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  1. I'd like to extend my grateful thanks for the event @Code_Closers Team it was really helpful and productive for me. Now I can look forward to the Queen of Hearts Task Force update and raise my Seulbi to the next level! Cheers & more power!
  2. Cool thanks boss! Still have to get back to patching tho, still got 2.7GB to go. I just hope there will be no more issues for me after I finish the update or I'm sooo gonna kill myself
  3. Thank you guys, is the server still down tho?
  4. Hi all I wanna know how much you guys downloaded for your new client?? My patcher is downloading 6.09GB but other people I've talked to so far are asked to download differing sizes, so I am concerned there might still be a problem with my client that might only pop-up after I finish and waste a couple of days'of time and effort. I'm an active player btw, my last play was just a few hours before the update arrived and I am just attempting to re-patch my client on a staggered basis
  5. OMG 2.4 GB update, RiP my monthly internet plan! Well its kinda understandable this time cuz of the lack of update for half a year already. But like what I've said in LTN, please don't make a habit of piling up all the updates into multigigabyte heaps that only come once in a blue moon. Even official servers don't do this
  6. Lecty07

    hi im back!

    New major update otw! Check out announcements
  7. Damn son, it's also down on my end
  8. No other server is as advanced as the home server of KR, so don't expect 100% the same content and system here or anywhere else. However, new updates are on the way so expect that we'd get there eventually
  9. CODE Closers Official Discord
  10. Please divide all future content expansion updates into smaller portions and release them more frequently. Tbh I am not a fan of multigigabyte-sized updates that only occur twice or 3x a year, it is rather inconvenient for people like me who don't have that good of a connection and has set limits on network data imposed on us by our ISPs. Also the population burns through the content, rather quickly and almost at the same pace regardless of its size and then get tired waiting for months for a new update
  11. Got the news GM Gitae, welcome to you and to the rest of the new team too! I hope to expect great job from you guys! Cheers! P.S.: I wish you picked a better name tho, like Serra or something, Giate is a one shady guy for me XD
  12. Hi pardon me but I just wanna air my concern, cuz it has been months since the last event there have been no updates up to now. I was expecting another update around this time but so far I haven't heard from any of the GMs or community mods? I'd appreciate it if there could be some news as to what are plans for this server down the road, I don't need precise roadmaps, just a rough hint so I can continue forward without worries. Thank you very much
  13. Same here. I logged in just now and there aren't any channels
  14. I see, how unfortunate, I can only wish then I could get used to my new skill soon. 😭 Thanks for the input 👋
  15. So I've just equipped a fresh set of purif Lv. 80 shields for the first time and some of my skills have been modified, or awakened as a result. Now I'd like to know if those skills that had been awakened would revert to their old form when I change later on to Hell Lv. 83 and WG shields. Honestly, I didn't like one of my skill's awakened form so it has been bugging me. Thanks!
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