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  1. First, level up. There are at least two reasons for that: Firstly, main storyline and achievements themselves give you money and valuable items. The higher your level is, the more money you earn. Secondly, you get a chance to farm and sell endgame items. Plus you get a lot more credits per dungeon. There aren't a lot of ways to earn a lot of money without already having some - whether for seals or event. Speaking of event, once you get 20kk you can buy costume package (iirc Ocean Splash and Water Park Flop are tradeable, not sure about A B C packages) and sell each item individually for more money. Or you could try to buy Synchro Fiber and synchro those parts to get different costumes or even BoD and sell those.
  2. You can buy Seulbi pet without using any real money via BM (Black Market), but only if someone's selling one.
  3. My bad, there were 2 similiar threads and I wrote in the wrong tab. :c Harpy is underpowered compared to Tina but a lot of people I know find her fun to play. Harpy seems a bit harder to master, though.
  4. Check both and see what fits your playstyle more. As far as I know, Levia also has insane burst (SC), just not as big as Tina's DPS. I think you can do more actions per minute with Tina, not 100% sure though.
  5. Herami

    I need help with Tina

    As far as tuning goes you, you generally want to go for something similiar to that: (of course penetration and chase crit dmg could be better. Overall, chase crit dmg > chase attack damage) The reason chase crit damage is better than chase attack damage is because the latter has a soft cap. If you passed some number of chase damage (which seems to be around 40%), you start getting only a half of what you'd normally get. For example, if you have 51.39% chase damage and you equip accessory with 6.30% chase attack damage tune, you'd only get to 54.45% chase attack damage. That is also the reason why critical damage is so good - it doesn't have a soft cap, unlike physical critical rate/phase power release damage and situational damage (aerial, back, chase). Keep in mind however that chase (and other situational) critical rate doesn't have that soft cap as opposed to physical one so once you get chip slots in your modules, dark chips (which go on black slots) are better than yellow chips. Cool Your Head is pretty good, especially for waveclear. The reason I don't use it is because now I have enough damage to potshot/trickshot to kill everything, but before I had the damage I went to the other end of the stage and mobs would slowly line up for me as I loaded horizontal Phantom Snipe that would clear the whole stage. Altar of Nightmare (Astaroth) has some mechanics involved. When you see him teleporting to the middle and 4 blue circle appearing on 4 pads, go on one of these pads to, well, not get killed by his attack. You can still die at higher stages because 2 pads won't grant you anything, but that's why he's so difficult. I can help you with PG and Tiamat sides if you want (my IGN is TinaWhen). And yes - maxing active skills is more important than maxing passives. Also, when you get something you'll be keeping for a long time (like Yeti Hammer or Shining Blaze Booster) you can try to go for +11 straight away because it's almost as easy in +10. Not always, but generally. Remember that anything +12 or above can break, so I wouldn't recommend that (unless you got to +13 from +11, which is rare without an Aura of Jackpot).
  6. Tina. Used to be Seulbi main but I couldn't resist Tina's look and gameplay.
  7. This is how I think CC's difficulty looks like: At the very beginning everything is simple. Once you get to G Tower Rooftop, things begin to be a little bit more difficult. G Tower Rooftop is also an awful location because it forces you to go back and repeat same areas many times. Once you get to Airport, difficulty steadily increases all the way until you get to Munition. The peak difficulty is when you're lvl capped but don't have gear yet. I remember farming PG 9-10, it took me many hours to complete it daily back on Seulbi. Once you can start getting gear - usually the point when you have your PG70 and Jester set alongside PG70 or LBK/Munition weapon, everything starts to get less difficult, especially after you're able to solo Abyss.
  8. Herami

    I need help with Tina

    I'll agree, first you should lvl up. That'll give you more SP to spend on your skills, and you really need that precious SP. I really recommend reading the Sonic Tina guide that @World Étude linked. I can't stress enough how much it helped me with playing as Tina. I wouldn't recommend putting force cancel cubes on every skill but that's a personal preference. The best thing to do is mess around with things and see what's the best for you. I think FC cubes are best utilized on: Close Combat (if you're using it - I took it over Cool Your Head as it provides a lot of mobility and once you get a litttle bit more damage you can snipe smaller mobs from far away with it without wasting Phantom Snipe/Heatshot, plus it has a chance to deal 1% of mobs' max hp, not very important but still; the reason I think it's mandatory is because it's a great skill to get unstuck from long animations that get you stuck in place like Pot Shot, mostly because of the low cooldown); Heat Shot (since the huge damage combo is Phantom Snipe->Heatshot you'd need to wait some time after using Phantom Snipe if you don't have FC cube on Heatshot); Pot Shot (for both offensive and defensive reasons - you take 80% less damage while casting that skill and it has some great AoE damage, plus it boosts your damage by a lot); All 3 FMs (so you can use them after each other or after Pot Shot for increased damage); Thunderbolt (very useful for lowering bosses' crit damage resistance so you don't want to wait until your animation is done to use it); Trick Shot (it has huge damage when shot correctly but it also provides a lot of mobility; it's great to have FC cubes on mobility skills); Rapid Fire (mobility skill with low damage and nice range). (and perhaps Cool Your Head, I don't have enough experience with that skill) The reason I think Phantom Snipe doesn't need a FC cube is because you already got FC on Heatshot so it doesn't take long time to cast the Phantom Snipe-> Heatshot combo. Lack of FC cube on Phantom Snipe doesn't bother me and normal skill cubes have higher damage buffs. Since Phantom Snipe always crits I think it's great to have physical crit damage cube on it (about 20% crit dmg more). Golem Slayer Sword has a very rare chance to drop and it's not the best for Tina. Once you get PG set and wep you can farm 7-5 (Mine Tunnel) in Munition Factory - yeti there drops second best weapon for Tina called Yeti Bone Hammer. Normally you want to go for a claw, but this hammer is an exception. As recommended before, I would put the points from passives into your active skills. Max the ones with huge damage first: all FMs, Heatshot, Phantom Snipe, Trickshot, Pot Shot (the last one doesn't have as huge damage but it's great for waveclear). Remember about maxing Phase Power Release and Dive as those provide you big boosts to your offense. Leave I Want To Be Alone (defensive fridge), Rapid Fire and Close Combat at lvl 10. If you have spare SP, max Physical Attack and Physical Critical DMG first, but remember that Chase Damage also gives you a nice boost to damage and so does Physical Penetration Rate. Maxing Physical Critical Rate is less efficient, so do that after all the above ones. Passive DEF rates also help but they aren't your priority. So, I personally think Physical Attack -> Physical Critical Damage -> Chase Damage -> Physical Def Penetration Rate -> Physical Critical Rate -> one point into Energy Control -> Back Attack -> Chance Item Rate is a better way to go. Don't max basic attack training, it just gives your autoattacks more damage and they're, for the most part (except some mechanics), useless. Here's my skillset (got some snipe/heatshot/trickshot tunes that's why they're higher lvl than normally possible at 77, the fridge tune is unfortunate and temporary):
  9. I'm making a thread for this because I heard it affected more people than just me today. XIGNCODE error pops up everytime it tries to load. I've tried every advice from the forum and other sources (I have Windows 7 OS btw). I: added both CC and xigncode to exceptions in my antivirus; disabled the antivirus before trying to load the game; deleted all the files in the XIGNCODE folder except for XNINA and X3; downloaded the XIGNCODE folder from the forum and replaced it; added both CC and xigncode as exceptions to Windows Defender; disabled Windows Defender before trying to load the game; made sure I have enough space on my hard drives; selected Diagnose (aka repair) option in my launcher; made sure that I don't have conflicting programs running at the same time. What (I suspect) helped me was changing my DNS. (pls ignore the language ty) Turns out I was using DNS server (Google) and after turning it back to default DNS adress I was able to run CC again. Once again, I'm not sure that this exact thing helped me, but CC worked for me right after that.
  10. Back when Tina came out, I thought I was going to stick to Seulbi, at least until I get Hollow core. Then I made Tina - at first just to get the teamwork buff, but as I lvled her up I started to notice how fun she is. Her skill ceiling seems much higher, you can do more actions per second, she has a dash (unlike Seulbi) and she moves around way more than Seulbi does, so it's easier to dodge some skills - even though it's a double-edged sword as you can dash into some AoE. also she's a loli and she has guns, can't get any better Got her up to 70 in 3 days and learned how to utilize her skills (except the fridge, almost everytime I die it's because I forgot I have one). The only thing that I found difficult about switching from Seulbi to Tina is the lack of damage reduction skills. While Seulbi's sphere is a little bit worse than the fridge (higher cooldown, shorter duration but she can move while casting it), she has a lot more (and longer) skills that reduce the damage she's taking, usually by 80%, while Tina only has her Pot Shot and FMs.
  11. Herami

    quick question

    Physical damage per second, AKA physical DPS. P DPS is influenced by many stats, including attack speed and physical critical rate (situational crit rate/damage does not influence it). Soul Generator here gives you 2% attack speed and 5% critical rate, which inflates your DPS a lot. Booster Agent (which is better) additional stats only include some critical damage, so that's why it says Soul gives you more dps.
  12. Herami

    Just a few Q's

    Late game (generally): raw damage > crit damage > chase stats > crit rate, since you can cap on crit rate with chips on modules alongside with your endgame gear, and once you cap on crit rate (100%), you don't want to increase it any further. However early stats changes don't matter as much. You will probably notice your damage drop in Airport area and onwards but don't worry since at this point you can slowly start to farm PG gear which you'll be focusing on (although I'd recommend you lvl up to at least 70 first and then go for PG).
  13. Using my pro math skills to compare some of the itemshop items, I managed to calculate that UNION Starter Package might have the highest per bit value. Pet food is also worth a lot, and if you want to earn money fast, buy warranty seals because they sell much faster than most other items that I've included here. I've also been buying warranty seals whenever I just wanted to earn money since I kind of need rejuvenation capsules for Abyss and PG75.
  14. This mistake is present in both non-awakened and awakened versions of this pet's description (skill detail part).
  15. So far it seems that only Union Academy is affected by this. I asked somebody if I appear invisible to them and got a confirmation. I looked through all the item shop costumes and none of them has the same issue. Another thing: The word 'just' in black market.
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