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  1. If it works normally on gamepad, then it most likely your keyboard problem. Try to use those keyboard test online and press your left key. If there's other key activated, you know why to do
  2. Talking about lags, you cant separate that from this lowly player that literally play at 10 fps all time
  3. razh

    fps drop

    there's no fix about that. it's just that game optimization is bad af. blame naddic for it
  4. If you're from Indonesia, and using any Telkom products like Telkomsel, by.U, and Indihome you cant login to C:C for some reason. maybe they banned C:C. idk for sure but that's definitely from ISP side
  5. Yuri Slash maybe? It seems to deal pretty good damage though. idk for sure What I meant was comparing the Freeze tune with Stat tunes. Also I'm not entirely sure about that "no doubt for everyone to go for it", since well, tuning freeze means you will lost at least 50% crit damage assuming you have all S tunes on that part, either from Conditional or Phys/Psi crit damage. why crit damage? cuz I assume no one will replace Total Phys/Psi tune
  6. That's true but remember this, Yuri in current CC version is complete wheelchair. and the thing is, her damage source isn't focused on 1 skill. her gameplay is fast spam and leave some skill like EX Bullet Spray to do it's job while you cast another skill. that's why it's better to tune stats for current version of CC. not to mention that even if her high damage skill is in Phys portion, her Psi portion deals no little damage as well. you want it or not, it's better to use Freeze on Costume. It's slightly better than stats tune if you play her properly that is. Not to mention KR
  7. I'll add a thing to Yuri skills, it's not worth to tune EX Phase Flip on either core or mods. It'll be more beneficial to tune FM4 for core and leave the mods without skill tune for now. FM4 will be more useful for future content but not at all for now so, dont think Yuri needs any skill tunes at all for the moment Also add Freeze for Bai in Arm, Waist Accessories, Feet and Effect. though this is depends on the user's playstyle and skills as well
  8. yep but it's not in current version of C:C so stfu
  9. No one gonna talk about Seha, Wolfgang, SeulB and Nata?
  10. wtf are you talking about? she barely proc Chase. How'd you call that "bit lacking"
  11. I'll join this mess on few of char that I've played so far Yuri Pros SHE HAS BEST FANG IN THE ENTIRE GAME Playing her is pretty straightforward and easy af. Anyone with half-brain can play her perfectly fine. The only thing that maybe need training is landing her Leg skill. Which has completely shit hitbox. Other than that, is CD management. I made a "guide" for Yuri in her respective channel so you can read it. just don't expect good quality one :v Cons Low-ish damage compared to other char. You basically can't play her comfortably until you reach SA. more like she's unplayable before
  12. It's not that my CPU usage was too high or something. I just wondered why in the sector, where you usually spams shit ton of skills never get past 30% CPU usage mark. Even sometimes when I casually afk in hub, it went up to almost 48% while I was just standing there. So I dont have problem with high-cpu usage. It's the opposite instead
  13. So I noticed that my CPU Usage on Sector is low. It never exceed 30% in any sector I'm in. While loading hubs though, it went over 40% and sometimes even 50% Here's my Hub Loading CPU Usage https://prnt.sc/tq1eig And here's my Sector CPU Usage https://prnt.sc/tq1dw2 Anyone know what is happening here? My guess is that when loading hubs the CPU is doing more work processing the area thus more CPU usage due to more threads being used. Here's my LapCraptop's Spec if needed Intel Core i3-5010U @2.1 GHz, 2 Cores 4 Threads 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz Intel HD5500 I know shit one
  14. Entire animation on ground
  15. It's EX Bullet Spray. EX Rapid Fire is a buff lol
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