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  1. welcome to C:C i wish you fun there give no nitocris costumes
  2. i found a wierd bug on Seha if i click on this reward then ill jump back to loggin in screen
  3. @Harpy little question If we dont get today a maint. For reset the loggin in rewards Can we have some skill books via mail ? Schould be working I still need more then 200 points x.x
  4. i have the problem too after fresh loggin in
  5. Hi idk what happen but ill stuck sometimes in laoding screen in BB area (Theater Reverse) my internet and pc are all fine there are no simgle problems but i still stuck in laoding screen idk if this a bug or not pls fix it some friend from me have the same problems but in dif areas (it sucks extrem bc rejoin bug at BB)
  6. if you have a pic from a kr misteltein then show it me pls then i dont think so dats normel then on seth are wings on the back not on the neck
  7. Hi i noticed a little graphic bug on misteltein the ''Fly King's Low Grace Phase Wings'' are on the neck not on the back i hope you can fix this little bug i
  8. yes rare sets have higher chance i got 3 dual plat chips from 15 rare set pieces but got non from more then 20 normel 3* set pieces
  9. @Harpy have Seth die same Starter pack like KR One?
  10. @kukuru97 and @hyunz i guess we have a lot to so with the new Raids etc
  11. Saiko / Skalli

    Next Gear ?

    if you have a carry then its better to skip tiamat and making irina david gear with story can you get module and a doll for free and farm already for the pg 75 gear
  12. now im more excited then before and thanks for your answer ♥
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