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  1. Flakes

    100% stuck

    It's been awhile and still no solution.
  2. Flakes

    100% stuck

    I'll use another example. When I try to do the tutorial again, it crashes on 0% and then a message pops up saying that the connection has failed. I played this game before, wonder why this is happening. Win 8.1 here.
  3. Flakes

    100% stuck

    I did, still no solution. My internet is very decent as well.
  4. I've came back to the game today, downloaded and installed it but when I get a character to his town it stucks in the loading screen eventually crashing after How do I fix it?
  5. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Thanks for the tip! I'll totally take a better look at her gameplay style as you stated previously, that would help me a lot in terms of learning the game system and it's capability.
  7. Hello! Well, I'm still "new" to the game (besides the fact that I made my account in the game and in the forum as well in February, 14) and I have some questions towards the game itself. Friendly Reminder: this gonna be a long topic I suppose. Just to make it sweet and clear, I made the accounts during the time that the game released, however I didn't enjoyed the game during that time, but after watching some streams here, some videos there and discussing with my friends, I made my decision to get back in the game and play. The problem is: I have no damn clue of what am I doing in the game. One of my biggest questions is which character to main and focus? When the game released, I've been in love with Seulbi and then, but now that the game has a variety of characters, I'm now confused to pick one just to be main. I want to know which character is powerful for a starter/newbie like me? I saw all the characters and their classes and it seems that every of them is fun enough to play, but what about being powerful? That's one of my questions. The second (and probably the dumbest, so don't mind me) is how to I get rare costumes? Like Cybernetics and so? Is it too hard? Do I have to spend real money on it? And how do I get that "Synchro Fiber" thing? I'll be very pleased if someone would be willing to help me on the game and answering these questions. My IGN: Flakes But, I'll have to re-download the game again, don't worry, for me it won't take so much time. Also, if this post is located in a wrong section, remind the MODs to relocate it to a proper section.
  8. Flakes

    Ey! ~ ♥

    Oh lord, thanks anyway. l0l Oh, kek. I always write with colorful colors, thus I think this one Is better. thanks anyway ♥ Thank chu ~ ♥ *Hugs*
  9. Hello everyone! ~ ♥ I'm new here, to the forums AND the game itself (gg wp Spring Step w/ Seulbi) And yep, I'm not known on the whole Void thingy, unfortunately. But I do hope to make many friends and having fun at this game. Well, I'm Noah Victor, but my friends call me Noah... Or Victor, It's up to you. l0l I'm a 14 years old, going to be an 15 this year. And I'm a boy. Anyway, that's all for now. how2avoidlevias
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