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  1. I see, thank you! @Icarus you can lock this thread.
  2. How do I obtain the "best girl" frame ? I can't find it anywhere in crafting and already have done the dungeon.
  3. Thank you for taking your time to answer~
  4. At the moment, I am lv 77. I did all the Planar Gate and Dimensional Ops Center quests (expect the Lab). My question is where should I continue ? How can I become stronger ? What gear should I grind for/craft ? Should I rush to level 88 before doing anything else ? My stats: Keep in mind that those 114 lv gear and SoD costume are limited.
  5. Hello everyone ! I played C:C back when EnMasse version didn't exist. In 2019 I started playing NA, quited because wanted to take break and never came back since then. Got little bit interested into playing this game again and because it doesn't look so dead I decided to look here, hopefully I won't quit soon like in every game. I would love to pick Mirae, but she still isn't on C:C, so I decided to try Soma, because she looks cute and she's not so weak according to community. Also I want to meet some nice people so feel free to add me in game and discord. Discord: Mariar#1881 Code name/character name: Mariar
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