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  1. Welcome to the forums! Try to look for a circle if you want to play with a group of friends :3
  2. My only feedback towards the assault mode is the very, very same as a previous event we had. My issue is not with large HP pools (which ok, are not my favorite thing, but I understand where you are coming from). My issue is with the OHKO moves. No matter how skilled you are or well geared you are (I have 5,2m TCP on Bai and can get much higher inside the dungeon), and yet I struggled quit a bit and died 3 times in the dungeon. If the OHKO moves could be removed and the HP pool slightly tweaked (nothing too drastic, 20 to 30% would do, for real), that would save quite sometime. I believe this feedback can be applied for future events too. As always, thanks for listening.
  3. Kaideh


    Hi! Welcome to C:C and I hope you enjoy your stay. You had me at the "gay artist" yay, sis. :`) Feel free to contact me here or in Discord if you need help with anything: Kaideh#4130
  4. Thank you, Soma. Once the new gacha hits the server, I will try to top up through that method. I hope it works.
  5. I've tried to use AliPay. It takes me to a chinese webpage, which then asks me to scan some QR Code and download some stuff - which makes me both lost and frustrated. Anyways, thanks for shedding a light on this. I can confirm that on Belgium, at very least, Razer is not an option and none of the options available do really work for me. Edit: I used to donate when I was living in Hungary as well. I can tell the options are the same, so we can risk another country out of the option for donation. It might be the same or similar for other countries in Europe, too. If someone has success with it, please, let me know.
  6. Well, if PayPal would be a short term solution until you guys can come up with another alternative, I wouldn't mind. In fact, I, personally, hardly ever sell bits. Also, if I have to weight what is more important for the server overall between players selling bits and players being able to donate and support the server existence, I believe the later would be a no brainer. Anyways, I don't have the data. I don't really know how many people buy from Super Rewards and how many buy from the other method, so I can't really say much. I just hope an alternative is present, because I really want to throw cash at the server lol
  7. Isn't PayPal a possibility? The other option is simply horrible. I literally can't buy PGC through the other methods available to the country I am in. I also pinging @Soma and @Harpy because that's a situation in which, let's say, if in the next update wonderland comes and I can't top up, I will be highly disappointed. I am waiting months to throw cash into it, besides, I really want to support the work being done in the server, but if I don't have means too, it's super complicated. :c
  8. Bai and Seth damage on PvP is not that big as it is in PvE, given their hitboxes, flinches, etc. I would say that Luna, Seha, J and Nata shine there the most, but all in all, it depends on how skilled the player is.
  9. Last time I had a "solid" tier list, was before the latest revamps. Here's what I had. SS: Wolfgang, Soma, J, Seha, and Seth (being the last 3 because of true damage)S: Misteltein, Luna, Violet, Bai, TinaA: Harpy, Levia, YuriB: Seulbi, Nata (mayday, send help) Nowadays, based on my experience, I would rank these chars like these: SS: Seulbi, Soma, J, Seha, Tina and SethS: Woflgang, Misteltein, Luna, Violet and BaiA: Harpy, Levia, YuriB: Nata (mayday, send help) In the end, all chars are good and quite balanced. Some factors are bigger than the others like true damage on most of the skills, buffs, etc. All in all, you'll feel the difference when playing without gears, but everything in this game is about gears, so even Nata can be a true god if well geared.
  10. Kaideh

    A Harpy Guide

    I believe this rule is not applied on the guides section.
  11. Hey Kaideh, the purification weapons (trans) success chance  has been increased or does this remain the same as before? I heard someone say that trans weap in KR has become easier.  Sorry for bothering you. D:

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    2. Kaideh


      I don't remember the exact names tbh, but I know that from T1 to T5 to Puri and BB that's 100%. From T5 to T7 (?) is not a 100% anymore.

    3. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Oh, ok. Thanks again. ^__^

    4. Kaideh


      You are welcome! :3

  12. As of now, they can't be traded. Same goes to the accs. Its the same situation as Summer Island pieces.
  13. Out of all the content, the bank shareable items is my favorite. That is huge and extremely needed. Thank you, thank you and thank you and also a huge congratulations for deploying so much content in a single patch. I am really speechless.
  14. I am so glad to see you finally being able to share your guide with the world! It's beautifully organized and well thought. Thank you for this, Light! ❤️
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