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  1. Kaideh


    Jumping into the positivity wagon, I would like to thank for the QoL and bug fixes. You guys did great. I can't wait to see improvements for BB transcendence and the VVIP fix, but I definitely can wait for these.
  2. Could you record yourself playing and showing how this bug happens? Perhaps its easier for the devs to reproduce the said bug if they can truly understand what is triggering it. Besides, I believe you made your thread in the wrong area.
  3. The Extreme Fighter buff is super useful and is a feature which I miss dearly. I would love to have it back!
  4. Since the game received the last big update, I never ever had a memory leak issue again. I haven't been playing Puri that much, tho and afaik, this problem is tied to this specific area. Fyi, this is something out of C:C's staff reach. This has to do with Naddic and their pure lazyness to fix a well known issue for years (or, perhaps, its just some bad technical limitation they have, cause tech... yolo)
  5. It is written in the patch notes that the rotation lasts for 6 weeks so everybody has the chance to collect their rewards. It will be reset in a week or two from now iirc.
  6. Hey buddy! Looks like you need some help regarding gearing, but don't worry, getting some basic gearing to finish this quest is quite easy. You can read a guide I've done a few months ago to help new players in my circle. I hope it's useful and feel free to reach me out/reply to this thread in case you have doubts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gMrXTgDy8EBFdruk4KdFAbUGEG1GYHFlPzrclzMjlwM/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Welcome back! If you're looking for a circle to join so you can have help to catch up, Rebellium is recruiting ❤️
  8. Kaideh

    Cat Guide for Harpy

    This area has been needing a good, well written and up to date guide for Harpy for quite sometime. Amazing job, Bree! I'm sure this will help many Harpy players out there ❤️
  9. Welcome to the server! It's always nice to see another cat lover around <3
  10. This plus the crafting discount system and 100% trans stones for BB mod and core would be heaven on earth until we get other major contents.
  11. That was before her "nerf" (which was not enough, by the way, they should've nerfed her further), so some skills got changed.
  12. I'd like to give +1 on what @Nyan said. I get your point and I'll go against what I said previously, because Nyan did mentioned something I really didn't consider before: the ilvl. Naddic will keep designing content overtime that will require at one point or another for changes like increased item level to be present, and, of course, upgrading an equipment play it's role into that while, for now, it might not be required. At some point, for sure, it will, and then I wonder if this would be a case in which asking the community for inputs, making changes in the code to just, after sometime, rewrite everything to make sure we catch up on ilvl and other TCP requirements will not a precious waste of your time as a dev. I strongly believe that a part of the community will complain about xyz, every now and then, but some changes are required and in that sense, we must trust the game developer. If we go that way, I think it'll be easier to consider opening another server, without xyz features, like some Maple Story and Ragnarok "old times" servers. +1 on the balance patch. I'm dying for it, even though I know that in August another balance patch will come, alongside Bai and Seth being enabled in PvP (finally!). Regarding the crafting system discount, it came first on Korea, then it was implemented in China shortly after. In fact, in both Korea and China, you can craft Oofman Shields on T4 right away, for a cheaper price than crafting Oofman to T2 normally. You can also craft +13 Puri Mods and Core right off the bat, on T5. On the stamina topic, I never played NA, but I heard Gameforge has no stamina anymore. Hi! Here's a tip: you don't need to make fonts so big: I'm sure everybody can read it and that really takes a lot of space in a thread. Regarding your question, we are not talking about these skills. We are talking about the balance the awakening skills affected by the Puri Core (in this picture, called as Fanto Core), had on the korean server. Seth had no changes, so when we equips the BB core, her skill animation will be reverted back to what Thoth is without Puri.
  13. Added to the list! I believe +17 is something that, at some point of the game, might be necessary. I don't really care if we have +17 or not because the stats increase is really small, but, if anything, I really do want the fever system and the capacity of items not breaking anymore while being enhanced. With it said, I hope that not implementing +17 is not a reason to not implement the system revamp, because the system we have currently is relies too much on RNG and punishes the player too much.
  14. I never said it is a requirement, did I? Neither I elaborated deeply about it, did I? So please, do not draw conclusions or put words in my mouth. All I said is that, +13, in our patch, is more than enough to kill something in a reasonable amount of time, but with the high HP pools on KR, if you wan't to make the process less tedious, you better be geared or else you'll spend a good amount of time on that, which, to me (emphasis on this, ok?), is the opposite of fun. The ones who took the decision to make the raids big and tedious were the devs. That's their design choice, not mine. There's a clear reason why the equips won't break anymore and people can still get maximum enhancement level only by playing and accumulating vaccines.
  15. It's not about being a copy paste. It's just the route of the game and how it should go. If the game has no updates, then, what's the point of playing it, right? The wishlist is based on the official server, as I stated in the topic when I specifically mentioned the korean server. My apologies it this wasn't clear and also my apology if you felt I was judging your comment, as it was not the intention. Rather, I was trying to clarify something.
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