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  1. It has always been like that. The same also happens with the TCP ladder. The person has to logout of the account and login again so the server can "register" the changes.
  2. Hello! Welcome back to the game. I hope you have fun! If you need help with something, let me know!
  3. Trust me, you guys got it. I love this server, I love my circle and my peeps and I'm thankful for the memories this community helped me to create. I am also a huge believer that, when people raise concerns or complaints, it's because they truly care. I've been to both sides of the situation, since I have a background working with game development and publishers, as well as community management, so I definitely can relate to you guys. I'll be waiting to hear from you next week and I hope we can get something to look for ❤️
  4. Hello! The server activity is quite meh right now, but some circles still active and people are playing together. So maybe that's your best bet if you're returning right now. :3
  5. Thank you 💪
  6. Can you be more specific on what exactly you guys have made progress? I know this amount of pressure is quite big and you have no fault in it, but we are all very exhausted of being kept in the dark and being fed promises, so transparency in that sense would be highly welcome.
  7. Me reading this and thinking about Violet:
  8. Hi! Did you check the guides section? There's this very well written and detailed guide there. You can also go for a tl;dr version here: http://wiki.closershq.com/w/Wolfgang I hope it helps!
  9. Welcome and have fun! ❤️
  10. I'm crying reading your answer. A+
  11. Kaideh

    Hey Everyone

    Aha, that makes a lot of sense! By the way, I have a proposal. Considering the top 10 circles (or, let's say, the top 5) are pretty much the most active part of the player base as of now and is made of veterans, would you and/or Gitae be interested in joining our Discord servers for one hour or so to have a chit-chat on ideas, brainstorming and game's direction with our members? I'm sure Rebellium, Luminiera, Notorious, AllStarsPh and Excaliburs could, somehow, contribute to what you guys are cooking and I think that maybe @Moe and @SilveRain (Lumi's and Excalibur's founders) would be down for it. ❤️
  12. Hi! Thank you for addressing my posts, Lan! I think we could follow the logic of: if old sets have display pictures, then they can be in gacha. If they don't, put them on the cash shop. However, the rotation should be something apart from the new sets, meaning that we could have even 2 to 3 sets rotating at once, like we had with HK and SF. Regarding newer sets, I really want dragonic first and I know it's too much to ask but I'd love if somehow we could receive DZW as crafts in an event, but in a reasonable amount like the sets. I really want to complete as many 10/10's as I can. ;c
  13. I forgot some important stuff (sorry) - Violet HK Idle pose fixed - DZW idle poses fixed (none is working, as you know) - A decent anniversary event for C:C, since we didn't have one - Summer event with costumes back
  14. Kaideh

    Hey Everyone

    Can you shed some light on the aspect of learning from Gitae? You mean, game wise, you don't have much of experience with Closers, that's it?
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