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  1. welocme ~ I adore your introduction 😄
  2. the gauge for PNA is not feeling up, im already at lv88 and still hasn't moved. does anyone know of this issue and how to fix this?
  3. damn seha is showing his dominance! its super effective
  4. I choose the wolfdogs cause it was the first room i saw when i downloaded CC for the first time, dark, mysterious and equipped with badass music (props to nata for that ) what room did you choose and why?
  5. Im so proud of you guys for bringing forth 2 of these chars i have been dying to play, you all must be working so hard, Ganbari code closers Rip halloween event though. also i was very surprised to see bai there so suddenly
  6. damn soma is basically all ara from elsowrd combined😮
  7. Taiga


    its a known bug on CC, the quest is bugged you just have to skip that quest and move onto the next yellow quest
  8. Taiga


    Welcome to the forums Fam 😀
  9. Taiga

    hi guys?!

    welcome fam, hope you enjoy ur stay
  10. Taiga

    Wolfgang Skills

    yes i think that's a bugged skill that makes wolf crash
  11. i can't enter account setting because of this----->
  12. Taiga

    Wolfgang Skills

    @Vessaliux what about Weapon wise what does wolf use lantern or wand?
  13. Veryyyy long topic anywho you get the specialist title when you collect the achievement for it, after that the title will be usable and not getting the promotion outfit for tina is a known bug.
  14. No worries fam the cursed girl quest crashing you is a known bug already Just skip the quest.
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