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  1. It's not that my CPU usage was too high or something. I just wondered why in the sector, where you usually spams shit ton of skills never get past 30% CPU usage mark. Even sometimes when I casually afk in hub, it went up to almost 48% while I was just standing there. So I dont have problem with high-cpu usage. It's the opposite instead
  2. So I noticed that my CPU Usage on Sector is low. It never exceed 30% in any sector I'm in. While loading hubs though, it went over 40% and sometimes even 50% Here's my Hub Loading CPU Usage https://prnt.sc/tq1eig And here's my Sector CPU Usage https://prnt.sc/tq1dw2 Anyone know what is happening here? My guess is that when loading hubs the CPU is doing more work processing the area thus more CPU usage due to more threads being used. Here's my LapCraptop's Spec if needed Intel Core i3-5010U @2.1 GHz, 2 Cores 4 Threads 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz Intel HD5500 I know shit one right? Fucking slow ass HDD
  3. Entire animation on ground
  4. It's EX Bullet Spray. EX Rapid Fire is a buff lol
  5. razh

    Yuri Guide (maybe)

    In case someone still play Yuri and need some kind of guide shit, I made one. Just remember than I'm not the best at making guide so I apologize beforehand. I made it to google docs because I don't want to deal with necro thread. So yeah, read this thing and complain to my contact info below https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jHDYR8XxuZsJKRaMWwseTEElzrNGhaGcNSiHA7uMWr4/edit?usp=sharing If you found some mistake or want something to be added you can contact me on Discord: razh#8772 Edit: > Add some Trivial things > Titles > Nightmare PNA In-Game: Stremlost
  6. If by gear you mean BB Core and Modules, Locust Hell set, yes. These set currently can only be transfered to other character in the same account using Gremory's Boxes
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