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  1. Yeah so I got this bug like 2 hours ago and it's so bad like dark hand is one of the skills that I'm always using. I hope that you will fix it right away thanks
  2. I hope it will be fixed right away
  3. https://imgur.com/a/cov99 I'm trying to upgrade my skills , I click the plus button but arghhh It cant please help me
  4. https://imgur.com/SwqZS9u I waited for this like 30 minutes and urghh it's annoying
  5. I'm level 52 on my Seulbi . I have a level 70 Tina . Is it really necessary to get the easy set ones ? Cause on my Tina , i have the Temp Incubus Set and a Blaze booster and I think It's rush . I have friends . They say that I need to craft the easy ones like holy grail set so that I can easily defeat the boss once I got the right stats I need . Just asking for Seulbi too cause I'm changing my main . Thanks
  6. Anxidius


    The file you are trying to download is no longer available. This could be due to the following reasons: The file has been removed because of a ToS/AUP violation. Invalid URL - the link you are trying to access does not exist The file has been deleted by the user.
  7. Anxidius


    I need help guys . The launcher is stuck at "downloading and unpacking files" . Please help me . Thanks . Arigato . Kamsahamnida Here is the link of the image : https://imgur.com/a/Fq6Vt
  8. Welcome to Code:Closers ! Enjoy !
  9. The server is down Sad but true
  10. HELP! Who want's to help me ? I need helpon Alraune Stage 9 cause I'm gonna farm some items for my set , she's so hard so I guess I'm gonna need players to beat her
  11. I'm level 62 now and still . How to get that Hollow claw and the other items that you've said ? Boss drops ?
  12. Welp , as the title said I need help . Any good set for Tina and also can you give me some intructions on how to get them easily ? Thanks
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