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  1. Good video Miia, just regarding the classes though, while Elsword had 'job paths' or differences in class progression presenting a choice, in Closers characters ARE the classes, so its changed from one character having paths to the characters themselves being the paths, which is more common now the GC, Elsword and Aeria type games. I don't think you'd compare Elsword to Closers in this regard because I think the main purpose was to break away from Elsword's bottleneck to focusing on expanding a character's overall kit. Having the characters themselves be classes so that the diversity lies in the amount of characters being played as opposed to one character and lots of iterations of their different jobs. I'd like to think that each member of the Closers roster got more attention this way than those from Elswords, or GC's. I think the main things to be considered are the dmg type and weapon of a character, since (taking Mirae as an example) some people like scythe characters, or in the case of say Tina or Chuls - gun users appeal more to others. I think the looks of a character can probably be deceptive so the dmg type and weapon probably impact someone's enjoyment of a character. I myself started on Harpy, moved to Tina and Levia and arrived on Vio, so there is an element of exploration in finding a character whose combat is engaging enough to warrant pursuing. The fashion game is a whole other ball field... Looking forward to more! o/
  2. Hi, On a whim I got a Soma pet (egg) from the item shop, the game seems to force close when an attempt is made to open it. Not sure if this is a known issue or not. Thought I'd make a thread reporting it anyway. If it could be looked into would be appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Tsugu

    closers NA

    Its a legal grey area, nothing has happened to C.C thus far so its unlikely, especially during Covid-19, not sure there will be any witch hunting or legal threats for the time being. Regarding the conversion, 100$ on NA will get you 12,000 'emp'. On C.C, 100$ will get you 50,000 bits. More bang for your buck. Atari jaguar 'do the math' quotation.
  4. Yes its possible. I believe crew leadership can only be transferred to those with deputy status though.
  5. Thanks for the update and information though, much appreciated. Best wishes to Harpy as well.
  6. Unsure if this would help you but - I was affected by PGC changes and was unable to load up how I normally would. I found a third party seller which is still where I get my codes from now. I explained in the linked thread my method. I am from the EU and find it helpful, I am unsure if it will be of use to you but perhaps it might help.
  7. I think the most startling thing is conversion rate. 100$ here is 50,000 bits. 100$ on EME is 12,000 bits. The prices in game do not reflect the difference either.
  8. Ah well, I figured that was probably the case, fair enough - thanks. o/
  9. Is there going to be an option to change the sync fibers (base) for anything other than draconian or is this permanent? I can understand if we have Mirae and Chuls draco it will make it easier, but options other than that would have been nice. I can understand if the opinion on it was 'well, players will get draco pieces from it anyway, so no need to change it' but just thought I would enquire about it anyway.
  10. I'm from the EU and found a workaround for super rewards, for anyone having issues. If trying this method remember the code you get from offgamers is NOT a PGC code, its a code for the Mint method on the PGC website.
  11. Tsugu

    A Fun Idea

    I cant read any of the text in this thread ┐(‘~`;)┌ did you use invisible ink or what ლ(╹ε╹ლ)
  12. I mean ok, to condense everything into that - fair enough.
  13. Just from my observations of PGC to credit conversion, as well as any item mall purchases that are buyable via the black market in game, the prices don't always make sense - or are entirely dependent on the availability of said item. Anyone coming from Void will probably have a hard time getting their head around the fact that you can't put prices down to a 10:100 (as an example) and use this as a copy-paste for any and all transactions. Won't work like that here as the prices do not adhere to that format. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/627880871055327233/629421798995525686/Screenshot_23.png [Info from above listed below] Code Rates: $5 - 100 to 150m $10 - 200 to 300m $20 - 500 to 600m $30 - 750 to 900m $50 - TBD [$75] [TBD] $100 - TBD "can change anytime" The prices listed on the discord do generally appear to be outdated* [outdated when taking into account influx of players - yet more up to date than my observations as I have been informed], I did monitor prices for quite a while and do my own. The prices I observed ranged from lowest to highest in terms of what I saw being sold or bought, they were not figures I manufactured. (Couldn't help but notice you left out $75 from your pricings...?) PGC Prices as of 9th of July 2019 $5 - 1500bits = 90-170m $10 - 3600bits = 250-400m $20 - 7800bits = 400-800m $30 - 12,000 = 580m-1.2b $50 - 21,000 = 960m-1.5b $75 - 32,700 = 1.8-2.5b $100 - 50,000 = 2b-3.1b Your prices are listed as being an update as of yesterday but I still can't help but feel its off base for the aforementioned reason that you're trying to apply void rate logic to here, where its a bit more freeform. Now onto the guide portion since your post wasn't entirely about price analysis. PGC to credits is guaranteed, you're getting a rate for a code. Whether this is fair or not is entirely up to the two parties doing the transaction, whatever they negotiate is on them as it will not always conform to whatever prices are set by others. If people run the gacha themselves I believe the only people that benefit are costume hunters or the general player on C:C. Let's indulge in that hypthetical for a moment: EVERYONE stops selling PGC and everyone gachas, market becomes flooded with costume pieces, which can go one of two ways: a) market becomes saturated and prices go down b) sellers take a hard stance and prices rise. There is no 3rd direction for this because if a massive influx of costume pieces happens it won't stay the same - people will want their money and the method you have laid out isn't a guaranteed way of making money. Gacha is literally just a gamble, whereas PGC code sales are not, you get a flat fee for a sale. And that golden ratio? Sigh... (As an addendum - what your post really feels like is a way to boost PGC prices so you get more bang for your buck... Also, you did not factor in that someone could advertise selling $50 and then just give x10 $5 codes... It would be perhaps viewed as petty and spiteful or as funny by others but this would counteract those bonuses if that was a legitimate concern on the part of the seller)
  14. Thank you everyone for the turn out, hope everyone enjoyed it as well.
  15. Event going live later on today - - hope everyone enjoys!
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