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  1. Made it before deadline? XDD IGN: HimeDaYo Character portrait (MIRAE) title: "Spring Date" Finished Version: WIP:
  2. Rie

    Seth guide

    First, check if your skill cooldown reduction is at 40% (the max value) Second, You're probably lacking of CRIT RATES, it will affect your TCP alot if you dont have the maximum crit rate Best way to check this is to add points to the passive ABC Crit Rates, If you see your TCP increase then you're lacking crit rates, keep increasing the passive until your TCP stops growing You'll be able to get more crit rate if you work on your PNA later, and that time you can delevel your passive for skillpoints Third, Your gear enhancement is probably too weak, or you didn't work on your PNA to increase a little TCP
  3. Rie

    Seth guide

    Serket's Stigma and Medjet's Sight both of these skills create "Thorns" effect on enemies, and you can trigger the effect by using those skills again, and it deals insanely huge amount of True Damage (There's a small chance other skills will activate the thorn too, but only both these skills activate them instantly and place another Thorn on the enemy) And well, dash attack release a claw skill that deals True Damage too. (Once per feral release)
  4. She will have another Reset on FM1 after SA xd
  5. Rie

    Seth guide

    Gameplay for Post-Official Agent Seth (Note that some stuffs changes after SA and TF) most stuffs only work when you have your skill at Master Cube level *also note that I've taken the skill names from Vessa's KR translations, I haven't leveled my seth in C:C it might have a few differences in naming Feral Release yeah spam it whenever you can, and please note that some of the skills deal HIGHER DAMAGE while under the effect of Black Seth Feral Release (and also during PPR) for example FM1 FM2 and blablabla check skill notes -BAT (Basic Attack Training) Invest your points to this passive, everytime you use Feral Release, use Arrow key + Z (or actually just basic attack) to release a claw skill (It is said to be completely ignore this method after Task Force for seth is released, because the skill is BUGGED and not dealing as much damage as expected) -Using your FM1 first, and token skill afterwards (Bastet's Mercy), will reset FM1 cooldown and able to cast it instantly Serket's Stigma (Default Q skill) this is one of your main DPS skill, and a very strong one Basically procs insanely high TRUE DAMAGE to enemies and you can reset the cooldown completely by casting Thoth's Estreat (Default W skill) Another OP skill that procs insane true damage is your Medjed's Gaze (OA's 3rd skill) If you prioritize the skillpoints to the ones I've said above, you're pretty much fine Little extra notes: Skills that give you buffs (spam it as much as you can) -FM2 -Isis' March (OA's 2nd skill) that's some i have here to share, you could use as a reference, basically Seth isn't complete at all until SA and TF released welcome to the broken zone, tru dmg makes all transcendent bosses PERISH
  6. Hi all~ I'm a player from SEA and total newbie to this game, I am Rie, or maybe Xin thats what some people call me ^^ I just started playing yesterday and trying to grind to a higher level now, hope I get to join a circle and meet more friends while learning more about this game <3
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