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  1. I'll add you in game & talk to you there don't wanna get in trouble for post farming or something. 8')
  2. That's great news! we'd be glad to have you. ❤️
  3. Void shutting down is actually so fucking sad. If anyone knew me from Void, I was "Emi" there too. Anyone migrating from Void to C:C is more than welcomed to join my Guild. & Welcome! :')
  4. Nata supposedly said he'd inform the staff about this but I assume he never did, but what sucks about this is that when purchasing this starter package, it's ONCE PER ACCOUNT. So with that being said if you bought it in hopes of getting those pieces it's a waste. So even if it is fixed, you couldn't just go ahead & buy it again but even then having to repurchase it just overall fucking sucks. Hopefully they'll do some compensation type thing, like maybe a craft or we get it in mail? idk..
  5. Emi

    Am New!!

    Welcome to Code:Closers & Closers as a whole! Hopefully you find the game fun & enjoyable.
  6. I don't know if this has been addressed already but Yuri's emote's are glitched, as in everything is in slow motion. From her dances, greetings to even her sits & rare sits. It's been glitched out for a while now ever since the new model change on her. It's quite fixable as Nata's once upon a time use to be like this as well here. Anyways, sorry once again if this was already addressed, just haven't seen any fixes.. I know we had a bug fix a while back but this didn't get fixed so I thought I'd remind once again. since it likely got forgotten.
  7. You're a Field Officer- w h a t d o y o u m e a n ???
  8. You literally do not talk in the Discord ever. Unless it's to maybe once in a while tell someone to follow the rules. The only place you talk in is the Lumi Discord.
  9. No, it's not common sense. We're not Dev's. How are we suppose to know how that stuff works? But thank you for now clarifying that. You weren't really polite at all tbh, but if that's what you consider polite then don't know what to tell you about that. Linking the 10 posts was an example, not meant to be rude or harmful to Bai. It was literally just showing she doesn't play/know the game Though now we're finally aware of what she does behind scenes because you communicated with us about it As for discord- "multiple discord windows to be open at once" literally just tab in when you can we're not asking you to be active as in talking literally every minute?? If you mean with how Violet still owns the Discord, currently we've been told a new one is in the works anyway? why are you unable to make a new account & join the new one? Like how are you not allowed to join? and lastly, it's not even about us being like "man fuck the staff, fuck them they suck!11 >:((" we've been giving you guys suggestions & feedback WE HAVE BEEN. We've brought it publicly here & privately via Discord. Mind you, all the staff have their DM's off or tell you to come to forums anyway so? & you guys wouldn't know this cuz for some reason you just refuse to be apart of the Discord. You're aware the whole server is basically on Discord more than they ever will be on Forums?? I don't see why this is a problem. Just to disclose as well, I'm literally not even trying to argue. I just really don't understand where you're coming from with this tbh.
  10. you seem extremely defensive to the fault of no communication. how are we suppose to know that there's stability maintenance with every update? your attitude is fairly unprofessional, there's two people who have never played the game on the team. Nata is pretty unapproachable, Kuro can't do much in her position, Moe never talks. Community basically runs itself out of a necessity to do so and you have the audacity to get upset over us wanting answers & calling it rubbish. complain about us complaining in the Discord, why not join? I don't understand the argument of "wanting privacy" make a new discord or something? Seems super sketchy & odd staff don't want to join the official discord? or will that change with the upcoming WIP new server? It seems you really don't take well to criticism or feedback that's negative towards the teams decisions. I accept you understand that our points are correct, but the fact you don't discuss anything just sets a bad rep tbh. & how do you forget to ignore over easily 20+ suggestions on rates or whatever was listed above? you literally SAW that his one post was up for a week with no reply, was top. I don't understand man. but alright.
  11. Emi

    Hello hello!

    Welcome to the server! it's always nice to see new players. I really hope you continue to support C:C. As in regards to your questions, Rulebook pretty much answered them all. :)
  12. Emi


    Hello & welcome to CODE:Closers Sen !!
  13. all of them. this is because everyone has a unique play style, in order to get the full experience before you decide who you like best. I recommend getting them all to 70 honestly. take this from someone who always thought Yuri was boring... & now mains her- LOL
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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