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  1. Yes I would agree that PayPal is a viable option in donating to the developers of C:C. However, there are those in other non-US (assuming US because PGC initially uses dollars) countries that have to deal with the extra charge PayPal does when sending money through that option. (Super Rewards didn't have that issue with the PayPal option) Like seriously PayPal would at times charge me up to $10 just to donate $30-$40 to another private server that does the PayPal donation route. But overall, I think the removal of Super Rewards option to buy PGC might cause trouble for the majority of players who donate in C:C. (Unless PGC creates their own PayPal option)
  2. The server is more active at the moment due to the Busan patch, but yes I agree with Lylan. The game gets boring without joining and communicating with a active Circle/Crew.
  3. Server is experiencing downtime at the moment, please be patient.
  4. Niles

    Hello, im back

    Hello back, I'm Niles Welcome back 2d~
  5. Hello, my "name" is Niles (same name on Discord) or Sensei if you know me in-game. Some of you might not know me since I am more active in the game's discord platform than the forums. However, I'd like to express my gratitude to my friends for playing with me throughout my Code:Closers experience as well as the staff members (both in game, forums, and discord). This game has created one of the best memories of my life and it actually helped me crawl away from my shy turtle shell and become more social in social platforms (Discord). As sad as it may be for me, I have decided that it's my time to "quit/leave" the game (I'll still be active on Discord and I might pop up in-game a few times or w/e so I guess it's not really quitting??? idek lmao) because I feel like I'm not having as much fun with the game compared to how I played it in the past. I can probably write a 10-page essay or something about Code:Closers, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet or else I'll probably become emotional (I'm very emotional irl, kek). ANYWAYS, thank you very much for being with me throughout my journey with Code:Closers. this has been Niles/Sensei, your local stripper WG, signing off~ (Maybe, who knows if I'll come back or not) ------------------- Special shout-outs to those who are my favorite people who made my life better in-game: Takagi, Kyuubie, Holy, Caetho, Chris, Kai, Seirene, Bride, Hissa, Hoxy, Rin, Emi, Kuro, Moe, and many more!! Also for the game developers that made Code:Closers happen! ------------------- PS: Also I hope no one was affected (negatively) by my usual negative/toxic behavior in the discord platform since it was all for fun and that's just how I act on Discord.
  6. Me: *Ignores everything and is hyped up for BoD BoD BoD BoD!!*
  7. I've never really experienced lag in-game, unless I've been playing the game for a long time (around 6-12+ hours of gameplay). I guess the "laggiest" place you can be is in Purification:Deep since that's where the majority of the players are at due to the map being the current end-game. Though there are some disconnection issues during dungeons/raids, but it's usually occurs rarely and re-logging (every 4-6 hours) can prevent that issue from happening. In the end, the occurrence of lag can vary, from the person's CPU, WiFi, and/or the server's current situation. There hasn't been any problems regarding the server at the moment regarding connection issues happening at the moment. Have fun in the game if you're thinking of joining CODE:Closers!
  8. Just because they posted a silhouette of Bai doesn't necessarily mean that they are both going to be released together. It's better to have no expectations than to be disappointed. Also #NoETA
  9. Does it show an error code after crashing? Or just simply crashes?
  10. Has it happened multiple times or just once?
  11. Yeah, wished that server is more populated than it currently is, I can't even invite friends because the only other friend that would play this game with me is the one who invited me here LOL. Then again, I never really interacted with other players other than my friend. Just hoping to be able to do dungeon runs without having to go solo or just the two of us.
  12. Can anyone tell me whether Mistel go the Male or Female version of the Camilla set? Also are the Dinosaur Suits the same pink/red ones for all the characters?? Basing the Dinosaur Suits on this picture I googled: sorry if these have been answered already
  13. Main J because ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Waiting for Wolfgang and maybe Violet though.
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