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  1. how to get the receiver quest for librarian i cant accept the librarian's reciever quest in lee bitna
  2. i have friends but looks like it disappeared
  3. JustAce

    J PvP Tips

    I just started playing J in the PVP and realize how I'm so bad at him Can you give me some tips, pointers and combos for J... Thanks in advance ^^
  4. Hi my name is Ace... I've been playing CC for about couple of weeks... My IGN is Aiecu... I love to play games esp MMORPG and I hope I can play with you guys also cuz I love playing with people like you,guys who I share a common interest. Take care of me guys
  5. how to put the voice if i want to extract it somethings pop up I think its the "do you want to replace it" like that
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