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  1. Emi

    My last entry

    Take care hun ♥
  2. Well well well... look who decided to show up. Just kidding! welcome, Hail. If you ever need help or have any questions, you're more than welcomed to come & ask me!
  3. Emi


    /frantically bows yes, birb-kamisama
  4. ilu Hello sunshine! & welcome, better late than never right?
  5. Emi

    Hey there!

    Welcome back to C:C, if you ever have any questions just find me in game @ "Emi" & I'll do the best I can to help!
  6. Emi


    Welcome! & don't we all?
  7. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. Hello & welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here
  9. Insert no ETA here. In all seriousness though, events & stuff aren't only around Christmas time. We get them usually every holiday or every few months. You can find out more about updates, events & maints through the forums. The staff normally always makes posts regarding them. All in all we don't have set dates or times where we have events, it's really just no ETA.
  10. I'll add you in game & talk to you there don't wanna get in trouble for post farming or something. 8')
  11. That's great news! we'd be glad to have you. ❤️
  12. Void shutting down is actually so fucking sad. If anyone knew me from Void, I was "Emi" there too. Anyone migrating from Void to C:C is more than welcomed to join my Guild. & Welcome! :')
  13. Nata supposedly said he'd inform the staff about this but I assume he never did, but what sucks about this is that when purchasing this starter package, it's ONCE PER ACCOUNT. So with that being said if you bought it in hopes of getting those pieces it's a waste. So even if it is fixed, you couldn't just go ahead & buy it again but even then having to repurchase it just overall fucking sucks. Hopefully they'll do some compensation type thing, like maybe a craft or we get it in mail? idk..
  14. Emi

    Am New!!

    Welcome to Code:Closers & Closers as a whole! Hopefully you find the game fun & enjoyable.
  15. I don't know if this has been addressed already but Yuri's emote's are glitched, as in everything is in slow motion. From her dances, greetings to even her sits & rare sits. It's been glitched out for a while now ever since the new model change on her. It's quite fixable as Nata's once upon a time use to be like this as well here. Anyways, sorry once again if this was already addressed, just haven't seen any fixes.. I know we had a bug fix a while back but this didn't get fixed so I thought I'd remind once again. since it likely got forgotten.
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