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  1. I just found out that the set require the choker so it should be 7 parts instead of 6. Problem been sovled. I would like to lock this thread, Ty @Harpy, @Moe, @Lan
  2. I do have the white cat set that purchased in union store along with white cat club knives from fail merge. All have been upgraded , and I am using mobile phone so I can't take the picture. Sorry
  3. Hello guys, today is a lucky day for me to own the white cat club set for my little seulbi . But after upgraded all 6 parts of it ( included weapon) , it still not allow me to use the skin. So may I ask what is the main problem here? or it is a bug? . TY for any reply on my post
  4. Close this place, Ty @Lan, @Moe, @Harpy
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