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  1. please help me why cyber aura doesn't appear eventhought i already use 10/10 IGN : rukawa thanks
  2. can someone tell what item can we get from craft that ?
  3. that costume black lamb n wolfdog crest can upgrade or just *1 ? thanks
  4. excuse me, i want to ask something Shiny Black Lamb n Wolfdog Crest can it Upgrade or it just *1 ? thanks
  5. thanks, still need clarification about pupil n other acc (red line)
  6. please help me why i can't upgrade and don't get pupil for seha from box SA ? thanks
  7. up, still waiting clarification
  8. please help me, idk why i'm always dc at all dungeon, eventhough i'm not spam skill ? which seha skill making dc ? thanks
  9. when exactly the next MT ? i'm always lost connection, it's lose out my chance, i hope it will be fast thanks
  10. i'm always disconnect while playing at all dungeon when first play (all Ch), skill cooldown to long, when adjust pna auto disconnect, and is rate malek bug ? thanks
  11. Is there anyone can help me to complete my equipment, i need pary for carry me ( raid, abyss, Tside )
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