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  1. Juchi


    try to run the first busan dungeon in recon difficulty , but i suggest you to do it as "assault" mode for a chance to drop busan accessories
  2. most error here is memory error , even if u have 32gb that not gonna resolve something the app itelf is limited to 1.5 gb average and crash since its a 32bit game (64bit update coming soon) the image below can help to crash less often , its not a solution but it can help
  3. yeah don't fall into the meta , play what u want/love take ur time for choice ur main
  4. Juchi

    My last entry

    thanks you for u too , was nice to see you here , i hope we can still see u again on discord in the future
  5. welcome to code : closers new player/mirae main
  6. I send u some info in PM single colored / platinum(normal and chance) / dual will be removed only legion chips will stay , (automatically removed from your gear) 1-colored slots will stay i think 2-yes
  7. yeah , don't let your opinion to a "meta character" or just because she is cute
  8. for fix pna bugs , remove all pna and save
  9. Juchi

    Lazy Yuri guide

    why energy control lvl 0 when u take speed move lvl 5 x)? why chase damage lvl 10? why lvl 0 penetration rate ?
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