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  1. Shiratori17

    wont load servers

    Same here. I logged in just now and there aren't any channels
  2. Shiratori17

    Shield Awakened Skill

    I see, how unfortunate, I can only wish then I could get used to my new skill soon. 😭 Thanks for the input 👋
  3. Shiratori17

    Shield Awakened Skill

    So I've just equipped a fresh set of purif Lv. 80 shields for the first time and some of my skills have been modified, or awakened as a result. Now I'd like to know if those skills that had been awakened would revert to their old form when I change later on to Hell Lv. 83 and WG shields. Honestly, I didn't like one of my skill's awakened form so it has been bugging me. Thanks!
  4. Shiratori17

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Most likely will be the second anniversary of CODE
  5. Shiratori17

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Last day of event... Any chances that it'll be extended by another week?? *runs away*
  6. Shiratori17

    Talisman Bug...?

    Hi I wanna check out if Talismans are really bugged?? I went and sortied 3 runs of boss dungeons, all with talismans but they never appeared in my buffs panel. Why is this?? TIA!
  7. Shiratori17

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Hi pardon me for this unrelated query of mine, but I just wanna know when will the buffer torch in PG be restored?? Thx!
  8. Shiratori17

    Event Quest Bug

    This event quest on Disaster Recovery Center by Julia is bugged and it disconnects me when I try and complete it. To be more specific, it's only that particular daily that gives those particular rewards, as I had a different reward when I first took it on. Hope you can do something about it tyvm in advance
  9. Shiratori17

    Contamination Crystal

    Oh I see that's why. Thanks!
  10. Shiratori17

    Contamination Crystal

    I need to confirm, in crafting the crystal in PG:D Matter Mixer EX > Purification Ops: Materials > Contamination Crystal: 4 crafting options is it only allowed to craft them once?? I waited for reset thinking I'd be able to craft again but they're still unavailable, even when I have all the materials I need in the hundreds of pcs. are they craftable really only once or they may be a bug?? Sorry I can't put up an SS cuz of imgur error T_T
  11. Shiratori17

    Fast Recovery Capsule

    Where can I get more of these big purple capsules?? I'm running low on them ever since it was removed from crafting terminals after the phase out of blue tokens. To which end I appeal to the GMs to please bring them back to crafting, They are one of the more important supplies nowadays for those harder raids. Thx in advance 😁
  12. Shiratori17

    Where I can found this material?

    For some reason I cannot open your links. But I am guessing that you're looking for David and Irina's bug lamps? Just head over to UNION Division HQ and clear the two TP II dungeons there
  13. Shiratori17

    Stats Soft Cap Revamp

    Oh wow, so even if most of my penetration are in base I can still deal 100% Penetration to the enemy?? My Base Penetration is at 80% atm and about 17% Aerial and I was deeply troubled all this time on how to equalize the two Penetration stats, or at least try to significantly raise my Aerial Penetration 😵
  14. Shiratori17

    Contamination Area Guide...

    Hmm that's odd, while I do always face Yod at Lv5 Nato Chris can show up as Lv1 if I want it o_O
  15. Shiratori17

    Contamination Area Guide...

    Hi I need some help regarding Contamination Area. Why do Nato Chris and Yod remain locked when technically I could already enter them?? As a result even if I clear them the boss kills aren't credited to my area related story quest that's on going 😞 Also, why can't I enter any of the main dungeons at Level 3 or higher, what conditions am I missing?? Thanks for your help in advance ^_^