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  1. You can, as long as the items are in your inventory. So no, that's not a bug. Besides, it counts as 2/10, for example, because BoD, Dragonic, Cyber, ZW and Nightfall all fall under the category "Signature Set", so they synergy with each other for the 10/10, for example.
  2. Hi Gitae, If you have a forum and you say not longer than 2 months ago that you want to have more activity around here and more transparency, I think the last thing you want to say is "keep the critical comments to a minimum". I mean, I am not expecting AAA content. That is your assumption, not my words. I get the team arrived recently and you're also being protective towards them and there's nothing wrong with it, just don't expect to give this kind of answer and expect your player base to give you feedback later on. If people do raise their concerns is because they care. Have a nice day
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  4. Hi Soma! Thank you a lot for getting back to me. I do hope nobody in the staff take my feedback as something bad or harmful. If I do keep bringing feedback up, is because I truly care, so I hope there'll be no hard feelings Regarding BB's time, I do get your point, but let me get back to you with another question: what is C:C unique added value? As in, if this was the Korean server, having the opening times in Korea's timezone, makes total sense, because this is a Korean server, for a Korean public. However, C:C is meant for an international audience, with multiple timezone in it. Let's say we keep the time as it is: I and many other EU players will not be able to play and farm their gears, and we will be left behind in the meta. By the time we have a time locked dungeon, that leave players out and that, ultimately, is tricky. Unless you guys would do deeper changes like making triggers and other essential rewards given by the 12-man raid drop into normal dungeons, of course, because that, perhaps, could also be a solution. On the note of the promises by the previous staff, I get where you are coming from, but I also do remember Icarus saying on Discord that #ask-violet would be archived and none of the questions (and answers) would be lost. I do believe that this is exactly where you guys should be looking into, because, in the end of the day, this is where the promises were made (and none of them were off the charts. Truth be said, Violet had sensing to accept or deny suggestions). So, personally, right now, even though I agree you guys are keeping your promises so far, I do think that the lack of "free" stuffs are holding back my trust on the server. Do not get me wrong, I am thankful for the update and how fast this was deployed, but I have yet to see the unique value of playing in C:C. Before, at least, I felt we were being awarded every now and them with freebies (like cosmetics, and we all know cosmetics is the one true endgame), besides, we had statements like "Nightfall is a recolor from Zenith Wing and that was a lazy move from Naddic, so y'all can craft Nightfall for free, as long as you play and work for it" - and we did. We played, we worked for it and we got what we needed by our own effort. This factor of being rewarded by the time I invest in here is what I am missing (besides, again, to reinforce, the freebies). I believe a balance between new and old set is always more than welcome, because it does give the opportunity for people to get what they want based on when they have started to play this game, however, I also think certain sets should be event-exclusive (like the one in the rotation right now). If you guys could spare 30 minutes, I'm sure you can find all the sets who were given for free in here: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/4-journals-broadcasts/ Thanks for listening!
  5. Sooner or later this will be here, too. I would say it's worth coming back, but not spending (just yet).
  6. Even though it is a small patch, I think it's worth having a space to comment and give perceptions about the update itself Adjustments have been made to the Beelzebub Raid opening: 19 as closing time is a bad move. This is where I, personally, arrive home/leave my work, meaning that I can't play BB at all, because I work from 9 to 6 and by no means I can wake up at 4 am to play a raid or play hidden during work. I live in the same time as the server, so... extend this, please. Keep it until 20h, so EU players can also participate in it. Reduced the Trade Limit from level 35 to level 10: I wouldn't say this was necessarily needed given how fast it is to level to 35 but thanks anyways. It might be useful for some players. Addition changes have been made to the Cash Shop: Transparent weapon for Harpy! Finally! This is huge and was in my wish list for a very long time. Adjustments to the cash shop 110/880 starter packs have been made: I don't plan on spending on it, but I think it's a nice addition for the ones who like these packages? New GACHA: This is where I get disappointed and start losing faith on you guys. Putting this set on rotation, when we had the very same set being given for free last year (and the year before) is a huge slap on your player base face, especially the ones who weren't here before, were counting on it to return and had Violet and the FA's answer/promise that it would come back in the next summer event. I'm not going to lie, I know the server need funds, but you guys, as new staff, are bringing a lot of things locked behind payment. If this is the route the server is going for, why should we keep playing here? Just for some cheaper bits compared to the EnMasse servers? If so, this is, by now means, any good differential. I wouldn't mind paying for new things, but for things I was promised to get for free? Is that how I am rewarded as a loyal player after 2 years? This is certainly (another) wrong step. Sorry if the feedback was harsh, but keeping the faith is getting harder and harder, especially when promises are being broken and all we get is "but that was the previous staff said and we can't be held accountable". As a player, I don't care who made the promise or set the expectation. I just want what was promised to be delivered. This is how I feel rewarded for my loyalty to the game and the server instead of having another update which gives me the feeling that all I am here for, is to have my wallet stolen.
  7. Welcome back to the game! ❤️ I hope you have lots of fun!
  8. I believe I can speak on Hellas behalf when I saw we do understand how gacha works, the RNG factor and all these things. The point, in here, is that on both ways (doing gacha or buying items on the cash shop), we need to top up, which means, the server is receiving donations one way or another, so, then, why lock certain items like fibers and entire sets behind a currency that is being given for a method we don't want/perhaps won't need? ie: a rotation is out and I, personally, don't want to roll for it, even though all I want is the absolute coins. In the current system, I am forced to gacha, instead of spending the same amount on the cash shop for items which might be much more useful to me right now. I think it makes much, much more sense to implement absolute coins per bits spent instead of gacha rolls ie 2: I spent 11k on gacha and I get 10 coins. I spent 11k on cash shop and I get 10 coins. If specific items like fibers wouldn't be locked behind this currency, I believe (at least from my side and friends who have been telling me the same), this topic wouldn't be brought up.
  9. Then, if that's the case, wouldn't it be better to: 1. Keep costume boxes (150 AC) alongside the acc boxes (300 AC)? 2. Rotate every 2-3 weeks the fiber available in the cash shop to give everybody a proper chance to get what they want?
  10. Still on the topic about discussion and feedback, can we please have the option to buy in the cash shop fibers other than draconian? Looking them behind Absolute Coin is driving their price insanely high and this will be irreversible in the long run. The economy is already extremely bad as it is given the lack of updates. Paying 60m (or more) for a fiber is abusive.
  11. Thank you for the answers, Harpy. I appreciate the transparency a lot! ❤️ On another hand, with all respect, but I would like to point out two things: 1. Violet knew that Nightfall would have all the additions that Zenith would. I believe the post I've linked back here show it very obviously. 2. Regarding the fibers merge, 100% for a week wouldn't hurt at all. It's an incentive for both old and new players to top up and get their stuff as soon as possible and even for people to catch up, given the fact that signature costumes do play their role into late game. Believe me when I say, I appreciate to the bones all the effort you guys are putting into it and how fast you both managed to deploy to many contents and be active and responsive even on weekends, but I am baffled with so many things being sold at once with limited time and no incentive. I believe we have enough in our plates as of now, so that an event wouldn't be welcome right now, but still, I hope this comes in some form of compensation package both for the down times and loyalty for waiting for a semester for updates (and keep funding the server in the meantime). Anything other than that, to me, personally, would feel like a pat in the back and I don't think this is the way to thank your play base who has been loyal for so long.
  12. Gotcha, thanks for the heads up! I hope it'll come sooner than later since Seth claws and Harpy bionic legs are too ugly for this world Also, any words on the Nightwall accs and border? Again, this was promised before and having them obtainable through P2W methods, considering it is a recolor, really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'm also sure I can find a specific print screen where Violet promised that Nightfall would be an event costume to comeback every now and then and that we wouldn't be charged for the said items given the fact they were a recolor. I get the server has been without updates for long and you guys need money to keep things running, but, if you look at it, the update brought nothing that would be considerable 1) a bonus for the long and faithful wait 2) compensation for the amount of downtimes we had (and still having month after month) 3) the lack of events 4) the skip of C:C anniversary So, idk, something generous has to happen, imho. Besides, I'd like to bring back the point of 100% conversion rate for signature costumes. We were not able to fuse 3 pieces with fiber with 100% on the first week, as we always had. This 25% failure chance is really sad and demotivating. If you guys could allow us to fuse 2 pieces instead of 3 on 100% like we could with the BoD for the WH a few months ago, that would be perfect, at least for a week time. Thanks.
  13. I believe the picture is self-explanatory. Even after running Riverside Drive on Assault multiple times, the completion don't register in the mission tracker. Edit: it fixed itself after relogging in the char
  14. Question: why we didn't got 100% chance for signature sets on the 1st week like we always did? Or even some sort of incentive like with the BoD for WH when you could get the set at 100% rate using 2 star pieces instead of 3? I'm asking because I find it a tad bad that, after so long and now with so much to do, the time and difficulty to obtain itens for so many chars is too big and the time is too short, especially when I and most of the people don't even VVIP and can't farm their way to balance monetary investments in-game and out of it.
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