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  1. IGN: Skalli Portait All Size WIP
  2. Its Misteltein also there are more then this one bugged on him (I post more later) I saw a mirae with the wings there was all find incantations pit the wings on the account bank so I cant check for all chars sadly
  3. Wrym's Ferocity & Terror Wings are on the neck instead of back
  4. @Icarus i can post more then 1 version of the portrait right ?
  5. Plane gate under Special Ops Sry for late answer
  6. i got the wrong chocho weapon from the 3 years cube ( i oped it before icarus said it is buged )
  7. plane gate but better craft purple one
  8. 4 am until 7 Pm (Tuesday Thursday Saturday Sunday)
  9. Thanks And funny Seha in background x)
  10. Hi o/ i looking for all Character Dragon Throne Emots (the emot form new years event craft) would be nice if i can see some
  11. I dont have Punisher Phase Wings so i cant Check it
  12. the event wings looks like buged on misteltein but im not sure about it
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