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  1. Phew I didn't realize I took such a long Hiatus. Hello everyone, I am Seoul Rain, and I've been apart of this Community since February 2017. I use to main Harpy back when I played, and I see a LOT of things have changed, and we got new characters o_o . I'm not sure if I wanna play Bai, or Luna lol.(Might just create both) I do not know how long I will be active on this game again, but it's nice to be back after like, 2 years I'm glad the game is still up and running. People might know me from Eden Eternal, Void Elsword, Final Fantasy 14, Aura Kingdom, and lots of other games, because I always go by the name Seoul Rain, or something similar to it.
  2. Ehehe. Don't worry. It just looks like that in the Shop, but when you actually put it on, it doesn't look that heavy, it looks like normal light blush. I have a blush on from Event, and when I go into the shop with it on, it looks just like that. So Don't worry it won't turn out that heavy That's the same blush that I have.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the Demon eyes that are Red? I have the blue ones, but they don't really change anything.... except crystal-like Pupils. are the Red Demon eyes the same way? Thank you in Advance~
  4. .............Oh..... Well thank you for clearing that up lol.
  5. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak No Gothic Set for Harpy Q______Q' But other than that, Congrats on the new rank @Halo! I know you will do good for the community
  6. I'm not sure what A and B are, but Oh....... Well, when you put it that way, I fully understand. I just needed some type of info as to why we weren't being informed on anything, but thank you for clearing that up
  7. That's what I've been trying to tell the Community lol, not like Desperately telling them, but like throwing in little statements here and there. because who wants to be left in the middle of a jungle with no guidance or direction .-.' ... The lack of info is a little to much for me. which made me realize from now on, not to spend money on here unless there is actually something on here worth spending on.
  8. It is pretty boring here.......... Week 3 with no Info on an update or anything.. I kinda regret wasting $20 2 days ago. It could have went to another game. but Have fun on what ever else that you play >__<
  9. One random question if you may Answer. How long did it take you to craft all your gear. Are you wearing PG gear or is it from Tiamat? I only Ask because I'm starting to craft a set for my Harpy, and I only know that I'm supposed to be going for Pursuit Set?
  10. oh wow. Good thing I maxed my Tein and Harpy then lol.
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