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  1. Excuse me, but we got Seth SA like 3 weeks ago with Summer Event arrival. As for my question about last Task Force and character / skills reworks - oh well, I guess we have to wait. Thank you for answer either way.
  2. I mean It won't a revelation to say that a lot of people were waiting for Queen of Hearts TF and first wave of reworks to come along with Seth SA since KR / CN servers have it for a long time already (as our two main sources of updates). Because leaving hanging 3 characters w/o last Task Force while other 12 have it - it is quite sad. But another thing is skill's reworks, since w/o current KR rework here, at C:C some characters can throw away BB core in a trash can until reworks come. So I sincerely hope to those two come as faster as they can (w/o waiting for another bulky MAJOR update). Don't mind my humble opinion.
  3. Character's reworks, QoH TF and other miscellaneous changes are fine (despite they will come here either way, just need some time). Other than that you forgot one really important thing - private Black Market which should be available in our "version", but for some reason it is not. I'm not looking forward for +17, because it is just unnecessary until New Purification Area release. Current enhancement is just fine even for Busan. Busan itself isn't that necessary right now as well (and in 1-1,5 months too) because with our last major update we got a blast of content some people still struggling with (especially people who need to gear multiple characters).
  4. SilveRain

    Levia TF Dg

    It was never fixed. There was just an attempt to fix it that caused closure of Divine Battle. After Divine Battle was enabled TF dungeon disappeared again. But within that timespan there were 2 days when you could've run TF dungeon. Now you can't do anything, but wait.
  5. Levia only. Other characters are fine.
  6. Everything as gentleman above stated - TF dungeon doesn't exist, quest mark above dungeon selector doen't exist. Most likely it disapperead after joining Divine Battle team or reuploading new client. Either way you can't complete TF quest without having lvled characters of the same team and Gremory Boxes, which is sad. Character: Levia. Every other Levia have the same problem as far as I know. @Harpy @Bai Ping just to be noticed faster
  7. Developers and community managers who actually care about server and forum? Is that a dream? Anyway, seeing you replies I want to wish luck sincerely. Because information that we got from new staff in this thread - it is already more than we got during last 4 months. Keep up the good work.
  8. Bug straight from #bughunting_vault that hasn't been fixed (doubt that it has been even noticed). Levia's BoD idle pose has a visual bug. Whenever you travel to a different location or exit the dungeon (so basically after every loading screen) and press "Walk" Levia doesn't have any animation (she's just sliding on the ground with BoD idle pose that stuck on her). Yes, it can be "fixed" by pressing "Run" once and then "Walk" - she will walk like usual after that, without any problems. BUT after next loading screen it'll happen again. It was tested on both 6/6 and 10/10 BoD variants, both with the same results.
  9. @Lan If it's possible to have sets that previously were in Gacha as a Cash Shop permanent deal - I'm down for that. Since you know, some players might not like that current Gacha set which means they're not gonna gacha'ing that much which means it will remain rare and hardly obtainable. Cash Shop deals hopefully gonna solve that problem.
  10. As I already mentioned before in Violet's thread a few months ago. All sets that you can see below were rotated once in more than 2 years of C:C lifetime (except Gothic - it was rotated twice). I bet that most players have no idea what those sets are. So it would be cool to see them once again (especially Steam Punk). Also, some of the sets names most likely changed due to translation change - do not judge me for that. ~ Bunny Girl ~ ~ Steam Punk ~ ~ Military Set (Tina exclusive) ~ ~ Pirate Set ~ ~ Gothic ~ Thanks for your attention
  11. I'm not trying to say something bad about C:C devs and that they're not trying to balance characters - I'm fully realise that all data are coming from KR and Tina will remain a cancer of this game anyway. All I'm trying to say that this game doesn't have "some of the most balanced characters", like WannaBeAlone said, because it's ridiculous. That's all. I see that you're trying to say, but again, comparing to other characters, for Tina this event was exactly "Press R to win". There was only two options (in order to get fake Punisher Wings of course) - either you're Tina and you can clear it, or you someone else and you can't.
  12. 1. Event s*cks - he was right about Halloween Event for 100% - I don't know, where you saw that "almost everyone else thought it was the best so far" while all the people did are complaining about the event in Discord and Forums. Oh, wait, I bet you're playing as Tina and you could freely complete it without any effort (while everyone else couldn't do it), so that's why you're loving that event so much. Free stuff are cool and all but... there were only 2 things that really cool - SP book and Bitna, no cool costumes, nothing. "Exciting" event wasn't exciting at all. (The other two events were awesome) 2. Characters are unbalanced - well, again, he was right and I bet you know why. Because of everyone's favorite Tina and her wonderful buffs. She is way too strong even if she isn't geared enough, so almost every character is trash compared to her. Seha is a little gay with his gay damage too, but it's a whole another story. Let's hope that we'll get character rework soon that can fix some of this garbage (And finally ends Hapry's sufferings)
  13. Ok, i'll leave suggestions too: 1. Characters Rework/Revamp and major Bug fixes - it should be TOP priority, because some character are barely playable right now (like poor Harpy), some characters have skills that working not as they supposed to work (like Seha's, Yuri's and a couple others). Yes, I know that it's only wrong preview on the skills, but it's not cool either way, especially for the new players. Bug Fixes - the one and only bug that i know and that bothers every mag. character is PG 75 4 pcs set which is not working at all or simply doesnt displaying stats properly. 2. After this we need something to attract players back (that already said a bunch of peoples before me). Like - Area 8 with new level cap and raids that coming with it. It will give players meaning to start playing again (if they're already left this server a while ago). 3. SA and SC for Seha, Nata and Yuri (no comment here - it's essential part of gameplay which we don't have). 4. Little cool stuff like UNION Camp with housing and farming, PNA Rework and etc. 5. Violet then, maybe. (I dont know at this point). 6. It's too late now to talking about Christmas Event, but... it's sacred holiday for every human being, and all we've got for this holiday is... awful gacha. It's strange to ignoring such a big holiday, that can attract some people for a short period of time. And I don't think that Indo server has Purification Area yet, so... I don't even wanna talk about it, because i doubt that we see that at the nearest future. All of these are so obvious.
  14. To what channel are you trying to connect? Because some channels are dead right now. Try to connect to channel 14 - it is working fine.
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