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    Welcome to C:C, hope you enjoy staying here but... the grinding here is hella more painful to get money as F2P. Even on end-games gears only, you cant whale much on that cuz there lot of daily limits dungeon/raid. About what char you should play? Just tell us about what wep you like and your playstyle then... prob one of us will suggest the best one! You can also join our crew(aka Guild), we always welcome new player~ Also we have lot of void ppl in this guild too so 👀
  2. I decided to make Wolfgang since i looked and tried his gameplay on my old wolfgang char, he seem pretty fun than soma and tina and fit my playstyle for now.Also he hot and i ship him and Bai so... Thank you for your advice! For now i need to gear up bai and get her first costume set then get to main Wolfgang next~
  3. Title said it all, I choose those 3 becuz they fit with my personality but their gameplay is... i wish i have lot of times to try them three and decided myself so here what i asked so i have less times on thinking. So what i ask is: - Which char is actually have similiar (not the same and as in fun/cool) playstyle as Bai? -Which char is kinda OP that dont need to relay on tuning stats much? -Have lot of iframe skill? -Can easy to play and mastered? -Cheapest costume and rare set price? Thank you in advanced! Honestly i should main Soma instead of Bai due lot of ppl main Bai + Soma is my mood af but Tina and Wolfgang is also peeking in my interesting list 👀
  4. Where can i get the armband?
  5. BAE WTF U DOING HERE U STALKO SKSSSK ANYWAY— @Harutori @Perfect Star ty for your suggested, gonna do that when i got all the stuff i needed on this event~
  6. Interesting, which hunter night dungeon would u recommend to spam? I prefer to get lot of drop to sell em on BMs
  7. >"cutest bai main" >Is actually true Soma main with +14. Jk altho welcome back to C:C, everything seem to changed a bit quickly so Hope you get into end-games stuff on C:C!
  8. The highest one yea. SKSKSSKSK-- IMMA GO CRI -- Welp i guess this is it then :shrug: ill wait for halloween reee- tytyty!
  9. Someone told me that to get VVIP as f2p, i need to save up the elite VIP token til 90 days and used em => auto get to VVIP. Is there anyway to get VVIP other than that? Also bearland woops i need to do it too.
  10. Ok ik there lot of way to do it but i really want to know the BEST way to get em really fast, honestly im kinda try to calm my impatient-side for not getting BoD Bai nor getting credit to buy art nor getting end-game gears. So what is your best way to get credits? For me is like this: -Do all Puro lv 6 + Hell + Replica -Do Tiamat thot til reached limits -Getting carried for Hoffthot + Wolfgay -Just....spam PG dungeon for new player event stuff when im done my daily... My gears is not even 100% finished, just ... 40%? so :shrug: Tell me if my way is wrong on getting credits fast.
  12. Ah no wonder, old players. I started playing voidels back in nearly 2018. Wish i joined voidels earlier to see more memes bug and community ;;
  13. ayeee well i forgot and prob never seen you b4 on voidels, mostly i was around end-game place aka Vanimyr and Elrianode field also Thank you!
  14. Thank you Arual and you too ;w;b also damn you capped all of char, you sure are really patient -sweat-
  15. Hi there voidels buddy, enjoy your stay here.(Nice title btw) Also about tips (prob im wrong cuz im still semi-new to this game): +Just clear the main quest and many side quest that give ton of exp til you reach lv 70 then do planet gate quest (all of them) until they give you good gears aka "Super blah blah" +Rare set aka Ibs on voidels is really hard to get as f2p and required ton of grinds unlike voidels. To get full rare set like BoD/Cyber/etc (those can change your char voice and skill cut-in and idle pose blah blah if you wearing full set) you need to load and buy from diff player with 50$ or search from Black Market (full set for BoD irc is 1b-1b2 credits(eds ver of C:C) +Prob almost ppl know but upgrade any items to +14 cost lot of credits but with "Enhancement catalyst" you dont need to use credits to enhance something(i dint realized that items exist until someone pointed it out, you can craft em on MatterMixer on any place) You can enter C:C discord for more info about tips, just ask someone there and they will answer.Thats all i know for now.
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