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  1. hi my friend want to play the game but his game dont want start cuz come propramms are missing X3DAudio1_7.dll d3dx9_43.dll d3dx10_43.dll VCOMP100.DLL he have windows 10 (all what i founded its doesnt work) pls help ^^*
  2. Hi our last Divine Battle is already some month ago and i just want ask when we get the next one ?
  3. BL and WD need to make chapter 1 HQ quest to unlock Hunter Night Quest after whole Hunters Night Quest you can unlock the Busan Quest WH need to make whole story quest to unlock Busan Quest
  4. you need to finnish Hunters Night Quest
  5. like on misteltein earlier the wings (Fly King Low Grace Phase Wings) are on the neck instead of on the back (character seha)
  6. welcome to C:C i wish you fun there give no nitocris costumes
  7. i found a wierd bug on Seha if i click on this reward then ill jump back to loggin in screen
  8. @Harpy little question If we dont get today a maint. For reset the loggin in rewards Can we have some skill books via mail ? Schould be working I still need more then 200 points x.x
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