail a lot more). As long as it has bright, bold colours you're free to do what you please. Yes that's fine. @AmaranthSnow Just a heads up-- it looks like you've overlayed your entry with a shine layer, which won't show up on the actual in-game version. If it was added, the .png file fortmat we ask for would flatten it. So this: Would look more like this: This can be a guide for everyone to keep in mind when making their entries.
  14. Apologies for being late with this-- I've been quite busy with work and irl it slipped my mind. With that being said, here's the winners: @G i A and @Geegee! Although you were the only two to join, we will still send out 10k bits each since you both worked hard on your entries. We will be stopping CODE: Creation for now and the contest will return at a later date. Have a lovely day/night!
  15. Unfortunately, we do not offer email changes.
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