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  1. Code:Closers have an official discord server for in your example ask help in the "#pve" channel.
  2. if you need help for anything ask it on discord. you have way more chance to be helped from here than the forum.
  3. Frosteur

    Bai pvp

    wait until the next patch who balance all chars in the game, maybe she's gonna be unbanned with it
  4. As a Yuri main, i can say that the "Lazy yuri guide" is not viable at all even without the SA. I'm working on a Yuri guide but don't have many time to do it.
  5. if the download is rlly long, its maybe due to the fact that your connection is bad? try to do a speedtest.
  6. Closers on steam is the NA version (i think, im not sure) if you want to play C:C, you need to redownload the game at this link : https://www.codeclosers.to/download.code we don't have a switch for the server too because C:C is a private server. Good luck !
  7. Frosteur


    oooo 'kay, thank you for the precision
  8. Welcome here, Kiba
  9. Frosteur


    i can clearly sight that it's marked "Gangnam" :smug: idk honestly
  10. someone told me to take only PPR boost skills cubes everywhere if ur only PVE.
  11. I recommend Seha or Nata for me. dont play this shitty cow
  12. if he's just starting out or he doesn't have the time, I don't see the interest of getting all the characters level 70.
  13. @CandyApple wait for the next maintenance
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