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  1. We noticed that Violet doesn't have the Domestic pack after gathering all 6 pieces of the costume. Is that a bug? Can that be fixed and added to the game?
  2. thanks! I mean the screenshot of the in-game models, but this is great :3 thanks again
  3. Anyone has the portraits of Spring Fairy (in particular Bai, Luna, Tina, Violet)? The ss of model would be nice too.
  4. Use this in conjunction with the updated XIGNCODE folder somewhere
  5. To quote myself: well, what I had written there turns some security features for the C:C app off. Other apps are likely not affected. Even if 3 of those exploitation protections are turned off, the other exploitation countermeasures (such as ASLR) should be more than enough to make up for your protection. It makes the app slightly easier to hack, but still require quite some efforts to hack thanks to the other countermeasures. Since C:C has a small community, I doubt skilled hackers would spend a few days to try to hack the app (it is more profitable to hack other apps). So, I think its relatively safe to do so. There's no absolute safety in computer security. If you want to be 100% safe, go standalone.
  6. imlazy

    Hey guys!

    Forum isn't too active. It's much more active in the Discord group (need to ask the admin or someone to get the link), and some Circle Discord groups (ExcaliburS is pretty active still)
  7. they probably 'hacked in' a lot of new code without considering graphics/update optimization >~> typical of small teams managing large projects
  8. If it is after the win10 update, then try this:
  9. Following lutf21's solution does indeed work, but it is very dangerous to turn off those exploit protection by default, especially if you have remote access capabilities turned on. I still recommend the Devs to look into fixing this without having to rely on the absence of those protections. A better solution is this: Go to Exploit Protection Menu (enter Exploit Protection in windows start menu) -> go to Program Settings on the top bar -> select Add program to customize -> select Add by program name -> enter CW.exe -> press on CW.exe -> Override System settings for CFG, DEP and SEHOP
  10. it's alive, for now. Not many people in the story areas, but usually there are many in PG/Tiamat areas to farm their end-game gears. I recommend joining a circle if you don't want to play alone.
  11. <{*^*}> Early Happy Birthday :3 (before I forgot)

    1. imlazy


      or wait, does the date system here use a dd/mm/yyyy system? @_@

    2. Barbie


      Yes, and thank you!~♥

  12. 1. Read the main post and follow instructions 2. If it fails, just post wut sort of error you are getting, your system specs, yada yada. No one can help if you just ask for help :v
  13. tl;dr: download the XIGNCODE folder from here and replace (or rename old folder) it with the XIGNCODE folder you have right now.
  14. 1. I just have it at around 100%, don't think any increase will be helpful after exceeding 100% penetration. 2. No damn clue, and I don't use those in general. 3. ABC Stats do stack (Aerial, Back, Chase) as far as I know.
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