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  1. Understood. Another thing, what scales better in raw? %N or +N?
  2. Alright, got it. One more thing, Conditional Damage/Damage Increase(The ones you listed along with ABCE) are all additive in the total, right? Does ABCE only suffer from diminishing or do the rest of Damage Increase go through that as well?
  3. Thank you so much once again for this helpful and great info! Should I focus on all stats equally or prefer one over the other?
  4. That does make a lot of sense despite being a speculation, thank you so much! I have a few more questions if it's okay with you. The main damage buff comes from Phy/Psi Attack, Crit Dmg, Cond Dmg(ABC Dmg&PPRD), Phy/Psi Dmg Dealt, Dmg to Certain Armor/All Armors, Dmg Taken Increased debuff to enemy. -How would you list them from most effective in power spike to least? -How does calculating them work? What is added to what? What formula is used for each?
  5. So there's this debuff, Critical Damage Resistance Reduction, here's my questions: -If the mob/mini-boss/boss has Critical Damage Reduction displayed under its HP bar, does the debuff work and it'd be as if your Critical Damage increased? For example, 800% Crit Dmg as Base + 20% Crit Dmg Res Red = 820%(Of course not shown in the stats window but you get the idea.) -What would happen if the mob/mini-boss/boss doesn't have Critical Damage Reduction? Would the debuff still work or not? Would it go below 0% and increase your Critical Damage as stated? -Do multiple Critical Damage Resistance Reduction debuffs stack additively or do they diminish? -So far, which bosses have Critical Damage Reduction?
  6. How would it be in PvP if you have any idea about it?
  7. What about the males? How are they ranked?
  8. The title says it all. I'm quite curious and wanna know, so don't give me replies like 'Play who you enjoy most'. xD Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello there and welcome back. I hope you find your gameplay experience more fun this time~. This is for all the chars, you put all skills at lvl 10 and FMs(Finishing Moves) at lvl 6 or you can choose to max them which I'd recommend to do. For EX skills(Special Agent ones), I'd say max them along with FM4. J is an all physical based character, so you wanna focus on everything physical and HP because that's his MP bar. Your gear should be no problem to make, aim for Irina shields 3/3, Extreme set 4/4, David set 3/3, Crater Module and then head to PGD(Plane Gate: Deep) for the end-game gear. If you have any further urgent questions, join the Discord server for quick answers.
  10. Both, Closers and Forums account.
  11. On the forums, at the top right, there's your pfp circle and an arrow. Hit on it and go to Account Settings. There should be Email Address, you can write the new email and change it. I hope I got what you meant-
  12. Hello there and it's nice to meet you too. Welcome to C:C community. Get to know around and go wild, be sure to have fun and make friends. Pretty sure the Disc server would help you out. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. You won't have to solo, you can form parties easily.
  13. Hello and welcome. It's wonderful having a new face come to the game, I do hope you enjoy it and have fun, exceed in it and get creative. Be sure to pick the char you really like the most and get going on the wild adventure. I'd suggest joining a circle, yes and joining the official discord server once you get in there. You can freely ask all the questions you want and they'll get answered almost immediately if people are around, you can get all the guides and tips you want, you can also make friends and seek a circle as well. That's pretty much all, feel free to take your time to get around and get to know things and everyone. Once again, welcome~
  14. Everyone is equally the same and fun, it's just about your play style to be honest. The only difference is their clear times which is just mere seconds with end-game gear. So yeah, pick who you feel most comfortable with.
  15. Hellooooo there, welcome aboard. Be sure to enjoy yourself and have fun. You'll get around and make friends smoothly, no worries. My tip for you would be to join the Discord server and get around with everyone.
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