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  1. Yan

    Cat Guide for Harpy

  2. These costume parts are mainly for the visual aspect,hence why you cannot upgrade them.
  3. wiki.closershq.com has all the rare set portraits for every character.
  4. Wanna go ahead and credit [FO] Nata for the NataVio chibis which are included in his new players guide.
  5. Welcome to Code : Closers!! I hope you have an amazing time here and make a lot of life-lasting friendships!!
  6. +1 for sure. There's still this part of the playerbase that simply can't afford spending 50m+ for a costume they'd like having,so giving them an option to have something they like would be nice.
  7. So,considering there should be SOME KIND of pattern we were supposed to get some new content today, right? Literally anything. Why do we get a stability maintenance? Players are expecting that summer event you were so mentioning and yet you are giving us a stability maintenance?? Yeah right. I'd love to know your VALUABLE reasons. And also,Gitae, since I know you'll probably respond all that stuff about us expecting A+ work from the new team,yeah yeah spare me that. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't have gotten even a little bit of new content. Hoping it's a prank at this point,smh.
  8. You actually craft them,forgot to include that. Forgot what mats you need but you craft the maniacal molecule.
  9. Go to mattermixer and look for "Maniacal Molecule" under the CODE: Fusion tab!
  10. I'd say I am completely new with how the game works.
  11. Sadly,I have no idea what I am doing and I'd be very happy if a veteran-ish player volunteered to help me I'd really appreciate to have a mentor and a guide to teach me how to become a good player myself. Hopefully someone would be able to help Just leave your discord and I'll add you cuz mine is with fancy font and I don't wanna cost you extra trouble
  12. Hi sisters I've already made an introduction like last year but here I am making a new one cuz I genuienly want someone to help me out like I have 0 idea what I am doing and also I need some tips on who to main and stuff idk please help me
  13. Finally gonna use the IGN I saved for her :")
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