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  1. Oh that's nice hhhh LF> motivation to play wheez-
  2. Welcome back...but at the wrong timing eh- i heared many ppl considering quit C:C atm so prob it hella near to the bottom until next huge update ig? Idk tho i'm not playing anymore since 2019 sooo
  3. who are you and why you're folling me

    1. Gesugao


      tikowo no i-- N O 

    2. Tiko


      please leave me alone or i'll have to report you

    3. Gesugao


      ok dad >: sobssobs

  4. why u follow me 

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    2. Gesugao


      ooo nice, i'm in mutli-fandom tho like: Half-life,TF2 and mostly UT hmhm

    3. Cam
    4. Gesugao
  5. All female char, mostly Bai cuz her skill and OP af.
  6. If you live in SK then you could just play on KR server since you have too much pings on this server. Also this server is also lack of good update too and people less active much so it's not actually worth playing that much anymore.
  7. Gesugao

    Yod Pet

    oH nO bOO hOo thOSe pEOpLE UsiNG thOSe yOD pET oMG whY ppL stILL usING iT to brOke My fPS ?!?!?! This community already braindead than voidels lmao this is why i quit (well not only this duh i seen too much shit) Ok so you gonna bitch on those people who dunno that yod pet can broke your fps? What if they cant afford on diff pets? What if they just love yod pet? Dont complain about a pet that around here for months and remain silent. Potato PC gamer should not complain about FPS drop, work for money irl and get money to get PC lmao (im a potato PC gamer and i dont complain about it btw)
  8. Gesugao

    Yod Pet

    Prob cuz your PC still not good enough, people been using yod pet for many months on BB raid and this is the first time i heard about this FPS drop bullshit from yod pet. Where is the video proof then if i can ask about it? Or you just blaming on a pet that been here for months?
  9. Just ask people on C:C discord server and pixiv, there tons of lewd char screenshot Also this is a hotspot for "Anti-male Char" Warriors too lol, LF>Male char pic since ppl focusing on girl only.
  10. i have no idea, i just rememebered some ppl said nata got :downward: so not sure, LF>nata main to confirmed this is real or not `-`
  11. Seha got bandwagooning a lot irc becuz of his dmg but he lack of iframes and risk to play. Wolfgang and J seem to be balance but J seem OPer than WG, ig? Tein is supporter char and his dmg is really nice due recent buff but ppl said that he lack of skill CD soo-- idk how to ranking him but is prob under WG and J Nata got nerfed hard but ppl still playing him, his dmg is good but uh... not that good like other male char.
  12. Bai and Seth is strongest char and the most overrated with cancer costume price and etc(dont main them please), rest of other char is balance but i heared Nata on PvE seem downgrade a lot due his nerf..not sure tho.
  13. @Rulebook Finally i managed to screenshot this, here is the glitch what i mean:
  14. I swear its not my eyes being blind but there was a time i checked on Puri Ops Dungeon tab, the OF was open while its not in right time, the OF tab open so i invited people to my pt to come OF then i checked it was closed and the countdown time went back to normal... Weird Visual bug irc.
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