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  1. Hello there and welcome back. I hope you find your gameplay experience more fun this time~. This is for all the chars, you put all skills at lvl 10 and FMs(Finishing Moves) at lvl 6 or you can choose to max them which I'd recommend to do. For EX skills(Special Agent ones), I'd say max them along with FM4. J is an all physical based character, so you wanna focus on everything physical and HP because that's his MP bar. Your gear should be no problem to make, aim for Irina shields 3/3, Extreme set 4/4, David set 3/3, Crater Module and then head to PGD(Plane Gate: Deep) for the end-game gear. If you have any further urgent questions, join the Discord server for quick answers.
  2. Both, Closers and Forums account.
  3. On the forums, at the top right, there's your pfp circle and an arrow. Hit on it and go to Account Settings. There should be Email Address, you can write the new email and change it. I hope I got what you meant-
  4. Hello there and it's nice to meet you too. Welcome to C:C community. Get to know around and go wild, be sure to have fun and make friends. Pretty sure the Disc server would help you out. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. You won't have to solo, you can form parties easily.
  5. Hello and welcome. It's wonderful having a new face come to the game, I do hope you enjoy it and have fun, exceed in it and get creative. Be sure to pick the char you really like the most and get going on the wild adventure. I'd suggest joining a circle, yes and joining the official discord server once you get in there. You can freely ask all the questions you want and they'll get answered almost immediately if people are around, you can get all the guides and tips you want, you can also make friends and seek a circle as well. That's pretty much all, feel free to take your time to get around and get to know things and everyone. Once again, welcome~
  6. Everyone is equally the same and fun, it's just about your play style to be honest. The only difference is their clear times which is just mere seconds with end-game gear. So yeah, pick who you feel most comfortable with.
  7. Hellooooo there, welcome aboard. Be sure to enjoy yourself and have fun. You'll get around and make friends smoothly, no worries. My tip for you would be to join the Discord server and get around with everyone.
  8. Shied


    Hello and welcome aboard, new fella~ The guides may be outdated so you can try asking for tips on what your next step could be, you'll find it very helpful to be in the Discord server. I'd recommend you to see all the characters or watch videos of them as Arual said, see who looks mostly appealing to you and go with them. However, if you want an easy time going around, you can try playing Wolfgang/Soma/Seha/J(After his future patch). And if you want a challenge and to test your abilities, you can try going with Seulbi/Nata/Yuri. The choice in the end is up to you, a tier list doesn't matter. It's your preference of who you wanna play.
  9. Hello there, young fella! Welcome aboard the ship, be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. Consider joining the Discord server for more interact with the community for your questions to be answered and to form parties faster for raids and so on. I'll explain in summary of what you should do. As a Tein, you're a Psi(Magical) based character all the way. So you wanna aim for those blue colored modules and wandas as your core, for the receiver, you'd wanna get aerial, blue colored as well. Blue colored means the background of the number is blue. At level 60, head to Plane Gate and start doing the dungeons in Blue and Red gate, follow the quests there and get those Superior named shields, core and modules. At level 75, upgrade them with needed materials to Extreme, it'd require you to do the raid there, Vitus and Mephisto. Also, head to Dimensional Ops Center and start working on it there for the Crater module, needed. At level 80, head to UNION HQ and start working on Irina/David gear. After you're all done with this, proceed with story quests till you cap then head to Plane Gate: Deep and start working on your end-game gear. It requires a bigger session to explain but this is all in short, you can ask in the Discord server for further statements. Once again, welcome and it's a pleasure meeting you.
  10. This event only offers the 6/6 Dark ZW, in the recent previous event which was the Halloween one, you were able to get the Dark ZW wings(Mini, since it's smaller compared to the original one). But no, this event doesn't offer the whole 10/10 Dark ZW. However, I've been hearing that there's plans in the future that the rest of Dark ZW will be craftable but no ETA so standby for it.
  11. Oh, bless. Thank you so much for the quick response and solution, I'll be looking forward to it. You can lock this thread if you wish so.
  12. So as you guys know, once you manually merge a rare set 6/6, be it Zenith or Cybernetic or BoD, you get this achievement of it that gives you an item which unlocks the frame of it. Soma has it, Luna has it most likely(Need Confirmation) and Bai has it. Why doesn't Wolf has it? I manually merged the 6/6 BoD, but I didn't get any achievement or unlock the frame. I'd like this to be fixed if possible, thanks in advance.
  13. Welcome to the club, Kuri~ Be sure to go wild and have fun, it's important to enjoy your stay and time here. Do consider joining the Discord server of C:C if you wish to. You'll find people to be rather welcoming.
  14. Shied

    Hello Closers!

    Sure thing, feel free to add me if you want. IGN/Acc name is Shied. The more, the merrier. Glad to see everyone returning to the game, it's a wonderful sight for a veteran like me to see the game getting lively after it was a graveyard.
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