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  1. Alright, that is the answer everyone wanted to hear. Thanks.
  2. So yeah, I just want to clarify some things about current Divine Battle season which was ended today. As majority of us know Finale Phase with x2 points gain should have opened at April 6th which is one week ago but unknown reason it stayed closed. Staff was notified about this problem but decided to wait until today to see MAYBE it will fix itself. So here we are one week later - with Divine Battle completely closed, without a chance to get rewards for points contributed and w/o finalazing rewards. Everything comes to one question - what now? Can it be open again for people to at least get their rewards? (because A LOT of people didn't get their rewards for contribution since they were hoping for that one week that was left and which is over now). Can it be reverted somehow to the start of Finale Phase? Or all people's progress will be flushed down the toilet just like that? Or maybe we will get something that C:C always so afraid of - compensation? I really want to hear CM / Dev opinions on that situation. Thank you in advance.
  3. It doesn't require Tail and it never did. It always was Weapon, Hair, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Shoes and choker as accessory.
  4. 3* Weapon is required in order to get that portrait. And yes - it is fail-sync only. Plus after recent several minor "patches" not every character has that weapon in fail pool (or they are just displayed incorrectly). Anyway, perhaps you want to check availability of it first before you start sync by yourself.
  5. It is another bane of C:C. Instead of memory leaks that mysteriously disappeared we have this now. For me it started to occur right after last major update. Soma made a comment on this problem once saying that if you're playing for too long this problem can occur, but it is not the case it seems. Because you can get that freeze at the first hub's loading screen right after you restarted the client, so they are as random as they could be. Anyway, in your case you can avoid it by waiting a bit and it is kinda cool. Because as for me - I have to do forced close of my client, no waiting can cure this. Also this problem is kinda rare it seems, since only few of my circle mates have encountered this.
  6. Then the fix itself doesn't make any sense. Since some of the titles gonna stay locked forever on other characters. But as Harpy said, they are still trying to fix that.
  7. Just a small update - acc-wide titles problem wasn't fixed with last maintenance, even thought notes said so. Everything is the same like it was before maintenance.
  8. Reasonable guess actually. I thought about it as well since it can't be a coincidence that most of the titles I had before achievement's rework (if not every one of them) that became acc-wide after rework are "bugged".
  9. Account-wide titles. As title said - some of the account-wide titles that should be available for every character on your account after you opened them don't work. They simply stay closed on other characters as if you never opened them. It could've been skipped as a major problem if you could farm for certain title all over again on another character, like it was before achievement's rework. But the thing is with new achievement system, you can't - once account-wide title was obtained and accepted on one of your characters - it's over, it will stay only on that character without a chance to use or obtain it on the other characters. Below you can see an examples of what am I even talking about. Left title tab - my main character, right title tab - one of my alt character which is never ever touched any of those raids. Just a note that every title I mentioned below was acquired after achievement rework (some of them were acquired before rework, and re-aquired after). First of all example of working account-wide titles. Here, titles both related to Hoffman raid . I was doing them on multiple characters, but despite that every character on my account has it, even those who never touched that raid. Heart Worm. Beelzebub title. Same as Hoffman ones - was doing on a multiple charcters, but every character on my account has it, even those who never be in BB raid or even opened it. Next are those titles that don't work as intended. First is Hellish Tour Guide or title for 50 Hell runs. I had that title before achievement rework and I got that title after rework as well. As you can see in a corner it says "Account" (same as Hoffman titles above), but this title available only on my main character which accepted achievement after it completion. None of my characters besides one has it, even though some of them were participating in that achievement. Another example. Irina / David Raid titles. Same as above, "Account" in the corner, available only on one character that accepted achievement. (on the picture below you actually can see two more old titles that are accound wide as well, but aren't available on any other character - Conqueror of the Abyss and Dawn of the Hunter) Seems like problem occurred only with older titles that were available before major update. PG Buff situation. And to not create multiple threads I'm gonna mention it here, because why not. Another theme that everyone "interested" in, I guess. Plane Gate Buff Area aka TCP ranking pedestal. With one of the updates that Violet made in the past (somewhere in-between December-January) that area went missing and never came back no matter which updates were applied. In total we're missing that feature for 9 months. Not like that it is something THAT important (it is actually) since it contains a 6 hours buff and "Hall of Fame" of Top TCP people, but the fact that we're missing that for 9 (!) months really makes some people wondering - is that problem even known to our current staff and will we ever get that area back? Screenshots just to remind how it used to looks like.
  10. Excuse me, but we got Seth SA like 3 weeks ago with Summer Event arrival. As for my question about last Task Force and character / skills reworks - oh well, I guess we have to wait. Thank you for answer either way.
  11. I mean It won't a revelation to say that a lot of people were waiting for Queen of Hearts TF and first wave of reworks to come along with Seth SA since KR / CN servers have it for a long time already (as our two main sources of updates). Because leaving hanging 3 characters w/o last Task Force while other 12 have it - it is quite sad. But another thing is skill's reworks, since w/o current KR rework here, at C:C some characters can throw away BB core in a trash can until reworks come. So I sincerely hope to those two come as faster as they can (w/o waiting for another bulky MAJOR update). Don't mind my humble opinion.
  12. Character's reworks, QoH TF and other miscellaneous changes are fine (despite they will come here either way, just need some time). Other than that you forgot one really important thing - private Black Market which should be available in our "version", but for some reason it is not. I'm not looking forward for +17, because it is just unnecessary until New Purification Area release. Current enhancement is just fine even for Busan. Busan itself isn't that necessary right now as well (and in 1-1,5 months too) because with our last major update we got a blast of content some people still struggling with (especially people who need to gear multiple characters).
  13. SilveRain

    Levia TF Dg

    It was never fixed. There was just an attempt to fix it that caused closure of Divine Battle. After Divine Battle was enabled TF dungeon disappeared again. But within that timespan there were 2 days when you could've run TF dungeon. Now you can't do anything, but wait.
  14. Levia only. Other characters are fine.
  15. Everything as gentleman above stated - TF dungeon doesn't exist, quest mark above dungeon selector doen't exist. Most likely it disapperead after joining Divine Battle team or reuploading new client. Either way you can't complete TF quest without having lvled characters of the same team and Gremory Boxes, which is sad. Character: Levia. Every other Levia have the same problem as far as I know. @Harpy @Bai Ping just to be noticed faster
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