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  1. Kaideh

    does Donating and Getting Bits Help?

    Oh, true. I forgot about it.
  2. Kaideh

    does Donating and Getting Bits Help?

    VVIP is totally worth it when you get to end game and needs to tune and refine equipment to get higher TCP. I think it's a good investment, personally. For VVIP for a single char, you need 30 bucks.
  3. Kaideh

    Looking for an up to date tier list.

    He got buffs on KR and he is a true god now. Totally one of the strongest characters in the game there.
  4. Kaideh

    Looking for an up to date tier list.

    Well, good luck with that. Official tier lists will never exist in this game, since these things are mainly created and driven by players based on many factors such as character kit, burst, etc. What I know is that, so far, the game's tier list in KR is as follows: SS: Wolfgang, Soma, J, Seha, and Seth (being the last 3 because of true damage) S: Misteltein, Luna, Violet, Bai, Tina A: Harpy, Levia, Yuri B: Seulbi, Nata (mayday, send help)
  5. Kaideh

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Dark ZW got me gagging. That was extremely generous and I'm grateful for that. I was hoping for an extension so I could get more sets for the missing characters, but I bet it wasn't their intention at first place for us to get everything (hence why things were expensive). I do hope, for next event, for dungeons to have a single entry, tho. My only complaint about it was that every day it took me 2 - 3 hours (with small breaks, ofc) to run through my chars to farm event bugs + dailies, so playing for awhile felt draining. Other than that, I loved everything about it and I'm extremely grateful that we had it. Thanks a bunch, C:C staff ❤️
  6. Kaideh

    d3dx10_43.dll missing

    Please, check the sticky thread in the support area: You need to install the latest version of Direct X
  7. Kaideh

    Bai Receiver

    Her Nato Receivers are all air strike, so there's not much you can do when it comes to endgame gearing.
  8. Kaideh


    Hello, Avoid threads with caps lock, amigo. Now, on the issue, try to look for the solution in this thread: I hope it helps, hermano!
  9. Thank you for the thread and the effort into making it so detailed. I'll definitely go through all of that since I just picked Luna as my alt. ❤️
  10. Kaideh

    Bai Skills & Guide

    You need purification equipments (they drop/can be crafted in Planar Gate: Deep). These are the equipments who will affect your skills so they can be awakened: This one affects Sheathing Must, adding more hits and a bigger iframe These two affect Frozen Tears (Ticket Skill), adding a bigger hitbox And these three affect Sword in the Ice, giving an extra hit
  11. I usually don't see this kind of threads being created here very often, so people can actually discuss the good and bad things about the updates, however, I decided to create the thread this time, not only to give people the opportunity to do it so, but to give a huge round of applause and appreciation for the hard work put into this update. Thank you so much, Violet and all the staff behind this patch for listening to our inputs and feedbacks. Personally, to me, this goes way beyond what I could ever hope for - especially with the bigger fonts. For someone almost blind like me without glasses, this is a blessing. Merry xmas! ❤️
  12. Kaideh

    Website server time

    That's very true - I landed in China this week and my clock shows 02:21 AM (right now it's 14:21 PM), and back home, in Hungary, it's 7:20 AM, where the server time should be located. Weird bug.
  13. Kaideh

    New In Here

    Welcome and enjoy!
  14. Kaideh

    does code closers not lag too much than closers Na

    The game has memory leaks in any version, so every few hours you need to restart the client, but other than that, it's all good. The servers are located in western Europe, so for me, it's perfect.
  15. Kaideh

    Ni Hao, Code Closers!

    Welcome, Kurisu! If you're ever feeling lonely, you can look for Vicious to join as a circle. We're active and love to help newies. I hope you enjoy your time in C:C! ❤️