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  1. Kaideh

    A Harpy Guide

    I believe this rule is not applied on the guides section.
  2. Hey Kaideh, the purification weapons (trans) success chance  has been increased or does this remain the same as before? I heard someone say that trans weap in KR has become easier.  Sorry for bothering you. D:

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    2. Kaideh


      I don't remember the exact names tbh, but I know that from T1 to T5 to Puri and BB that's 100%. From T5 to T7 (?) is not a 100% anymore.

    3. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Oh, ok. Thanks again. ^__^

    4. Kaideh


      You are welcome! :3

  3. As of now, they can't be traded. Same goes to the accs. Its the same situation as Summer Island pieces.
  4. Out of all the content, the bank shareable items is my favorite. That is huge and extremely needed. Thank you, thank you and thank you and also a huge congratulations for deploying so much content in a single patch. I am really speechless.
  5. I am so glad to see you finally being able to share your guide with the world! It's beautifully organized and well thought. Thank you for this, Light! ❤️
  6. Kaideh


    Welcome and have fun!
  7. Just adding a +1 on "don't bring Voids rates here" kind of comment. Void's market was cancer.
  8. Kaideh


    Jumping into the positivity wagon, I would like to thank for the QoL and bug fixes. You guys did great. I can't wait to see improvements for BB transcendence and the VVIP fix, but I definitely can wait for these.
  9. Could you record yourself playing and showing how this bug happens? Perhaps its easier for the devs to reproduce the said bug if they can truly understand what is triggering it. Besides, I believe you made your thread in the wrong area.
  10. The Extreme Fighter buff is super useful and is a feature which I miss dearly. I would love to have it back!
  11. Since the game received the last big update, I never ever had a memory leak issue again. I haven't been playing Puri that much, tho and afaik, this problem is tied to this specific area. Fyi, this is something out of C:C's staff reach. This has to do with Naddic and their pure lazyness to fix a well known issue for years (or, perhaps, its just some bad technical limitation they have, cause tech... yolo)
  12. It is written in the patch notes that the rotation lasts for 6 weeks so everybody has the chance to collect their rewards. It will be reset in a week or two from now iirc.
  13. Hey buddy! Looks like you need some help regarding gearing, but don't worry, getting some basic gearing to finish this quest is quite easy. You can read a guide I've done a few months ago to help new players in my circle. I hope it's useful and feel free to reach me out/reply to this thread in case you have doubts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gMrXTgDy8EBFdruk4KdFAbUGEG1GYHFlPzrclzMjlwM/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Welcome back! If you're looking for a circle to join so you can have help to catch up, Rebellium is recruiting ❤️
  15. Kaideh

    Cat Guide for Harpy

    This area has been needing a good, well written and up to date guide for Harpy for quite sometime. Amazing job, Bree! I'm sure this will help many Harpy players out there ❤️
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